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Best Fitted Wardrobes in London [ Custom Fitted]

Looking for Custom Fitted Wardrobes in London? We provide you with the best ones…


‘Space is the Key to Optimised Use’

Simply put ordinary-freestanding wardrobes are mass-produced and not meant for optimized usage of space and surroundings. They are mere storage furniture that eat-up your original space and don’t even fit in the environ of your room. If the wasted space around it is utilized in a more feasible manner you will have even more storage space and the aesthetics of your room will also not be compromised. Our range of custom-fitted wardrobes offers such a solution.

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‘Aesthetics and Utility’

We at Innovative Designs solemnly believe that Aesthetics and Utility go hand-in-hand. One has to be able to create harmony between the two to make the best. Our Custom Fitted Wardrobes are a perfect example of the same.

Twinkle-Twinkle little star, years of life lived and far,

Let’s not throw away what we can store,

After all, these are relics of past adventures and more.

We in the modern day are hard-pressed for space,

But this shouldn’t dissuade us in living our lives to the fullest and great


Our designers start with carefully measuring the sizes and dimensions so that every inch of space is accounted for and utilized to the fullest. Thereby, offering you a wide range of colours and materials that resonate with your style. Then comes the most important part of the design process, compartments, the size and arrangement of the interior compartments are designed to adapt to your requirements. Along with, compartments, interior fittings are also just as important.

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