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Explore the Art of Bespoke Kitchen Wardrobe Design in London

Our Kitchens are manufactured in-house in the heart of North London. Using state of the art German Machinery to achieve kitchen design.Innovative Designs have their Kitchen showrooms based in Wembley, London to display their various kitchen designs and looks.


Custom Experience

We offer a custom experience throughout the whole process. Here at our kitchen showrooms in London we design, advise, consult, produce and fit. Not only do we offer experience but also a guarantee of workmanship.

Quality Partnership

we are partnered up with reputable companies such as Egger, Hettich, Hafele and Blum. We use 18mm MFC in any colour and finish to achieve your kitchen just as in our showroom.

Diverse Display Selection

Here at our kitchen showrooms in London we unique displays from matte to gloss finish, soft push handless to stainless premium steel handles, open units to closed and premium splashbacks to luxurious countertop designs.

Bespoke Glass Splashbacks

Ever wanted a Glass Seamless Splashback? Then you do not need to worry as we have this on display in our kitchen showroom in London. This can be completely bespoke, from a carved look of Nelson Mandela to a common colour. We design to suit your needs!

Elegant Aesthetics

At our kitchen showrooms in London, we can create an elegant aesthetic using stunning sprayed or painted finished doors in any colour, finish and added accessory such as premium LED Lighting.

Enhancing Dimensions

Typically, we can raise the veneered centre panel to enhance the dimensions of the kitchen and the grains of the surface just as in our kitchen showrooms London.

German Kitchen Excellence

Our kitchens are made to beautifully combine with the seamless sinks, marble or floating countertops. The benefits of our German Kitchens at our showroom in London are that they offer the finest functionality, a luxury design, durability of the products using various worktops and surfaces (quartz, granite, glass and hardwood), full optimisation and efficiency of your kitchen.

Maximize Space and Style

We build kitchens to maximise your storage space and floor space in an exquisite manner to capture an open, magical and versatile view.

Creative Kitchen Designs

Who would want a kitchen as pretty, classy and tasty like their meals? Every Kitchen in our showroom in London is as creative as the meals you aspire to prepare, hand in hand, as a balanced diet.

Endless Style Possibilities

Regardless of the area you can achieve all times of looks from modern to traditional to contemporary just as our showroom! Perhaps, even your bespoke kitchen design could inspire us to build a showcase for our showroom. Let us work together, inclusively, every step of the way!

3D Design Visualization

Here at Innovative Designs we can picture paint your elegant kitchen design just as our showrooms in London. We offer a free 3D design visit to bring your creations of your kitchen to life.


Traditional Fitted Kitchen
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Bespoke Kitchens London | Modular Kitchen Showrooms Designs And Solutions

Innovative Design’s offer a unique and bespoke kitchens Showroom at London. We are partnered with the best and reputable companies such as Egger, Haffele, Hettich and Blum to achieve the best designs and storage solutions in kitchen. Egger is one who promises to provide the right decor for every project and

Innovative Designs are one to exemplify that with our bespoke designs. We deliver luxurious designs, unique finishes, integrated premium worktops and splash-back designs. At Innovative Designs, we provide a range of styles and finishes, from Shaker, Modern, Handles Soft-Push and Luna to Chic gloss, Sleek Matt and Acrylic, the choice is as wide as your ingenuity.

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Our Goal

Our goal is to deliver the service in such a way to capture your vision and aesthetics of your kitchen with a pleasant experience. Why not browse our website or checkout the social media pages, Facebook and Instagram to find some of the Projects.

Our Process

With Innovative, the process starts with booking your free design visit. At visit, the designers will take your ideas and assess the room and the requirements. Designers will go through the options with you, the style, materials, finish, accessories, they will explain what the possibilities and choices are, once the style, colour and finishes are selected, the designers will then work out the designs and final plan and will send a quote. The quote once you check and approve, the manufacturing process commence.

Our Installation Procedure

Our professionals are one of the best craftsmen that you can find for bespoke kitchens London and they will deliver the designs with the precision demanded of our products. Most of the projects require 2 to 3 weeks’ time, while complex works require 4 weeks.

Installation usually takes 3 to 4 days and can be arranged in advance. Once the final product is installed, you will see your kitchen transformed, clean, elegant and luxurious kitchen.

About Innovative-Designs

Innovative Designs are well aware of the challenges and we are there to assist you during this whole process, at each step, we will advise you and will support to make your kitchen built to your needs. We built the kitchen to last and hence we provide a decade long guarantee of workmanship.

If you are looking for a fit-out kitchen, contact us and book a Free Design Visit. Our designers will listen to your requirements and they will come up with designs to your style of cooking and to fit in smoothly with the rest of your home design!

Classic Style Fitted Kitchen showroom London
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Our experts will guide you to find the best brand of the fitted kitchen for your house.

In this article you will learn :
How to choose kitchen furnishings for your home?
Why are custom wardrobes in the kitchen the finest option?
How to build your personalized kitchen wardrobes?
What steps are included in the wardrobe shipping and installation process?

Our company has been established for over 20 years, serving thousands of customers, and ensuring that all of their needs are met by our professionals. But how can customers choose whether fitted kitchen furniture is right for them?

Keep on reading; this article will teach you how to design fitted furniture.

How to choose kitchen furnishings for your home in London?

Plan your kitchen space like an interior designer by considering its size, form, and potential for managing storage through remodelling. We’ve prepared the following questions for you to consider before beginning your kitchen remodelling project.

How much is your kitchen space?
How are you planning your kitchen’s storage?
Or do you want to modify your current kitchen?
Simplify your storage solutions, such as regular usage.
Have you divided each section of your kitchen?
Any other storage sections you want to add?
Is there any awkward area where you’d like to find a solution?
Do you like a glass wardrobe to have a clear view or keep them all behind and give a neat overall look?
Have a thought on colour combinations?
Do you have OCD like Monica? We thought so, then chose a functional design.

And what additional features, besides those you would use regularly, you would like in your kitchen?

Fashion trends
Colour modification
Crockery display rack
Dining area

More importantly, communicating your thoughts to professionals will result in wonderful results.

Why are custom wardrobes in the kitchen the best option?

The reason they are so well-liked is that they give you:
The kitchen of your dreams
Your creative ideas
Ideal amount of space
Styled themes with individualised choices

Customised Wardrobes can now be used to maximise the free space that results from standard remodelling, allowing your kitchen to be redesigned to its maximum potential without allowing any awkward space theft behind and styling the alcoves.

How to build your personalized kitchen wardrobes in London?

Classic Style Fitted Kitchen in london

After reading through the decisions to be made before installing the custom wardrobes and their benefits, you decided to start your project. There are a few ways to begin-

Check with multiple vendors who are offering similar services and their price ranges along with the quality they are offering. Then make a decision on as what you are looking for.

As for Innovative Designs, you can reach us out, our kitchens are designed and built in-house in the heart of London. We will assign you a professional at your house to visit free of charge. You can share your vision of the kitchen with them and they will suggest the best option.

What steps are included in the wardrobe shipping and installation process?

Our very own expert craftsmen will supply and install your kitchen in around 3–4 weeks after you place your order. The installation duration can also vary depending on project size, adjustments made along the way, and so on. But ought to deliver on your expected time we have committed.

If you still have some doubts feel free to reach us out and we help you out.

How to Choose Fitted Wardrobe Showroom in London

“It’s Time For Your New Dream Fitted Kitchen”

The kitchen is the heart of the house and as such the central meeting point. Family and friends meet here to cook, eat and enjoy together. Make this place the most beautiful room in your house with a high-quality brand from our  Fitted Kitchen Showroom in London.

True to our motto “Because everyone is different.” we do not want to offer you any kitchen, but plan your individual dream kitchen according to your wishes and ideas. No matter whether open kitchen, country house kitchen, Fitted kitchen, handle less kitchen or modern kitchen. Our kitchen experts will help you to make your dreams come true and plan your personal kitchen dream with you.

Do you already have specific ideas about your new dream kitchen? Fine! Bring all documents with you to the consultation appointment so that the seller can advise you optimally.

Are you still inexperienced when buying a kitchen? Then our concept sales assist you to step by step. From concept advice and kitchen planning through to implementation, assembly and installation, our concept seller is at your side. Traditional Fitted kitchen is also one of the most demanded types suggested.

The Matching Dream Kitchen For Every Taste

Let yourself be inspired by the large selection of kitchen designs at our Fitted kitchen showroom in London. No matter whether you are looking for a design kitchen, modern kitchen or contemporary kitchen. All of our kitchens are individually handcrafted, planned and tailor made for you.

Millimetre Accurate Furniture

Maximum freedom in planning for a maximum wow experience.
Lots of storage space and large work surfaces, these are usually the wishes of a new kitchen. We can fulfill this with a customized production. Every kitchen is planned, manufactured and professionally assembled for your room.

Make the most of your space with furniture that is precisely tailored to your needs in terms of height and width. For maximum storage space, you can also get cabinets with additional depth. Our kitchen experts will be happy to advise you.

Excellent  Quality

We are committed to high quality and sustainable production. This is also proven by our numerous certifications.

Innovative-Designs – Visit Our brand high-Quality  Kitchen Showroom in London or get free Design visit for our Shop.


Tradition Fitted Kitchen
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Fitted Kitchens of the Highest Quality Made In UK | Innovative Designs


At Innovative Designs, we will probably give each client precisely the kitchen they need – one that is the ideal counterpart for them. Furthermore, that is the sole reason, why our every kitchen is totally remarkable. Every single kitchen at Innovative Designs is individually planned and made to precision. Discover the variety and design possibilities of Fitted kitchens comprising our latest collection only at Innovative Designs, UK.

Consultation and Planning

We are the Kitchen Experts!

To design your customized kitchen you have numerous options. We consider ourselves to be an expert partner offering you design choices, material options, and guidance to suit the size, shape, and light of your kitchen. The kitchen is made to order to match your individual needs. Our Innovative Designs and builders know precisely how to structure that ideal kitchen for you!

Our process starts with a visit and during the visit, we will show the materials, ergonomics, appliances, light, and designs. Once the design is approved, then we will be moving to the next stage of materials and finishes, this is followed by building it in our London Studio and then we will be installing it at your house to perfection.

Choice and Variety

We have a ton to offer!

We have a  Fitted Kitchen showroom London showcasing some of the models, why not visit us at our London showroom. Our expert kitchen planners will take you through the styles, colors, materials and can guide you on matching appliances as well.

All the materials are of the highest quality, most of them are sourced from the manufacturers enabling us to save the costs and pass it to our customers. We make it at our studio in London and are overseen by the Supervisor at every stage to ensure they are made to perfection. Our 10-year guarantee is our promise on the goods and we have tons to offer for your kitchen.

 Quality and Safety

We just offer the best!

Other than assortment and choice Innovative Designs UK aims to have the best quality. To accomplish this point, we work with only the best manufacturers and suppliers. With this, we can ensure that the finished products are made with the best materials and highest craftsmanship.

We are very particular in the environment; we have strict controls on the suppliers about the materials we take. Whilst we ensure the products are environmentally friendly, they are durable, strong and are of low maintenance. All pivots, drawers and directing systems for sliding doors have been tested for 100% safety.

On location Measuring

We check all subtleties!

If necessary we begin to measure your kitchen on location. When measuring an individual kitchen it is important to have the specific estimations, so as to ensure that each corner fits impeccably. Even if your rooms don’t have perfect shapes, our Traditional kitchen experts will look to provide an ideal solution.

Conveyance and Installation

We convey!

On the big day, we deliver your kitchen straight away to your home. You pick the date and time, we will be on time. Our own expert installers will install the kitchen and accessories. Quick, professional and clean – you can start using the new kitchen soon after the recommended time. All the waste associated with the installation will be taken by us and will be disposed of ecologically.

To know more, contact us @ 020-3051-0122