fitted wardrobe ideas
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  • January 24, 2023

The Most Practical Under-Stair Storage Design Ideas

It’s challenging to manage the area under the stairs. The awkward space jeopardizes the integrity of the house structure (square and rectangle). The same is true for the other areas of the house, such as the terrace space or lofts.

We’re here to provide some fascinating ideas, so you might want to explore them to discover the ideal answer. Let’s explore them:

1. Fitted Wardrobe

fitted wardrobe ideas

One of the most obvious advantages of bespoke wardrobes is that they are built to order. They are sized to exactly match your home and are created to optimize the arrangement.

After all, fitted wardrobe alternatives can save you time if you can’t find anything in the shop that fits beneath the stairs and matches the property. There are several options you might wanna check them.

2.  Home Office

home office idea

If you work from home, your environment must be as relieving as possible so you can concentrate on your work and be as productive as possible. 

You can find that the area beneath the stairs is a pleasant and ideal place to set up your home office.

3. Kitchen Cupboards

kitchen cup board idea

For small houses or situations where space is at a premium, a kitchen beneath the stairs is an excellent option. It is the most effective strategy to utilize your entire floor space. By making the best use of every available inch, this compact kitchen design

4. Open Wardrobe

open wardrobe

You can access the entire area and fit more storage into a small space by leaving the space beneath the stairs open rather than enclosing it with cabinets and doors. 

Shoes and boots are neatly stored on short floating shelves that are mounted on the end wall. And hooks for long coats and dresses.

5. Display

Your seating space beneath the stairs is a wonderful place to display your unique sense of design. Our houses are reflections of who we are and how we live. Invest in some shelves and show off your favorite items, whether they are works of art, portraits of your loved ones, or souvenirs from your travels.

6. Library Shelf

library ideas

Even the smallest family members might profit from using your under-stair storage space. Children may put their favorite books and games in an out-of-the-way location on lower shelves. Additionally, by placing their belongings at eye level, kids can quickly assist in organizing them when it’s time to clean up.

7. Cellar

The area beneath your stairs might become the ideal location for displaying your wine collection by adding some bespoke shelves. You will appreciate being able to prepare everyone’s drinks without having to leave the party and miss out on any of the fun, and your guests will be thrilled with your setup.

8. Storage 

With several cupboards and storage space, you may use the area for any extra storage you need. Consider converting the area under your stairs into an additional closet if your master closet is insufficiently large to accommodate all of your clothes and accessories


Joinery firms
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Custom Made Joinery Firms for your Home | Innovative-Designs

First of all, we wish and hope all of you are safe, stay safe and be healthy…

We would like to utilise this time to give some information about what a good Joinery firms can do for your home. Joinery firms like Innovative Designs, provide bespoke joinery or made to order wardrobes, cabinets, staircases, wooden windows, doors, for your home, office, commercial buildings. Joinery firms work with you closely from the beginning to identify what exactly are your requirements and then create a design that meets your specification. Good firms often come with solution that exceeds the expectation of the customers, at Innovative Designs, our aim is to create a design that stands out from the rest.

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