Built-In Wardrobes and Dressing Tables
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  • October 11, 2023

Transform Your Bedroom with Built-In Wardrobes and Dressing Tables

Envisioning a bedroom where space is abundant, and elegance meets functionality? Your dream wardrobe, accompanied by a chic dressing table, awaits just within your reach: built-in wardrobes with dressing tables.

These tailored storage solutions seamlessly blend practicality with style, introducing a touch of sophistication to any bedroom setting. Within the confines of a built-in wardrobe, you unlock the potential to optimize space, ensuring a tidy arrangement for your apparel and accessories.

Complementing this, a dedicated dressing table becomes the quintessential space for your daily rituals. The beauty lies in the diverse design options available, allowing you to personalise your wardrobe and dressing table to reflect your unique taste and preferences.

Bid farewell to the chaos of a cluttered bedroom and welcome the transformative allure of a thoughtfully designed and functional space. Join us as we explore the myriad benefits of fitted wardrobes with dressing tables and witness the evolution of your bedroom into a serene sanctuary.

Advantages of Incorporating Built-In Wardrobes and Dressing Tables

designs for wardrobes with dressing tables

Built-in wardrobes and dressing tables offer a myriad of benefits, transforming the functionality and aesthetics of your bedroom. One significant advantage is the efficient utilisation of space. These customised solutions maximise the available room, providing ample storage for clothing, accessories, and personal items while maintaining a sleek and organised appearance.

In terms of organisation, built-in wardrobes excel at keeping your belongings neatly arranged. With designated compartments and shelves, you can easily categorise and access your wardrobe essentials, streamlining your daily routine. The inclusion of a dressing table further enhances this organizational aspect by providing a dedicated space for grooming and preparing for the day.

Another notable benefit is the aesthetic appeal they bring to the bedroom. Built-in wardrobes seamlessly integrate into the room’s design, creating a cohesive and polished look. The ability to customise the design allows you to tailor these elements to match your personal style, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your living space.

Practicality is also a key advantage. A well-designed dressing table, combined with a built-in wardrobe, offers a convenient one-stop solution for your daily grooming needs. Having everything within arm’s reach contributes to a more efficient and enjoyable morning routine.

Lastly, the durability and longevity of built-in wardrobes and dressing tables make them a wise investment. Constructed with quality materials and craftsmanship, these fixtures are built to withstand the test of time, providing lasting functionality and aesthetic value to your bedroom. In summary, the benefits of incorporating built-in wardrobes and dressing tables extend beyond mere storage solutions, enhancing the overall comfort, organisation, and appeal of your living space.

Personalising your integrated wardrobe and dressing table

Tailoring your built-in wardrobe and dressing table allows you to infuse your personal style into these essential elements of your living space. Customisation provides the opportunity to align the design with your unique preferences and aesthetic sensibilities.

From selecting the materials and finishes to deciding on the configuration of shelves and compartments, every detail can be crafted to suit your taste. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist look or a more classic and ornate style, the ability to customise ensures that your built-in wardrobe and dressing table reflect your individuality.

Embrace this creative process to not only optimise functionality but also to create a personalised haven that resonates with your distinct sense of design and comfort.

Main considerations for the Built in Wardrobes with the Dressing Table

Personalising your built-in wardrobe and dressing table involves a thoughtful exploration of various aspects, offering you the freedom to tailor these essential elements to your unique taste.

Start by considering storage options, allowing you to configure shelves, compartments, and drawers to match your specific organisational needs. The choice of materials further extends the customisation journey, enabling you to select finishes that align with your desired aesthetic, be it the warmth of wood, the sleekness of metal, or the modernity of glass.

Colours play a pivotal role in creating a harmonious visual appeal. Customise your built-in wardrobe and dressing table with a palette that resonates with the overall theme of your room, be it bold and vibrant hues or subtle, neutral tones. The style of the furniture is where personal expression truly comes to life.

Whether you lean towards a contemporary, minimalist design or prefer the timeless elegance of classic styles, customisation ensures that these pieces seamlessly integrate into your living space, reflecting your distinct personality.

In essence, by customising storage options, choosing materials, playing with colours, and defining styles, you transform your built-in wardrobe and dressing table into personalised expressions of your lifestyle and taste.

This creative process not only enhances functionality but also crafts a unique sanctuary that speaks to your individual sense of design and comfort.

Ideas and Inspirations for Built in Wardrobes with Dressing Tables

Integrated Lighting:

Consider incorporating built-in LED lighting within the wardrobe to enhance visibility and create a chic atmosphere. This can be particularly useful around the dressing table area for better grooming.

Mirrored Surfaces:

Integrate mirrors into the wardrobe doors or panels to serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Mirrored surfaces not only contribute to the dressing experience but also make the room appear larger.

Smart Storage Solutions:

Optimise the wardrobe’s interior with smart storage solutions such as pull-out racks, tie and belt organizers, and adjustable shelving. This ensures efficient organisation and easy accessibility.

Mix of Materials:

Explore the combination of materials like wood, glass, and metal for a contemporary and visually appealing design. A mix of textures can add depth and character to the built-in wardrobe and dressing table.

Sliding Doors:

For space-saving functionality, consider sliding doors for the wardrobe. This not only modernises the design but also improves accessibility in smaller rooms.


Create a dressing table that can double as a workspace by incorporating a pull-out desk. This adds versatility to the room, especially if space is limited.

Hidden Drawers:

Conceal drawers within the dressing table to maintain a clean and uncluttered appearance. This is perfect for storing makeup, jewellery, or other personal items.

Neutral Colour Palette:

Opt for a neutral colour palette for a timeless and sophisticated look. Neutral tones create a calming atmosphere and provide a versatile backdrop for changing decor.

Open Shelving Display:

Incorporate open shelving within the wardrobe for displaying accessories, shoes, or stylish storage boxes. This adds a decorative element to the practical aspects of the wardrobe.

Built-in Vanity Mirror:

Design the dressing table with a built-in, adjustable vanity mirror. This not only adds a touch of luxury but also enhances the functionality of the dressing area.

Artistic Elements:

Personalise the wardrobe doors or dressing table with artistic elements, such as custom-designed patterns, or even a painted mural, to make a bold statement.

Classic Elegance:

Opt for a timeless and classic design with intricate detailing on the wardrobe doors and a matching dressing table. This style can adapt to evolving decor preferences over the years.

Remember, the key is to blend functionality with aesthetics, creating a built-in wardrobe and dressing table that not only meets your practical needs but also inspires a sense of style and comfort in your living space.

Cost Of Built Wardrobe With Dressing Table

When constructing a built-in wardrobe and dressing table, you should be mindful of the budget. Various factors influence the pricing of built-in wardrobes and dressing tables. It could be the materials used, the size & space of the room and the complexity of the design. Collaborating with a trustworthy builder will present you the exact price and timeframe of the project.

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built in wardrobes
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  • October 9, 2020

Built in Wardrobes London, Custom Wardrobes Ideas at Innovative-Designs

Built in Wardrobes London, Custom Wardrobes Ideas at Innovative-Designs

Young, middle-aged, or elderly, single or partnered, everyone enjoys having a neat and organised wardrobe. Here at Innovative Designs, we provide a niche and customisable service to capture the vision of your bedroom and built in wardrobes.

With growing number of dress, accessories, shoes and changing seasons, all of us need an efficient wardrobe, for that you need to use all the available space.

When you are looking for the best way to achieve that, think of Built in Wardrobe, they are custom made with any colour, look, size and needs. From dusty pinks and white for your baby to a classy, chic black misted glass matching to your luxurious beds, they are designed to your taste and needs. At

Innovative Designs, our goal is to satisfy you, be it that of a modern look or to preserve the character of period home or to recreate the feel and sense of your home where you are born and brought up, our craftsmen is there to build the ideal wardrobe.

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period built in wardrobes
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  • September 28, 2020


For Period Homes, maintaining the character of the building is the start point. Standard Fitted Bedrooms & Wardrobes often conflicts with the character of the building, Bespoke units on the other hand are built to complement the period homes, the old finishes, fittings, and features are carefully considered, the original features in your property are kept up and the units are built to match or complement them.

Period Homes refurbishment and renovation are a challenge to the owners and builders, and they are bringing its own challenge to the bespoke fitters as well. With growing demand for the storage space to keep clothes, accessories, shoes and the need to keep up the character of the room, the fitted bedroom require new design, an innovative one.

The demands of seasonal clothes coupled with the different accessories to match them, fitted bedrooms require the interiors highly organised. Inside the standard wardrobes, you have space to hang clothes, drawers to keep clothes, your flexibility is limited to the interior separations and drawers.

On fitted bedrooms, you will get customized solutions for your storage needs, the space available in the room is assessed, ascertained, and will be used every inch, the interiors are built using shelves, rails, racks, compartments and drawers to utilize each and every space.

When you consider the interiors for Period Home, main thing to consider is what kind of interiors you want to make. Period Homes construct and character varies and depending on Victorian, Edwardian or Georgian homes, our experts can advise on the suitability of interiors. While some may prefer to keep the period homes in all its splendor, most would like to make the period homes into a functional space for the modern living.

For the functional space, fitted wardrobes and units blend with the home’s decor, they can be personalized to your taste. Unlike the modern homes, Period Homes fitted wardrobes and unit requires a comprehensive plan with detailed drawing and specifications.

Innovative Designs have worked on many Period Homes, large number of them in London and around and we always demand a visit to the homes to ensure that the property’s structure and character is clearly understood before getting into the execution of building a fitted wardrobe and unit.

Practicality and aesthetics are combined to produce incredibly appealing wardrobes. For the wardrobes to have a Victorian or Georgian or Edwardian luxury and quality, you need crafted and creative solutions, through our London studio, we can provide beautiful fitted wardrobes.

What makes us different from the other fitted suppliers is our expertise, experience and ability to produce the best for your period homes.

Innovative Designs Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian styled wardrobes are built with practical solutions like soft close doors, push drawers, luxurious interiors, led lightnings customized to create a functional and elegant wardrobe. We provide Guarantee for 10 years for all our products.

Give us a call or Book a Free Design Visit and find our designers thoughts on your Period Homes Fitted Wardrobes and Unit.

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  • September 18, 2020

Built In Wardrobe Ideas – Best Wardrobe Supplier in London

Homes in Britain are getting smaller and storage space is confined. In Western Europe, Britain’s new build homes are the smallest. Living in a smaller place with limited storage is common now.The best way to maximize your space is by having fitted wardrobes, cabinets and units. Let us share some ideas for the built in wardrobes.

Size and Shape

Built in Wardrobes are built for the room, they are designed to maximize the space and minimize the clutter. On the rooms without caving, decorative ceiling or high ceiling [period properties], floor to ceiling is suitable, those properties with decorative ceiling, it would be better to avoid floor to ceiling units.

Advantage of the fitted units is that the design of the fitted units can be complimentary to the decorative ceiling. Usually, the wardrobes are standard shaped, however with a fitted unit, you can design as per the space available, the internal depth can be either industry standard or as per your requirements.

In short Built In Wardrobes size and shape depends on the room and your requirements.


Question often asked by our customers is what kind of designs we can do, our answer is we are innovative, so Be Creative in the designs you want! Designs stretch to your imagination, Star Wars Deigns, Wallpapered Wardrobes,

Golden Units, bring it on, your designs can be an inspiration for others! From the designs we are asked and built, let us give you some of the popular and unique ones, all can be designed in your colour, finish, style..


For those who want sleek designs or who likes minimalist design, Handleless Wardrobe is ideal. They are clean, contemporary and linear and the style is destined to match the room.

Colours you can choose are the whites, natural tones or if you want to give a stand out look, give bold colours and finishes.

Painted Wardrobes

People who likes to freshen the rooms occasionally with new shades, plain and painted Wardrobes would be good. Costs for a plain and paint wardrobe is comparatively less and they can be painted to match the rest of the room.

From Baby blue to darker contrasts, they can be built to last and can give fresh look as and when you need.

Tongue & Groove Wardrobes

Traditional tongue and groove design are synonymous with rustic and country look. The designs if you customize with soft colours and tones, it will be gorgeous. Groove designs with vertical lines are suitable for most rooms.

High Gloss Vibrant Colours

High gloss in vibrant colours are stunning, this will enhance your rooms appearance to contemporary without doing anything else. You can combine

High Gloss with other finishes as well making the two tone look amazing especially if you add contrasting shades.

All in One

Built in dressing table, Beauty Bays, Smart Desks, Storage Compartments, all can be built, create the wardrobe of your dreams. Your requirements may seem to be a challenge; however the possibilities are endless and you ask the possibilities with the designer and you will be in for a surprise.

Mirrored Wardrobe

Mirrored wardrobe enhances the room and the users. If you want to see an expansive room, mirrored wardrobe is ideal. Mirrored Wardrobes are now available in different shades, one you may look for is Bronze Mirror Wardrobe

When you look for wardrobes whether it’s a contemporary style or traditional bedroom or any of the above, think of what you really want and give that to the designers, they will come up with a design matching your requirements, with Innovative Designs, our design and built service will ensure your dream room is realized!.

Walk-in wardrobes
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  • November 7, 2019

Custom Made Walk-In Wardrobes For Bedrooms

Walk-In Wardrobes For Small Rooms

Innovative Designs Walk in Wardrobes stands for fashionable, trendy, modern designs and functional attributes. Our designs are unique, often timeless and every piece of furniture is built to last.

Our furniture lives up to its promise, each part is crafted to the individual requirements using premium materials. They are made by professionals who are experts in this craft. Bespoke Bedroom furniture gives charm and utilizes space that is unthinkable in traditional closets and cabinets. The timeless design becomes a familiar companion. Every piece of furniture is a Part of home – values ​​for generations.


A smart walk in wardrobe by innovative designs offers a unique solution for our space constraints. Walk-in Wardrobes are not just for palatial houses, they are ideal for medium-sized properties. Our team visits your place and offers smart walk-in wardrobes which are smart enough to bring the storage in the best way. Smart Walk In Wardrobes are available in different styles, the designs are custom made with high-grade materials and are available in different Wood,  Colours, Textures & Patterns. Dark natural wood interiors with High Gloss panels, our walk-in-wardrobe furniture combines the traditional elements with the latest styles…

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Quality as a top priority: Innovative Designs Bedroom Furniture lives up to promise. Every piece of furniture is made by hand. Our team tests not the quality and finishing, but its endurance, we want to ensure that each retains its unique character and beauty. The timeless design and our solid workmanship will make our furniture your faithful companions.


We deliver to you within 14 days of confirmation of your order. Delivery while is available for anywhere in the UK, currently our delivery and installation in on mainland UK.


We use sustainable materials wherever it is possible. Traditionally handmade furniture of lasting value is created for generations.

To know more, reach us @ https://staging.innovative-designs.co.uk/products/