loft fitted wardrobe

Space-saving Storage Options for a Loft Bedroom

loft fitted wardrobe

Loft bedrooms are great for creating the feeling of a standalone suite or apartment within your home. But these types of rooms can be challenging from a storage standpoint, as they are usually very open and have limited floor space. If you’t have the budget for custom built-ins or an entire walk-in wardrobe, there are still plenty of effective ways to maximize your small space without feeling like you live in a mess. Your bedroom is one of the few places in your home where you spend a lot of time every day. It’s also one of the hardest spaces to organize and keep tidy. But with the right storage solutions, it doesn’t have to feel that way. 

The best part about organizing your loft bedroom is that these solutions will work in almost any type of space, big or small. From ceiling hooks to underbed storage bins, read on for our top storage solutions for a loft bedroom.

Plan Ahead Before Buying New Furniture

One of the best ways to get more storage options in a loft bedroom is by taking the time to plan out your bedroom wardrobes or furniture purchases ahead of time. This is especially important for homeowners who are planning to buy new furniture for their loft. When you are in the middle of planning for your loft, it can be tempting to just jump into buying some items. However, try to avoid this practice, no matter how excited you are about your new furniture. Take the time to consider what you most need and what you want. By doing this, you will not only be better prepared to make better decisions, you’ll also be better prepared to maximize the space that your new furniture offers you.

Repurpose Your Old Furniture

Did you know that many people choose to utilize their wooden furniture as storage solutions in their loft? Before buying new furniture, consider repurposing your old pieces into additional storage. Many homeowners choose to paint their wooden furniture to better suit their loft’s décor. You can also choose to refinish it, sand it down and use it to store clothes, toys or other household items. In fact, many homeowners paint their furniture and then paint the walls of their bedroom the same colour, giving them a clean, organized look. Wooden furniture is easy to refinish, sand and paint, making it an ideal material to repurpose for additional storage solutions in a loft bedroom. When refinishing wooden furniture, try to match the wood’s tone with the wall behind it. This will help to unify your space and give it a cleaner, more cohesive look.

Store Only Essentials Onsite

One of the best ways to manage your limited storage options in a loft bedroom is to store only the essentials onsite. This will help to keep your loft looking neat and uncluttered, instead of with random items that have no purpose. To help you keep your loft’s clutter-free, you can choose to store only those items that you need or want to keep close at hand. In most cases, this means only items that are necessary for daily living, like clothing, toiletries and books. Keeping only the items you need onsite will help to free up more storage options in your loft. This is especially important for homeowners who have a smaller bedroom, especially since a bedroom’s overall size is often determined by the amount of space you have available inside your walls.

Utilize the Storage Space Provided by Your Bed and Dresser

Did you know that you can use the storage space provided by your bed and dresser as additional storage options in your loft bedroom? Many homeowners choose to use drawers and cupboards underneath their bed to store clothing or other items. You can also choose to store shoes and other items under your bed, using bed closets as additional storage options. Bedrooms with a low ceiling often have storage options that are built into the bed itself, like drawers and wardrobes. You can also use these areas for additional storage, including laundry baskets, storage boxes or other items. Bedroom storage solutions are often limited in both size and accessibility. To ensure that you have enough space to store everything that you need, consider utilizing the storage space provided by your bed and dresser. By doing this, you can keep your bed and dresser drawers completely free of clutter, making them the perfect location for additional storage options in a loft bedroom.

Don’t Neglect the Ceiling

Did you know that many homeowners neglect their loft’s ceiling as additional storage options? Many homeowners find that additional storage space is available in the attic or in the ceiling of their loft. Many homeowners choose to use this space to store books or other items. The ceiling and attic often offer a great amount of additional storage options in a loft bedroom. This can be especially useful for homeowners who don’t have much space below the ceiling. The ceiling and attic can be an ideal spot for storing books, sporting equipment, bikes or other items. You may want to consider removing any items that are in the way, so that you have room to store additional items or cords.

Take some time to explore your loft and find optimal storage solutions

Once you have a better understanding of your loft’s available storage options, you can start to take some more concrete steps to increase storage in your loft bedroom. This can be done by taking the time to explore your loft and identify potential areas for additional storage. Before buying any furniture, you can use your loft’s ceiling, walls or other storage areas as a visual reference to make sure that you have enough space for any potential purchases. When choosing furniture for your loft, make sure that you choose pieces that have a suitable footprint for the available storage options. This helps to ensure that any additional storage options remain accessible to you. If you are having trouble finding spaces to store your items, you can consider removing some of your existing items to make room for new ones. This helps to maximize the available space and gives your home a more modern look.

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