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Choose Fittings, Panels, Colours, Textures and Finishes


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We provide the best Bespoke Corner Units Ideas for the people in London. Being bespoke furniture manufactures, innovative ideas are always put in our work.

Multifunctional & Elegant

Corner units that inconspicuous piece of your home furniture that speaks multitude in terms of utility and is the least upkeep unit. Your wall can be the perfect partner to such a nice, elegant and multifunctional bespoke Corner Unit to mount decorative shelves, wall units that make your home look elegant and chic and at the same time also add more space for you to store all your extra and daily use things.

Bespoke Corner Units Designs- Most Popular

A corner unit has many uses one can shelve it up and use it to line all of their books or as a showcase for all memories as photographs or one can green it up with house plants or any other decorative object as one deem suitable for that power and positivity. Corner units at Innovative Designs are bestselling and the most popular in-demand piece of furniture sets that are made as bespoke piece befitting our client’s requirements to the fullest.

We offer a whole catalogue of designs to choose from where you can mix and match a variety of shapes, texture and colours to best design a functional piece that resonates best with your needs and usage. It can be fancy plain wood, lacquer or metal with drawers, racks, rails or shelves we offer you the best of bespoke luxury at affordable rates.

So, if you are looking for that long time awaiting corner unit we can help you find one or we can make you one that optimizes your storage space and provides you with a better standard of living experience. As a partner to your furniture needs, we aim at becoming such an organisation that doesn’t just offer mere furniture pieces but is a long-time partner that helps you find the best fit for your space and surroundings.

Get to know The Handcrafted Journey of Innovative Designs & Our Bespoke Products.

Bespoke Corner Unit with shelf is a popular piece of furniture as its a very conveniently built to fit the size of your rooms. The shelves make it ideal to place different items. Corner Units are made from quality materials and are suitable for any room. The design of the corner unit is to your liking and is made to fit your space or maximise the space.

Have a look at our selection…

Available Colors

Over 60 Colours


Veneer, Laminate, Mirror, Glass, Leather, Metal


Smooth, Matt, Gloss, Lacquered, Sprayed or Painted


Made to measure, suitable for the room


made to measure suitable for the space


Drawers, Racks, Rails, Shelves


Handles, Mirrors, Lighting

Interior Colours

Oak, Walnut, Pine, White & other colours

Optional Items

Cornice, Plinth, Drawer packs, Cupboards

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