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7 Factors That Influence The Price Of A Fitted Wardrobe

A fitted wardrobe provides the best value as well as fits perfectly in the space. We can never have enough storage space in our rooms, as most of us would agree! Planning for fitted wardrobes that span from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall is the ideal way to make the most of the much-needed storage in your bedroom.

The price of a fitted wardrobe will determine by many factors from the choice of a door type, the number of shelves, size, lighting(if any), choice of wood and any additional wardrobe accessories.

What Are The Factors Determining the Cost of Fitted Wardrobes

There are a number of variables that can affect the cost of a fitted wardrobe, but the following 5 are the ones that have the biggest impact. In a word, the material for the wardrobe consists of the kind of wood and finish you wish to select will vary in the price. Which type of door you prefer—hinged or sliding—will determine how much it will cost. The size of your wardrobe and the number of shelves will undoubtedly affect the cost, and any additional wardrobe accessories, including lights, rails, or styles, will be charged in addition to the price.

Material for the Wardrobe

material of wardrobe

The first and most crucial factor to take into account will be the material you choose to use for your fitted wardrobe. The most common finishes are matte laminate and high gloss, and the entire fitted wardrobe is built of it. Plywood may be easily replaced with MDF or HDF without spending any money. Particleboard can be used in this place, but it won’t stay as long as you would like it to.

The least expensive finishes to cover the basic material are laminates, with acrylic finishes being the most expensive of all. The foundation material you choose will determine how long your fitted wardrobe will last and how long it will take for your items to stay fresh.

The Door’s Designs

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The second item on the list is the design of the door, which has more design alternatives than one could ever imagine. If you are on a tight budget, a classic hinged or sliding door will be your best option, or you may integrate mirrors with your door to further reduce your overall furniture costs. They are the most popular and provide a contemporary style, so don’t consider them the cheapest option. 

They are the smartest door design and the most traditional doors you may have. In order to go a bit overboard, you may select several door finishes, such as high gloss doors, Amorino, Eterno, etc. for a beautiful door design.

The Wardrobes’ Drawers and Shelves

Mirrored Fitted Units (1)

We all know how much space is valuable to us and moving into rented apartment with limited amount of space, we love the products which comes with solution, similarly we are here to assist you in finding a solution to this issue. 

Think about it this way: depending on your storage needs, you can have the interior design, as much shelving as you need for the clothing to be kept on, the rails to hang the clothes on, additional hooks on the inside of the doors, and the number of drawers with additional lock features if you want to. Customization takes place in the bespoke fitted wardrobe rather of being squandered like it would be in a freestanding wardrobe.

Wardrobes with Sliding Doors or Hinged Doors


Since we’ve already discussed door design, it goes without saying that the type of door you pick for your wardrobe should be determined by your available space and design aesthetic. Options include sliding and hinged doors. They both have advantages and certain restrictions.

Sliding Door : Everyone loves sliding doors because they are the smoothest doors, and you can put practically whatever you choose on them, including your favourite designs, patterns, colours, and mirrors. You simply need to worry about keeping up with their upkeep. Read about the benefits of sliding wardrobes 

Hinged Door : The earliest door design ever was a hinged door, and we still can’t replace them since they offer a complete view of the wardrobe while being simple to open and need no upkeep. The only limitation they have is they are not meant for limited space.


The location where the fitted wardrobe is purchased or installed can affect the price. This is because the cost of labor and materials can vary depending on the region. For example, the cost of a fitted wardrobe may be higher in a large city compared to a rural area. Additionally, if the wardrobe needs to be shipped to a different location, this can also affect the price.

Brand and reputation of the manufacturer

Famous brands are well-known for their quality and durability of the product, which is why they charge a higher price. These brands have a reputation to uphold and therefore, they use high-quality materials and advanced technology to produce their wardrobes. They also have a team of skilled craftsmen and designers who work to create stylish and functional wardrobes.

On the other hand, lesser-known brands or those with a less established reputation may use cheaper materials and less advanced manufacturing methods, resulting in a lower price point.

Additionally, the reputation of a brand also affects the resale value of the wardrobe. Wardrobes from well-known brands tend to hold their value better and can even appreciate in value over time. This makes them a better investment in the long run.

In summary, a fitted wardrobe from a reputable brand with a good reputation is likely to cost more than one from a less well-known brand, but the quality and value of the wardrobe may be higher in the long run.

Additional Wardrobe Accessories

Last but not least, many add-ons accessories have a cost. There are many of beneficial accessories that you may pick from if you want to have additonal features in your wardrobe.

LED Lights : Installing these warm and premium LED lights within your wardrobe will make it easier for you to access your storage space when the room is dark.

Drawer separater : This is a wonder for a woman, as they will enjoy this function since it will help their separation of their jewellery in their wardrobe drawer. And for men who can separate their ties, belts, and watches.

Wardrobe lifts : Pull-down hanger rods called wardrobe lifts make it simple to hang items higher up to make the most of every square inch of space.


The estimated cost of your fitted wardrobe will vary based on the extra fittings and accessories you choose.

We believe you have a good understanding of all the many elements that might raise the price of your wardrobe design. Never choose affordability over quality. If your budget allows it, acquire the best-quality clothing you can, and you’ll have a long-lasting wardrobe of the highest calibre!

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