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  • June 3, 2022

How to Mix and Match Furniture in a Living Room

mix and match living room furniture

You don’t always have an option, but mixing and matching your furniture is the best thing to do in your living room. For example, you spent several years ago on a high-quality living room set. All the living room furniture, all of which could have been purchased in the same fabric.

Now since your favourite furniture set has been withdrawn, you’ll need to replace one of the components that have been subjected to a bit more damage and requires replacement.

Things to Consider While Mixing  and Matching the Furniture

When it comes to mixing and matching the furniture, there are a few things to consider

The days of having to buy living room furniture that absolutely match are long gone. In fact, this out-of-date adage frequently appears on lists of top design blunders and what not to do. To coordinate, your tables, shelves, chairs, and other furniture don’t even have to be the same colour or wood tone. To create a cohesive and well-designed room, several coordinating styles, finishes, and materials may be used.

However, the sheer variety of furniture alternatives accessible today may overwhelm you. Whether you’re looking for a quick match or simply attempting to keep within your budget.

1. Colours & Styles of furniture can be mixed and matched

Colour psychology and how it affects our mood, behaviour, and sentiments has been demonstrated via research. They have warmth and universal significance as well. Colours will have a big impact on your living room makeover.

Warm colours such as red, orange, and yellow are found in the red part of the colour spectrum. They create feelings ranging from warmth and comfort to rage and remind you of the sun and fire. They are ideal for use in your home’s social areas.

On the blue side of the spectrum, cool colours include blue, purple, and green. They remind us of the sky and cold water, both of which are relaxing and comforting. Fabric and leather colours are very difficult to match. Even though your original cloth is still in stock, dye batches can differ, affecting colour. In addition, the wear and tear on your furniture, as well as exposure to the sun, will alter its original colour.

2. Pattern Incorporation and Mixing

Have you ever entered a room and sensed something wasn’t quite right but couldn’t put your finger on it? It’s most likely due to the way the room is decorated. When we add pieces or accessories that offer texture, intrigue, and depth to a room, it becomes well-balanced and visually beautiful.

The design and selection of these items might be aggravating at times. You must think about and blend diverse sizes, colours, and textures to expose your room’s distinct design.

3. Balance the Focal Point and the Furniture

A living room with merely sofas and chairs could be thought of as a blank page. As a result, it’s critical to figure out what you want to accomplish with your décor.

To begin, understand the framework of your home and use it as the foundation for your design. This may necessitate some investigation in older dwellings. Understanding architectural elements and styles will help you evaluate whether your design should retain your home’s original style or whether it needs to be changed. You won’t be able to inject your style until you comprehend your blank space.

4. Choose your focus and let your imagination run wild

The key function and focal point of an optimal room layout will be emphasised. In most circumstances, partitioning the room can be done by drawing an imaginary separation from the focal point.

If you wish to highlight an inspirational item, it should normally be positioned in the centre of the room. This split can be used to identify where more furniture should be placed in the room to achieve a balanced look.

Additional pieces of furniture can help your room achieve balance, layers, and practicality. Identifying your requirements will assist you in selecting the appropriate furnishings for your space.

5. Your Home’s Architecture Should Be Respected

Keeping the room’s architecture in mind, you should arrange your furniture so that it blends in with it and gives the impression that it was made to be together. You may also arrange your furnishings in the following manner:

Sofa features for a modern look, Cushions offer a modern style and design that adds to the sofa’s charm. Fabric selections reflect not only the design style, but also the colour palette of your source of inspiration. If you lay heavy items of furniture on a bare floor, they will appear to float in the area.

A carpet can help to remedy this problem by bringing balance to the room and adding colour, texture, and depth. Modest carpeting in the room’s middle also serves to ground the space and guide your gaze. The right carpet size depends on the furniture, but it should never be less than the sofa.

The collection also includes a comfortable design, which makes the space feel more relaxed and eliminates the need for a second sofa. When choosing furniture, make sure you understand all of your alternatives because it can have a significant impact on your floor layout and available space.

6. Get yourself a designer

The designers will require the right answers. They’ll need to get to know you by asking appropriate questions to generate a notion that’s unique to you. Whether it’s you or any other member of the family the designer needs to meet all of the decision-makers and those who will be using the space. Pictures of your favourite designs from publications and online would be quite helpful to the designer in understanding your sense of style. They would also need to be aware of all the purposes that the space is required to perform, such as entertaining, watching TV, providing a play place for youngsters, or providing a restroom for pets. These encounters and open-ended discussions with you.

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