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Luxury Fitted Furniture in London, UK

We are not referring here to the word “luxury“, which you can only hope for, but what you can obtain, the luxury of creating as per your taste and budget. That’s the luxury we made just for you at Innovative Designs.

Our luxurious wardrobes are made for you based on your home style. Traditional, Classic, Fitted, Walk-in, Sliding with smooth, matte, gloss, finishes with any texture you would want to prefer. It all sounds overwhelming, but once you start imagining, you will begin deciding the features of your luxurious wardrobe.

Made to Measure Luxury Wardrobes in London at Innovative Designs

If I ask you that one thing that resonates with Luxury, you would probably say ‘tailor-made’, because when it comes to luxury living, it should never be one-size that fits all.

Appraise. Gauge. Create. Our team at Innovative Designs is a pioneer in Made-to-Measure luxury wardrobes. Let us first take you to a journey of exploration in the field of Made to Measure luxury wardrobes. When you say a particular era reflects your style it could be Victorian, Regency or even Edwardian and our job is to transcend your preferences into physical form so that you can live in your favorite era inside the comforts of your abode.

We at Innovative Designs believe that your wardrobe is an extension of your persona, it is basically a personification of the YOU in you and one must never compromise with it.

We are the best bespoke creators of wardrobes. We uphold our promise of luxury by using the highest-quality materials for your wardrobes, and we deliver on that promise. We provide based on your space and demand, but we don’t rely on it in any way. We have won our clients’ trust since their first project and have been building their projects along with their new house journey.

A made-to-measure wardrobe company based in London, UK serves customers all over England with every storage solution in their house. Here is a list of wardrobes for storage solutions for your house.

Wardrobe of your Dreams

Wardrobes are often one of the liveliest corners of your home. Your wardrobe has lived your life and your dreams and has your experiences. If you are an accessories’ person or someone with a love for coats with faux or fur, or a collector of stories with t-shirts. We understand that your wardrobes are most precious keepers of your dreams and our process starts with understanding them and your needs and delivering on the promise of Luxury. “Meticulously designed and tailor-made, is our approach, carefully crafting Wardrobes that most resonate with your style, Made-to-measure is our specialty, devotedly working to give you the best of transcendental living of your dreams”

‘Accentuate your style’

Sliding doors, metal hinges, open spaces, glass doors, multiple drawers, seven slanted shoe spaces, spacious upper case, huge crest, three paneled combination or the infamous bags shelves. We are there to make space for your Louboutin collection or your Armani jackets or your beautiful Pashminas, you name it and we will make it for you. Our Wardrobe designers meet with you to better understand your requirements and visit the space that needs the work, measure the requirements and start to carefully create.

‘Ease of Access’

When you choose our wardrobes; we guarantee that our wardrobes will last you for a very long time. We also make sure that our wardrobes are easy to maintain, so that your wardrobe care is minimal and utility is maximum. Our promise of Luxury is held at the helm of using the finest quality materials for your wardrobes and we deliver just the same. Therefore, our partnership with you will help you find the best storehouse for your adventures and we will make sure to give you the extra room required so that your adventures never stop. We understand you and create for you so go ahead drop those reservations and step into your nearest Innovative Designs boutique parlor today and be rest assured because we are known for our customer-centric approach and dedication.

Types of Bespoke Luxury Wardrobe We Provide in the UK

Fitted wardrobes can be installed in any room of your choice with a unique design of their own. Bespoke luxury fitted wardrobes provide the best storage choice while maximising available space. Once you install them, you will never want to switch to any other wardrobe.

Here are a few fitted furniture ideas for you to build in your house.

1. Luxury Fitted Wardrobe in London, UK

Luxury Fitted Wardrobe in London, UK

A luxuriously fitted wardrobe is a great choice for making those rooms come to life. Innovative Designs offers those gorgeous environments to you with an added advantage to help you achieve your desired interior and make everyone fall in love with your fitted wardrobe. Your fitted wardrobe is the foundation of your storage, so choosing the right design and material will have an impact on the entire range of options.

2. Luxury Fitted Bedroom in London, UK

Luxury Fitted Bedroom in London, UK

A bespoke luxury fitted furniture usually functions as a whole fitted unit in a luxury fitted bedroom. A fitted wardrobe blends in with the room design and other fitted furniture in the room.

The beauty of fitted wardrobes is that they are made to measure as per the room design and choice of the owner. Some of these fitted bedroom designs are hinged, while others include sliding doors. Making the room spacious and organised.

3. Luxury Fitted Kitchen in London, UK

Luxury Fitted Kitchen in London, UK

Luxurious fitted wardrobe may now be employed to maximise the free space created by regular remodelling, enabling you to rearrange your kitchen to the fullest extent possible without dealing with any uncomfortable space theft behind or designing the alcoves.

The fitted kitchen has a minimized look, which wins the hearts of everyone and establishes a unique design. The fitted kitchen cabinets should also serve as a reminder that they are not standalone units but rather an essential component of the overall design of your desired kitchen.

4. Luxury Fitted Walk-in Wardrobe in London, UK

Luxury Fitted Walk-in Wardrobe in London, UK

The luxurious walk-in wardrobes are the fitted ones; when you have enough room or extra room for a walk-in wardrobe, you stop compromising on quality. What makes them stand out? Their space and style. They are the ones that suit your preferences and precisely meet your needs with a good finish. The walk-in wardrobe is created by our experienced designers to match the environment. A large family could comprehend the battle to maintain organised and controlled storage. A luxuriously fitted wardrobe with additional ceiling storage is a lifesaver.

5. Luxury Fitted Home Office in London, UK

Luxury Fitted Home Office in London, UK

Innovative Designs provides a magnificent custom home office using complementary hardwoods, paint finishes, or a mix of the two. Our expert designers have years of experience constructing individual home offices which are suited to your particular needs and available space.

Your home office or study can be created by Innovative Designs as a distinct room, a part of the living room or bedroom design, or in an alcove space in your house.

6. Luxury Fitted TV Media Units in London, UK

Luxury Fitted TV Media Units in London, UK

Since the introduction of the first television, entertainment gadgets have become immensely popular due to their aesthetic appeal and user-friendliness. However, we now have the option of choosing how we want to present our taste visually. But despite everything, we’ve never lost our passion for television. 

These days, TV media units is all about the experience. The fitted, handmade TV cabinets will provide storage space and organise the living room or bedroom. We can create a system that integrates seamlessly with our everyday routines and have a fantastic media setup for our entertainment system.


Luxurious fitted furniture is a perfect fit for the storage space in the house. Get in touch with us right away, and one of our designers will help you choose the best-suited furniture for your room. The design will complement your environment while still being functional.

Innovative Design is adapting to the emergence of creative design possibilities. The fitted furniture is tailored to your preferences, room arrangement, and budget. Without a doubt, bespoke interiors are getting more and more popular nowadays. Bespoke fitted furniture will help you manage the style and space according to your home interior.


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