Bespoke Fitted Luxury Wardrobes in Croydon

Our collection of fitted wardrobes is unrivaled; we specialize in every type of fitted wardrobe, as well as your built-in wardrobes, to suit your home style. Build a fitted wardrobe to meet your budget; our experts will advise you on the best style for your bedroom, and after you’ve decided, we’ll get started on the design.

Installing luxurious fitted wardrobes in Croydon was a similar project that we recently completed. Our client had a lovely room with limited space. They required a fitted wardrobe in a color that contrast well with the bedroom walls. It took only roughly two days from their decision to deliver the wardrobe!

Fitted Wardrobes Can Help You Design Your Ideal Bedroom

If you have your doubts on a fitted wardrobe, start considering; a wardrobe that blends in seamlessly with the room’s aesthetic is what you’re missing out on. Fitted wardrobes are popular, and we at Innovative Designs are masters in this domain.

We are a creative agency with skilled designers who think outside the box and stylize your furniture in the most efficient methods. Fitted wardrobes, for example, do not have to be bound to the walls only; you may have plenty of space under your bed or in any other area of the room and you can have your wardrobe there.  Our expertise is bespoke fitted bedroom wardrobes; browse our bespoke fitted bedroom furniture ideas and pick one for yourself!

Different Type of Fitted Wardrobes for Every Space

There are numerous styles to choose from, but which one is ideal for your home? Who knows more than we do, after all? It’s not us, it’s you!

Choose your style and build a fresh new piece of furniture for your home with our wardrobes in London. Choose from a wide choice of bespoke designs, as we encourage your suggestions.

Walk in wardrobes designs : What if we told you that if you have a modest room, you could have the walk-in closet of your dreams!!!. Browse our walk in wardrobe designs to make your room more attractive

Luxury walk in wardrobes : Luxury walk in wardrobes is a special place for your favorite items to breathe and for you to relax in.

Dark wood wardrobes : Dark wood is irresistibly pleasing while also conveying a sense of richness and elegance. It is inexpensive and luxurious in appearance. We provide bespoke dark wood wardrobes in UK

Sliding Door wardrobes : These sliding door wardrobes will slide across a track instead of swinging open like traditional hinged doors, reducing the need for extra space around your wardrobe. Please browse to know about what type of sliding wardrobe door designs to suitable for most homes in Croydon

Fitted living room furniture : Innovative Designs offers a practical fitted living room furniture solution for any size area, with a variety of colors, finishes, and styles to choose from.

Select Kitchen Wardrobe Colors, Doors, & Design Finishes From Us

To all the house chefs! We haven’t forgotten about you. It must be difficult to have everything in one place but yet have to search for the same item ten times; we understand your problem and not only that, we give flawless kitchen designs too.

The essential characters in the kitchen are the cupboards and wardrobe doors.  Fitted wardrobe doors are the newest trend in the kitchen, and they make your kitchen 100 times more appealing while also allowing you to manage all of your belongings with beautiful design finishes that blend in perfectly with the rest of your kitchen. Yes, you read that correctly, and not only that, there are also made-to-measure sliding wardrobe doors in the kitchen. Your kitchen should have one of these awesome doors. 

Built in Luxury Wardrobes London

So, We believe we’ve established that we’re where you are, regardless of where you are in London. Still, if you search for “bespoke wardrobes in London,” we’ll be on the first page list of Google results! Innovative Designs, that’s us!

Isn’t it something that we’ve been specialists in wardrobes in the United Kingdom for more than two decades and trusted by thousands of people of London, and yet who are we to say, all we can provide is proof, proof and more proof!!  

To arrange a free house visit and get your ideal furniture installed in less than a week. Connect with us and let your dream project start!

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