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8 Trending Wardrobe Designs Ideas for Your Future Home

You’ve come to the perfect location if you want to make a change in your house and make it
seem brand new once and for all.
Minimalism, natural light, and usability are the three key elements of every modern home, as
we all know. The residences all have similar design characteristics, such as a preference for
pitched roofs, straight exterior lines, and large windows. They are driven by a desire to help
others. They’re also recognized for exploiting the advantages of their surroundings, notably
natural sunlight. Each room in a modern home has a defined purpose, and no space is
considered wasted. But first, let’s look at your options to change…
Don’t know how to make your new house stand out? Take a look at the following samples for
some ideas for your future house!

1. Bespoke Bedroom Design

wardrobe design ideas
wardrobe design ideas

If you’re looking for great bedroom and furniture ideas, consider Innovative Design. We’ll
teach you how to add a royal touch to your bedroom in both easy and complicated ways. The
most popular choice is master bedroom ideas with a luxurious feel. Padded headboards,
custom beds, chaises, paneled walls, designer carpeting, vanity units, LED lighting, and a
slew of other fascinating goods are on show. Visit us for a complimentary design consultation
and tour.

Our luxurious furnished bedrooms have been meticulously designed and manufactured to
the highest standards. Bespoke bed, paneled walls, matching Wardrobe, Dressing Tables,
and bespoke furniture are all designed to make you enjoy and feel the space.

2. Fitted Kitchen Design

fitted kitchen wardrobe ideas
fitted kitchen wardrobe ideas

Custom kitchen design, unlike other kitchen designs that are based on architectural patterns
or designs, is totally centered on the client’s ideas. This kitchen layout is essentially an open
kitchen that may either extend down the hall or open out to the backyard. Fitted Kitchen is primarily
found in the South West of the United Kingdom.
Kitchens are progressively transforming into living rooms for families. Our clients appreciate
having seating arrangements, the kitchen has developed into a place to dine and chat.
Because a mother in the house spends most of her time in the kitchen, any conversations
with her may be held there as well.

3. High Gloss Media Units

high gloss media unit ideas
high gloss media unit ideas

This type of finish is most commonly found in modern homes. The reflection it generates
when light strikes on it is another characteristic. The area will be revitalized, beautiful, and
spacious. The TV sets will last for many years and keep their shine since they have a glossy
surface. In the high gloss variant, the main colors are black, white, and light grey. People
looking to buy modern high-gloss TV units in London will enjoy a range of options on the market, as
well as a number of companies selling them online.
A modern high gloss TV unit’s main attraction is the various colors of LED lights used to
create a theatre hall impression when you see the unit. Because of its high gloss surface and
LED light beams, it is fast becoming a popular choice among people. If you want to have a
theater-like experience while keeping within your budget, this design is excellent.

4. Fitted Living Room Design

modern wardrobe designs
modern wardrobe designs

Fitted Living Room Furniture is available in a variety of style options, including Veneers,
Laminates, Mirror/Glass, Leather, and our most exquisite Metallic textures. The design décor
comes in a variety of colors, including oak, pinewood, and our most popular walnut. The
designs are available in a smooth, matt, gloss, or lacquered finish and may be created to
order. We at Innovative Designs are dedicated to providing you with the finest in luxury living.
Fitted living rooms are created with your preferences in mind. Innovative Designs has a
practical solution for any size space, and the ranges come in a variety of colors, finishes, and
designs. You may select the display cabinets, lights, shelves, bookshelves, cupboards, drawers,
media units, entertainment systems, and so on to fit your area.

5. Fitted Lounge Units

fitted lounge units
fitted lounge units

From traditional designs to modern fit-outs, Innovative Designs specializes in designing and
manufacturing bespoke built-in lounge units that are custom-made to fit and complement
your lounge. All fitted items are professionally planned, manufactured, and installed. We have
a store in Lewisham and a factory in Wembley, and we provide a free design service.
Bespoke Built-in style makes use of the wall to its advantage; they will examine the area and
employ a portion of the full wall as needed. Offering a bespoke-made service for lounge units
is in great demand in the UK since it is a wonderful combination of idea and design.
Fitted Lounge Furniture uses the skills of creative designers to bring your ideas to life, brilliant
artisans to make it extraordinary, and competent installers to make it seamless.

6. Bespoke Interior Design

modern built in wardrobe designs
modern built-in wardrobe designs

Bespoke Interior Design begins with a visit from one of our interior design consultants who
will take technical measures and provide design suggestions for your home’s interior design,
whether it’s fitted closets, home offices, media units, or kitchens. Following the visit, our
an interior designer will create a high-resolution 3D graphic that depicts both the exterior and
inside of your home.
This enables you to meet your expectations and demands. It also enables your fitted furniture
to be created to measure, allowing for concerns such as alcoves, misaligned walls, lofts, and
so on. As a result, this is the ideal approach to ensure that your design criteria are satisfied
and that you are left with an exceptionally superior product at the conclusion of the project.

7. Luxurious Wardrobe Design

luxurious wardrobe designs
luxurious wardrobe designs

Our designers guarantee that your objectives are met from the start. Every step along the
way, they give a personalized and well-informed plan. After a thorough free survey, a free 3D
the design will be provided to help you visualize your desired luxury fitted bedroom furniture.
Lighting, Mirrors, Vanity Essentials, and other unique mechanisms will be discussed and
displayed, as well as your choice of wardrobes, finishes, textures, and accessories such as
Lighting, Mirrors, and Vanity Essentials.
Other high-end boutique hotels will be inspired by the room. Examine one of the Luxurious
designs to discover how it may be customized and adapted to your preferences. Cream hues
complement the room’s tranquility and grandeur, making them a design synonymous with
luxury. They are highly efficient, employing lighter colors to reflect room space in line with
the most storage capacity, and utilizing the full height of the room, complete with superb
lighting and mirror backs.

8. Modern Home Office Design

modern home wardrobe designs
modern home office designs

Many people are increasingly considering a built-in office since it combines the benefits of
working from home with your own personal style of office. The office is designed to maximize
space, and the designs can include any number of drawers, shelves, or compartments, as well
as be customized to your preferences in terms of taste, form, and style. Users may now
choose from specialized built-in space for a single person to a complete makeover of the area
into an office for multiples. We can design and build the office or change the space smoothly
merging with the interiors of your house with a wide selection of material, finish, and color
Since the lockout, the number of built-in home offices has exploded. Everyone now wants a
home office so that working from home may be so relaxing that it no longer seems like work.
Innovative Designs will guarantee that we construct your dream home office in these new
uncertain times, whether it be a home office with numerous drawers and open shelves to
maximize storage space or stand-up desks.
For more Home Designs reach out to us. We are a family business that has developed quickly
over the previous four years, thus we need innovative designs. We have one design
consultant who will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from start to end. This
allows us to devote our whole attention to you and ensure that your wardrobes are of the best
possible quality. We also produce everything in-house, ensuring a rapid turnaround time.

I hope that this blog has given you enough design inspiration to get you started on the process of converting your basic wardrobes into stylish and fashionable ones. Make an incredible choice

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