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How to Measure a Wardrobe: A Step-by-Step Guide

A well-designed wardrobe is essential for a dwelling space in the house. Whether planning to construct a fitted wardrobe or purchase a built one, understanding the correct measurements is essential to ensure an ideal shape. In this step-by-step manual, we can take you through the method of measuring a wardrobe appropriately. By the end of this guide, you’ll have the confidence to devise and create a wardrobe that suits your requirement and budget.

Tools Needed

Before we dive into the steps, let’s talk about the important tools you will need for the dimension design:

Tape Measure: Tape is essential for properly measuring a wardrobe. It lets you precisely measure lengths, widths, and heights, ensuring you get the proper dimensions for your wardrobe.

Paper and Pencil: Keeping paper and a pencil available is essential for recording your measurements. Sketching an easy ground plan of your wardrobe area and noting the measures will help you visualise the format and make changes as desired.

What Are The 8 Steps Of Measuring A Fitted Wardrobe?

Step 1. Clear The Area Before measuring

Clear the area around the gap where the wardrobe could be positioned. Remove any furniture or obstructions that would preclude your measurements.

Step 2. Measure The Width Using the tape measure

Measure the width of the place where the wardrobe might be established. Action from wall to wall or one stop to the opposite, relying on the wardrobe’s orientation.

Step 3. Measure The Height Next

Degree the peak from the floor to the ceiling or the lintel level of the doorways, depending on your desire for a complete-top wardrobe or one with a fashionable peak.

Step 4. Determine The Depth

Measure the intensity of the space where the wardrobe may be positioned. For hinged wardrobes, a general depth of 24 inches is recommended; however, you could pass for 22 inches if you have limited space. Sliding wardrobes commonly require a depth of 26 inches to deal with the sliding panels.

Step 5. Account For Skirting Board and Obstructions

Take note of any skirting boards, baseboards, or other obstructions affecting the wardrobe’s health. Ensure that your measurements account for these capabilities.

Step 6. Door Design

If your fitted wardrobe has hinged doorways, consider the door swing while measuring the width. This will save you any problems with doors hitting adjacent furnishings or walls. Also, remember the door handles’ depth so they don’t interfere with the wardrobe’s functionality.

Step 7. Measure interior design

Plan a wardrobe design well, If your wardrobe has inner compartments like shelves and drawers, measure their dimensions. Ensure enough space for your room space requirement, such as hanging garments, folded racks, and add-ons.

Step 8. Check for Level

Before finalising your measurements, ensure that the ground and partitions are level. Uneven surfaces can cause problems and misalignments in doorways and drawers.


Following this step-by-step guide, you can maximise your wardrobe space and plan an excellent storage solution that meets your requirements. Remember to maximise functionality by identifying factors like door swings, handles, and internal booths. Whether you build a fitted wardrobe on a budget or purchase a pre-made one, those measurements guide you towards a muddle-free and perfectly organised living area.

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Tips on How to Plan the Design of a Fitted Wardrobe

Designing a fitted wardrobe may be a thrilling yet challenging task. You want it to be practical, stylish, and tailored to your needs. This guide will walk you through the top 7 recommendations for your fitted wardrobe designs, ensuring you get the wardrobe of your dreams.

Top 7 Tips on How to Plan the Design of a Fitted Wardrobe

#1. Decide on your needs

The first step in planning your fitted wardrobe is to assess your requirements. Take some time to think about what you will be storing inside the wardrobe. Consider your apparel objects, accessories, and other belongings that need a home. Do you have loads of shoes? Need lots of striking areas for dresses and suits? Or do you require more drawers for folding clothes?

2. Measure Your Space Precisely

Next, measure the space where your wardrobe will move. Be particular in your measurements to ensure excellent fitting. Consider the height and dimensions of the wardrobe primarily based on your home space. Remember, you can customise the wardrobe to fit your lifestyle, so don’t be afraid to get innovative!

3. Choose the Right Materials

When it comes to materials, you’ve got plenty of alternatives. Most fitted wardrobes are crafted from melamine, but remember actual wood or wood-style laminates if you want a more expensive feel. The better the look, the more it enhances the price of your home, particularly the primary suite walk-in wardrobe.

4. Optimize Storage Solutions

The key to a nicely designed wardrobe is optimizing storage solutions. Consider approximately how you operate your wardrobe and what works for you. Consider using clean bins, baskets, or packing containers to keep things tidy and prepared on shelves. An adjustable wardrobe will give you maximum flexibility in arranging your belongings.

If you have a shared wardrobe, plan how to divide the gap and where everyone’s belongings will go. Additionally, consider add-ons like tie racks, belt organizers, and jewelry trays to hold the entirety of its region.

5. Consider Lighting

Remember to consider the importance of proper lighting fixtures for your wardrobe. LED strip lighting fixtures for walk-in wardrobes are the best option, providing a high-quality touch without breaking the bank. Plan the lighting during the layout phase, as it could be challenging to add it later.

Make sure to go with heated LED strips, as they create cosy and alluring surroundings. And remember to plan for a mirror, particularly in a sliding wardrobe, to widen the space.

6. Personalize with Style

Your fitted wardrobe must be an extension of your style. Choose finishes and designs that speak to your taste and complement the general look of your house and build a fitted wardrobe on a budget. Consider adding mirrors to create the illusion of a larger area and make the room brighter.

The selection between doorways and no doors on walk-in wardrobes depends on your choice. Consider your possibilities, whether or not you want to showcase your accessories or cover them behind closed doorways. Remember that doors can substantially affect the rates, so select wisely.

7. Seek Professional Assistance

If designing a tailored wardrobe seems overwhelming, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Wardrobe designers are specialists in creating practical and aesthetically fascinating wardrobes that cater to your desires.

Remember to explore revolutionary wardrobe designs through professionals for those seeking a fitted wardrobe in London. Innovative Designs can help you switch your imagination and offer real deals, ensuring that every inch of your wardrobe is utilised efficiently.

Finally, while designing your fitted wardrobe, plan for future growth. Your wardrobe’s desires may change, and you may accumulate extra accessories. Ensure you have adequate space for new collections by keeping extra room for future additions.


Planning the layout of fitted wardrobe calls for careful consideration. Still, with the right tips, you can create a purposeful and elegant storage solution that meets all your desires. Remember to assess your requirements, pick suitable substances, and optimise space solutions for a well-organised wardrobe. Incorporate lighting, customise with your style, and try to find professional guidance if needed. By planning for your future, you’ll ensure your geared-up wardrobe stays perfect for years. Happy wardrobe designing!

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What are Fitted Wardrobes?

fitted wardrobe

Fitted wardrobes are stylish and practical storage solutions for UK  homeowners. These wardrobes are built into the walls of a room, specifically designed and constructed to fit the exact dimensions and layout of the space, unlike freestanding wardrobes that can be moved and placed anywhere.

Fitted wardrobes are an integral part of the room's architecture, making them a popular choice for a more permanent and durable storage option. Fitted wardrobes offer numerous advantages over freestanding wardrobes. The key benefits of fitted wardrobes are:

Built-in Construction – They are specifically designed to be permanently installed into a room, making them a more durable and long-lasting storage solution than freestanding wardrobes. This also allows flexibility in designing the interior of the wardrobe to meet your specific needs, rather than relying on standard designs that may not maximise storage space or meet individual requirements.

Freestanding wardrobes, on the other hand, lack this level of unique design and may leave some storage space underutilised.

Customisation – Fitted wardrobes are a perfect match for your room, thanks to their built-in design and customisable interior. From the style and design to the construction, colour, size, wood style, materials, finishing, and exterior, everything can be tailored to your exact specifications.

With fitted wardrobes, you get your dream wardrobe built specifically for you. With every inch of storage space used wisely, who knows, it might even turn out to be your very own Narnia passageway.

Integrated storage options – What else? Are you someone who goes shopping for wardrobes and is surprised by the lack of integrated storage tailored to individuals’ needs? There’s often not enough space for clothing, the accessory units are too small to fit anything, and there’s no room for expansion in the future. 

In times like these, you just want your own design to become a reality. That’s where the limitations of standalone wardrobes begin and fitted wardrobes end. Let’s create an interior that’s specifically designed for you!

Where can fitted wardrobes be installed?

Fitted wardrobes are incredibly popular in London, UK, and for a good reason. They offer a unique and tailored solution for maximising storage and creating bespoke wardrobe designs. While standalone wardrobes can be purchased to meet your needs, they often fall short when it comes to unconventional spaces, such as alcoves, under stairs, or awkward corners of the house. 

Fitted wardrobes, on the other hand, can be custom-designed to fit seamlessly into any shape or size of space, making them a practical and stylish choice for homeowners. This is precisely why fitted wardrobes are considered a wardrobe of taste, as they are able to deliver a high level of functionality and aesthetic appeal that simply cannot be matched by standalone wardrobes.

To build a fitted wardrobe on a budget, consider using inexpensive materials like plywood, opting for open shelving instead of drawers, and installing your own hardware to save on costs.

If there is one thing that sets fitted wardrobes apart from freestanding wardrobes, it would be… Versatility ( of course! )

Homes are typically divided into separate rooms based on our lifestyles, each of which requires storage solutions. Fitted wardrobes provide a versatile solution for every room and every space requirement. 

They can be easily installed in any part of the house, with a wide range of interior styles and design preferences available. Fitted wardrobes offer practical solutions for any location and can be built to meet your specific needs.


fitted wardrobe for bedroom

Fitted wardrobes have been popular in the UK for many years due to their practical storage solutions and style. They are especially popular in bedrooms, where they serve the main purpose of accommodating our daily lifestyle and clothing needs. Compared to standalone wardrobes, fitted wardrobes maximise the available space in the bedroom and offer a wide range of design options to choose from. 

Additionally, they are durable and long-lasting, making them an excellent investment for your bedroom. The customisation feature of fitted wardrobes allows for the installation of sliding, hinged, walk-in, open, or any other style of wardrobe, regardless of the size of the room.

Living Room

fitted wardrobe for living room
Light and spacious flat in new style with large sofa, dining set and open kitchen

Fitted wardrobes have gained immense popularity in London for bedrooms, but their usage is not limited to this particular room. The versatility of wardrobes is truly remarkable and can be used in other rooms as well. 

Among them are Living rooms, which are usually kept minimalistic, and fitted wardrobes offer a sleek design that can seamlessly blend in with the living room decor. Fitted wardrobes come in different shapes and sizes, making them a perfect fit for any lifestyle. 

You can store your collection in the living room by displaying it or building a stylish wardrobe to keep them inside. They are an ideal solution for showcasing your hobbies, whether it is a collection of books, plants, or achievements that you wish to highlight. 

The unique design of fitted wardrobes is alluring and once installed, and one can never go back to a traditional setup.


fitted wardrobe for bathroom

Don’t you find it fascinating to contemplate a matching storage solution for your bathroom? After all, bathrooms are our favourite places to be, and they require enough remodelling to spend time relaxing there. But you may be wondering how a square-shaped bathroom can have sufficient storage space. Fitted wardrobes are your magical way to turn ANY space into a useful and spacious bathroom, even the smaller ones.

Some of the ideal designs that anyone can use are:

Add light colours: The more light that enters your bathroom, the neater and more spacious it will appear. With bright and light colours, you can choose a theme to add wardrobes, curtains, shelves, and flooring that complement each other and create your perfect bathroom.

Walk-in wardrobe: You can construct a walk-in wardrobe within your bathroom, which will save time and space, not to mention work magnificently.

Consider the items you need to store and design the wardrobe layout accordingly. You will be surprised how many alternatives can be built with bespoke fitted wardrobes in your bathroom.


Fitted wardrobe in the kitchen – well, kitchens already have wardrobes, so why are fitted wardrobes such a great addition? A fitted wardrobe can provide additional benefits, such as versatility, improved accessibility, and a more streamlined appearance.

fitted wardrobe for kitchen

Customised Shelving: You can get specialised shelving with fitted wardrobes that are made to fit all of your kitchen accessories. For example, you could install shelves with compartments for plates, bowls, glasses, and cups.

Drawers: Additionally, fitted wardrobes may have drawers for storing small kitchen appliances, utensils, and other items that the installed wardrobe might not have room for.

Pantry: Fitted wardrobes can even perform the pantry function. You can create a useful area to store your dry and canned goods by installing movable shelves and drawers.

Improved Accessibility: Fitted wardrobes can make it easier to find and access kitchen items, improving connectivity. You can eliminate clutter and make a space more useful by arranging kitchen supplies in a fitted cupboard.

Streamlined Look: By giving your kitchen a uniform appearance, fitted wardrobes can give it a more streamlined look. You can conceal unsightly appliances and create a cleaner look that can improve the overall appearance of your kitchen by installing a fitted wardrobe.

Consider these tips for enhancing the appearance of your kitchen:

Select a colour scheme that complements the rest of your home. If your home has a neutral colour scheme, you should maintain a similar colour scheme in your kitchen.

Invest in high-quality lighting. A proper can significantly alter the look and feel of your kitchen. Consider installing under-cabinet lighting to provide ambient lighting that illuminates workspaces.

Introduce greenery and plants. Plants can add a natural touch to any room and improve the overall atmosphere of your kitchen.

Keep it minimal. A clean kitchen appears more appealing and welcoming. Consider storing items that would otherwise clutter your countertops in fitted wardrobes.

Home Office

fitted wardrobe for home office

A room that is full of distractions can hinder your ability to work, and this can be incredibly challenging during the work-from-home era. A clever solution to keep unnecessary items out of the way is to have bespoke fitted wardrobes, which can help you keep your home office tidy and organised. By doing so, you can save time and maintain focus on your work.

Your home office can become a beautiful and functional space with fitted wardrobes that exemplify minimalist and luxurious design. These wardrobes can help you create a productive environment where you can work effectively and efficiently.

Fitted wardrobes are customised to fit your home office space perfectly. By aligning them with your desk, you can easily access all your office equipment, gadgets, and files. They come in various styles and offer built-in storage features that can suit your personal home office needs.

Fitted wardrobes allow you to utilise every inch of your home office space effectively, which can create a spacious and clutter-free workspace.

Here are some ideas for how to make your fitted wardrobe functional for your home office by adding shelves and drawers:

Customised Shelving: If you want to store documents, books, or other office supplies, think about adding custom shelving to your fitted wardrobe. To increase the amount of storage space, you should add more than one shelf, depending on the height and width of your wardrobe.

Lighting: To make it simpler to find what you need in your fitted wardrobe, think about adding lighting. Add LED strip lighting or other types of lighting to ensure everything is visual.

Desk space: You can have a desk built into your fitted wardrobe office to save space in your room. This will provide you with a dedicated workspace that is simple to use without taking up much space in the room.


Overall, considering your work style and the items you need to store carefully is the key to designing your fitted wardrobe to fit the specific needs of your home office. You can design a workspace that is both practical and fashionable with the proper arrangement of shelves, drawers, desk space, and lighting.

Walk-in Closet

Fitted wardrobes provide a functional and fashionable way to store clothing, shoes, and accessories, making them a great addition to a walk-in closet. Fitted wardrobes, as opposed to conventional freestanding wardrobes, are built specifically to fit the dimensions and layout of a room, allowing for the design to maximise space and storage capacity.

walk in wardrobe

Fitted wardrobes can create a seamless and coordinated storage solution in a walk-in closet. Fitted wardrobes can offer plenty of storage for all kinds of clothing and accessories by incorporating a variety of features like hanging rails, shelves, drawers, and compartments.

The design can also be altered to meet the particular requirements of the homeowner. For instance, fitted wardrobes can be made with pull-out shoe racks or shelves for shoes if the homeowner has a sizable shoe collection.

The walk-in closet’s style and the interior design of the rest of the house can be complemented by the material and finishes of the fitted wardrobes. Glossy or mirrored finishes can give off an elegant and contemporary vibe, while natural wood finishes can give off a more traditional vibe.


Fitted wardrobes are a great storage option that can be tailored to meet your specific needs, regardless of the size and shape of your home. If you live in London, Innovative Designs provides fitted wardrobes throughout the city, offering a range of designs and styles to suit any home.



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How to Build a Fitted Wardrobe on a Budget


A fitted wardrobe is a made-to-measure wardrobe, providing the available space you have, offering extra storage, and keeping your room aesthetically. Innovative Provide you a guide to help you build your own bespoke fitted wardrobe.

Regarding style, materials, and complementing your home’s décor, they are superior choices to freestanding and may help you fit in with your area in every manner.

Benefits Of Fitted Wardrobe

  1. Future Investment 
  2. Customizable
  3. Under budget
  4. Space saver
  5. Organized space
  6. Tremendous style options

If you’re wondering whether obtaining all the benefits will fit within your budget, it does. Much like your meal at a restaurant, the fitted wardrobe will be constructed based on your needs.

You don’t have to choose a fixed-amount product with only that meets half of your needs because everything in a bespoke wardrobe will match up, including the size you select for the cabinet, the storage amount you choose, the internal and external interior of the closet, and the number of elements you might need.

Investing in fitted wardrobes can add value to your home, as it can make it more attractive to potential buyers. They can be seen as a luxury feature and can add to the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. Additionally, fitted wardrobes can be a practical and functional addition to your living space, which can also increase its value.

Step 1: Plan Your Design

plan your website design

Making a well-planned wardrobe is the first step in wardrobe planning. It assists you in making decisions about the storage you require, evaluates what you desire based on what you currently own, and detects the items lacking from your wardrobe.

Tips for creating a design that fits your needs and budget, Identify your needs: the reason to have a wardrobe 

Why do you need a closet, and what do you intend to store in it? And is determined by various factors, including your lifestyle; what do you prefer to keep in storage? Are you sharing it with someone now or in the future? Such questions will eventually help you.

Step 2: Choose Your Materials

choose your wardrobe material

The climate, humidity in the room, and manner of storage all affect the wardrobe material.

The following materials prove beneficial for wardrobes:

Plywood: Made from layers of glued-together wood veneers, plywood is best suited for closets in low-moisture environments.

Medium-density fiberboard:  MDF, it is a manufactured board that, like Ply, is formed by converting leftover hardwood or softwood wood into wood fibers and used for the furniture of bedrooms, living space, and kitchen.

Particle Board: Compared to standard wood and plywood, particle board is denser and more consistent. Painting or applying wood veneer to exposed areas of particleboard improves its appearance.

Solid Wood: Solid wood has the most appealing appearance possible. Solid wood goes well with practically any design motif since it reflects a highly vibrant natural shine. It requires more significant upkeep.

Wood-plastic composites: Wood fiber, wood flour, and thermoplastics make wood-plastic composites or WPCs. WPC is pre-laminated and used for kitchen furniture because of its water-resistant quality.

Glass or Mirrors: Using glass as a covering for wardrobes is a fantastic idea with a contemporary twist that may quickly give your space a distinctive look. From an aesthetic standpoint, a mirror is a highly recommended material to cover wardrobe doors.

Read more: Choose The Best Materials For a Fitted Wardrobe

Step 3: Measure Your Space

measure your wardrobe space

To avoid design errors, you need to properly measure the room requiremnts for wardrobe. The catch is that the furniture’s measurements must match the location of the installation in the customer’s home. The built-in furniture in a niche is especially subject to this restriction. They are often closets or kitchens. 

And you must consider all the small details in the space, including the slopes of the walls, for the new made-to-measure furniture set to come out correctly and elegantly. Even so, the topic at hand is not only flat walls.

To make sure your fitted wardrobe fits perfectly, it’s important to know how to measure your space correctly. Understanding the important steps for accurate measurements is really important.

Step 4: Build Your Wardrobe

build your wardrobe

All that remains is for you to complete the wardrobe building after layout planning once the design, and material processes are done. We will then move forward with the next steps to finish your wardrobe design.

Please contact us to build a wardrkobe in London

Step 5: Customize Your Wardrobe

customization of wardrobe

You can easily personalize bespoke-fitted wardrobes to meet your specific needs and specifications. There are many different door options available. 

Handleless fitted wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes, or a contemporary door with a unique handle are modern choices. Shaker-style fitted wardrobes with paneled, framed doors are available for those who want a more classic appearance. As they are completely customized for you, the interior storage options can be tailored to fit your lifestyle and wardrobe requirements.

Step 6: Add Finishing Touches

add a finishing touch

The functionality is taken care of since you decide where your wardrobe should be put and what it should be used for. It’s time to consider appearances and what goes outdoors now! We can understand if you feel overwhelmed because there are so many different wardrobe materials, designs, and finishes available. Here is a guide to wardrobe components:

Decorative laminate: laminates MDF, plywood, and particle board all have laminate finishing layers.

Stainless steel: Closet doors made of stainless steel are becoming increasingly popular. Stainless steel, which is solid and contemporary, looks well in spaces with a simple design.

Veneer: By fortifying the base material, veneer reduces the likelihood that your wardrobe facade may flex or split. As a result, it is simple to maintain.

Laminate finish: Because of how simple it is to apply laminate to plywood, the laminate-assisted finish is by far the most popular on the market.

 It would help if you feel more versed about building a fitted wardrobe after reading the above information and our helpful guidelines covering every stage of your wardrobe installation.


Investing in a fitted wardrobe can have several advantages, including maximizing storage space, providing a sleek and organized look, and adding value to your home. While the cost of fitted wardrobes can be higher than freestanding options, the long-term benefits can make it a worthwhile investment.

Fitted wardrobes provide extra storage, style, materials, complementing décor, and work within a budget. Fitted wardrobes are superior choices to freestanding, and they match the location of the installation in the customer’s home.

Although creating your wardrobe takes time, you’ll be amazed by how much you like the process after you finish. And this is something that people should experience to plan their wardrobe and have the outcome surprise them.

By creating the ideal design based on your preferences and brainstorming design concepts, Innovative Designs will make your perfect wardrobes with you. Having provided made-to-measure wardrobes in England for more than 20 years, we continue to put the requirements of our customers first.

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7 Factors That Influence The Price Of A Fitted Wardrobe

A fitted wardrobe provides the best value as well as fits perfectly in the space. We can never have enough storage space in our rooms, as most of us would agree! Planning for fitted wardrobes that span from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall is the ideal way to make the most of the much-needed storage in your bedroom.

The price of a fitted wardrobe will determine by many factors from the choice of a door type, the number of shelves, size, lighting(if any), choice of wood and any additional wardrobe accessories.

What Are The Factors Determining the Cost of Fitted Wardrobes

There are a number of variables that can affect the cost of a fitted wardrobe, but the following 5 are the ones that have the biggest impact. In a word, the material for the wardrobe consists of the kind of wood and finish you wish to select will vary in the price. Which type of door you prefer—hinged or sliding—will determine how much it will cost. The size of your wardrobe and the number of shelves will undoubtedly affect the cost, and any additional wardrobe accessories, including lights, rails, or styles, will be charged in addition to the price.

Material for the Wardrobe

material of wardrobe

The first and most crucial factor to take into account will be the material you choose to use for your fitted wardrobe. The most common finishes are matte laminate and high gloss, and the entire fitted wardrobe is built of it. Plywood may be easily replaced with MDF or HDF without spending any money. Particleboard can be used in this place, but it won’t stay as long as you would like it to.

The least expensive finishes to cover the basic material are laminates, with acrylic finishes being the most expensive of all. The foundation material you choose will determine how long your fitted wardrobe will last and how long it will take for your items to stay fresh.

The Door’s Designs

wardrobe doors

The second item on the list is the design of the door, which has more design alternatives than one could ever imagine. If you are on a tight budget, a classic hinged or sliding door will be your best option, or you may integrate mirrors with your door to further reduce your overall furniture costs. They are the most popular and provide a contemporary style, so don’t consider them the cheapest option. 

They are the smartest door design and the most traditional doors you may have. In order to go a bit overboard, you may select several door finishes, such as high gloss doors, Amorino, Eterno, etc. for a beautiful door design.

The Wardrobes’ Drawers and Shelves

Mirrored Fitted Units (1)

We all know how much space is valuable to us and moving into rented apartment with limited amount of space, we love the products which comes with solution, similarly we are here to assist you in finding a solution to this issue. 

Think about it this way: depending on your storage needs, you can have the interior design, as much shelving as you need for the clothing to be kept on, the rails to hang the clothes on, additional hooks on the inside of the doors, and the number of drawers with additional lock features if you want to. Customization takes place in the bespoke fitted wardrobe rather of being squandered like it would be in a freestanding wardrobe.

Wardrobes with Sliding Doors or Hinged Doors


Since we’ve already discussed door design, it goes without saying that the type of door you pick for your wardrobe should be determined by your available space and design aesthetic. Options include sliding and hinged doors. They both have advantages and certain restrictions.

Sliding Door : Everyone loves sliding doors because they are the smoothest doors, and you can put practically whatever you choose on them, including your favourite designs, patterns, colours, and mirrors. You simply need to worry about keeping up with their upkeep. Read about the benefits of sliding wardrobes 

Hinged Door : The earliest door design ever was a hinged door, and we still can’t replace them since they offer a complete view of the wardrobe while being simple to open and need no upkeep. The only limitation they have is they are not meant for limited space.


The location where the fitted wardrobe is purchased or installed can affect the price. This is because the cost of labor and materials can vary depending on the region. For example, the cost of a fitted wardrobe may be higher in a large city compared to a rural area. Additionally, if the wardrobe needs to be shipped to a different location, this can also affect the price.

Brand and reputation of the manufacturer

Famous brands are well-known for their quality and durability of the product, which is why they charge a higher price. These brands have a reputation to uphold and therefore, they use high-quality materials and advanced technology to produce their wardrobes. They also have a team of skilled craftsmen and designers who work to create stylish and functional wardrobes.

On the other hand, lesser-known brands or those with a less established reputation may use cheaper materials and less advanced manufacturing methods, resulting in a lower price point.

Additionally, the reputation of a brand also affects the resale value of the wardrobe. Wardrobes from well-known brands tend to hold their value better and can even appreciate in value over time. This makes them a better investment in the long run.

In summary, a fitted wardrobe from a reputable brand with a good reputation is likely to cost more than one from a less well-known brand, but the quality and value of the wardrobe may be higher in the long run.

Additional Wardrobe Accessories

Last but not least, many add-ons accessories have a cost. There are many of beneficial accessories that you may pick from if you want to have additonal features in your wardrobe.

LED Lights : Installing these warm and premium LED lights within your wardrobe will make it easier for you to access your storage space when the room is dark.

Drawer separater : This is a wonder for a woman, as they will enjoy this function since it will help their separation of their jewellery in their wardrobe drawer. And for men who can separate their ties, belts, and watches.

Wardrobe lifts : Pull-down hanger rods called wardrobe lifts make it simple to hang items higher up to make the most of every square inch of space.


The estimated cost of your fitted wardrobe will vary based on the extra fittings and accessories you choose.

We believe you have a good understanding of all the many elements that might raise the price of your wardrobe design. Never choose affordability over quality. If your budget allows it, acquire the best-quality clothing you can, and you’ll have a long-lasting wardrobe of the highest calibre!

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Elevate Your Home with Bespoke Luxury Wardrobes in London

If you are looking for perfect partners for your home décor needs who can understand your luxe lifestyle and transcend it into a reflection of your personality into everyday living, you have come to the right place.

We at Innovative Designs are focused on bringing you the best-in-class craftsmanship to compliment your style and bespoke luxury wardrobes needs. We are dedicated to creating the bespoke-fit for your varied functional and utility needs.

Looking For Bespoke Luxury Wardrobes in London?

If you are looking for luxury bespoke luxury wardrobes in London, we are there to help…

Our range of Bespoke Luxury Wardrobes offers a simplified and efficient way for storage and accessibility needs. Bespoke Luxury Wardrobes are our customized made-to-measure range of wardrobes’ that offers to add the right touch of opulence to your grandiose lifestyle.

Just as one size doesn’t fit all, similarly from boot rooms to dressings rooms, to kitchen storage and walk-in closets our bespoke wardrobes are made to measure for all types of rooms with different designs and varied needs, thereby maximising functionality.

‘We work with you on our minds- A collaborative approach’

Our innovators visit your homes’ and get a glimpse into your lifestyles. We call our designers craftsmen because they use these insights to craft a 3D digital sketch which is used to give you a real feel with various combinations.

Moving forward, we sit with you to mix & match various assemblage ideas and tailor-made graphics to finalize the designs that resonate best with your needs and personality. With our consultation insights and your requisites.

we map out your style needs to give you the best of Bespoke Luxury Wardrobe experience.

‘We make craftsmanship meet Utility and Luxury’

We will make your wardrobes out of the best quality materials be it Melamine, MDF board or Veneer 19ml thick, we make this choice based on your functionality needs. Our team at Innovative Design’s follow the thumb rule of ‘functionality and storage’ being the key aspects of a great customer experience.

Hence, our utmost priority is to give you the best of storage capacity possible. Assuredly, not only do the exteriors will be bespoke but also the interiors of your wardrobes will speak volumes of our dedicated efforts to enliven your persona and create enough storage space for all your adventures.

‘Key is in the Detailing- Our Design Process’

Once you have entrusted your faith in us and placed your order for a customized bespoke luxury wardrobe, we take 3-4 weeks to build it to perfection at our North London factory- Yes, it is where the magic happens. Our focus on quality is what makes us produce everything in-house, thereby reducing cost and bringing you the best affordable prices.

Our skilled craftsmen carefully craft every cabinet, drawer and closet space hinged with years of experience and exposure. Our products come with clean designs and transparent costs, we do not hide behind excessive mark-ups and overheads.

‘From our workspace to your homes- The Journey’

The installation of your Bespoke Wardrobe takes 2-3 days under the supervision of your design consultant. Our design consultant will be with you from start to finish.

We begin with you entrusting us in creating and continue the same by cementing this relationship with our client-facing approach. Rest be assured we are always with you for any and every one of your wardrobe needs.

Fit your wardrobe to suit your home décor! We innovate to chase your dreams. Innovative Designs are a key market player in bespoke fitted wardrobes. They are not only proud themselves of their service and quality but also a key part of their work comes from the finest craftsmen who are known as the innovators. They provide a clean, quick fit solution, which is cost-efficient but is also as grand as your home!

Our Wardrobes are completely bespoke and unique using the finest quality materials, accessories (LED Lights, mirrors, handles) and state of arch workmanship. We fit your wardrobes to your demand!

We provide bespoke fitted wardrobes to all types of areas: walk-in wardrobes, hinged or sliding, bedroom, overhead bedside capacity and side tables and any room to match your home design! Our designs are created timelessly to enrich your home style.

At Innovative Designs, we ensure a collaborative and inclusive approach to meet your demands for your fitted wardrobes. We create your mood board using our partners: Egger, Hafele, Blum, XyloCleaf and Hettich to liaise the ideas mutually with 3D designs and sketches to sustain our client satisfactory service.

Innovative Designs are renowned innovators with 25 years’ experience in home installation for your bespoke fitted wardrobes.

We offer a custom made to measure wardrobes strategy engaging in various luxurious and elegant designs and finishes. Our fitted wardrobes come in a range of styles such as traditional doors mounted elegantly with luxe mirrors and grandeur handles or fitted wardrobe using an iconic veneer finish, woodgrain finishes, MDF spray painted with premium handles or handless and contemporary matte to high gloss finish with soft push closures to capture a modern interior.

We can provide a collection of fitted wardrobes from vintage to modern-day, straight-edged to sleek non-edged varnishes.

Bespoke fitted wardrobes can also be used to maximise your vanity space in your walk-in wardrobes by smartly combining the two appears together and allowing privacy of your valuables. While your spouse or daughter has her own makeup studio you can also sophisticatedly have your classy wardrobe design.

A combination of open units and fitted wardrobes helps utilise your ceiling to floor space. Our goal is to ensure that we utilise the storage space by providing cost-efficient and exclusive solutions.

Innovative Designs provide an up to date service by creating your design, then manufacturing which requires 2-3 weeks of production in-house using German machinery in London to then approximately 5 days for installation for your bespoke fitted wardrobe.

But this is not just it… as we Innovative Designs provide a 10-year guarantee of workmanship and product quality. As bespoke as your fitted wardrobe is so is our service throughout the whole process!

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period built in wardrobes
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  • September 28, 2020


For Period Homes, maintaining the character of the building is the start point. Standard Fitted Bedrooms & Wardrobes often conflicts with the character of the building, Bespoke units on the other hand are built to complement the period homes, the old finishes, fittings, and features are carefully considered, the original features in your property are kept up and the units are built to match or complement them.

Period Homes refurbishment and renovation are a challenge to the owners and builders, and they are bringing its own challenge to the bespoke fitters as well. With growing demand for the storage space to keep clothes, accessories, shoes and the need to keep up the character of the room, the fitted bedroom require new design, an innovative one.

The demands of seasonal clothes coupled with the different accessories to match them, fitted bedrooms require the interiors highly organised. Inside the standard wardrobes, you have space to hang clothes, drawers to keep clothes, your flexibility is limited to the interior separations and drawers.

On fitted bedrooms, you will get customized solutions for your storage needs, the space available in the room is assessed, ascertained, and will be used every inch, the interiors are built using shelves, rails, racks, compartments and drawers to utilize each and every space.

When you consider the interiors for Period Home, main thing to consider is what kind of interiors you want to make. Period Homes construct and character varies and depending on Victorian, Edwardian or Georgian homes, our experts can advise on the suitability of interiors. While some may prefer to keep the period homes in all its splendor, most would like to make the period homes into a functional space for the modern living.

For the functional space, fitted wardrobes and units blend with the home’s decor, they can be personalized to your taste. Unlike the modern homes, Period Homes fitted wardrobes and unit requires a comprehensive plan with detailed drawing and specifications.

Innovative Designs have worked on many Period Homes, large number of them in London and around and we always demand a visit to the homes to ensure that the property’s structure and character is clearly understood before getting into the execution of building a fitted wardrobe and unit.

Practicality and aesthetics are combined to produce incredibly appealing wardrobes. For the wardrobes to have a Victorian or Georgian or Edwardian luxury and quality, you need crafted and creative solutions, through our London studio, we can provide beautiful fitted wardrobes.

What makes us different from the other fitted suppliers is our expertise, experience and ability to produce the best for your period homes.

Innovative Designs Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian styled wardrobes are built with practical solutions like soft close doors, push drawers, luxurious interiors, led lightnings customized to create a functional and elegant wardrobe. We provide Guarantee for 10 years for all our products.

Give us a call or Book a Free Design Visit and find our designers thoughts on your Period Homes Fitted Wardrobes and Unit.

sliding wardrobe
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  • June 26, 2020

Buy Wardrobe that Suits You and Your Lifestyle only at Innovative Designs UK

Choose a fitted wardrobes solution that suits you and your needs. The right wardrobe makes it easy to take care of your clothes in a beautiful and practical way.

When choosing a new cabinet it is important that it fits into your home. The wardrobe should have the right look, beautiful color and be made of the right materials. Let your lifestyle determine the choice of new wardrobe. Are you a fashionista, thrifty shopper or do you share a wardrobe with someone else? Let us guide you to the perfect wardrobe solution.


Our recommendation: Fitted Wardrobe

Do you live with your family in a small apartment and share a wardrobe? Or do you just love shopping. If so, you need a large wardrobe with plenty of space. Our Fitted Wardrobe has room for everything. The closet has room for both jackets, sweaters, stilettos and rubber boots.


Our recommendation: Sliding Wardrobe

When designing your wardrobe, you should think about how to best take care of your clothes. Elegant dresses, festive pants, fine jackets and other delicate garments should be stored on hangers. If most of your clothes fall into this category, you should choose a sliding door cabinet.

The sliding wardrobe has clothes rods and top shelves on both sides. If you need more “room” in the wardrobe you can add extra specially designed shelves and drawers. The sliding doors also make the cabinet take up less space.


Our recommendation: Built in wardrobes

If you share your wardrobe with a partner and you both mainly have work clothes like shirts and suits then Built in wardrobes are for you. The wardrobe solution has a clothing rack for both you and your partner where you can hang dress jackets and shirts. In the middle of the closet there are shelves you can share. Above the wardrobes there is a shelf for extra storage.


Our recommendation: Walk in wardrobe ideas

Walk in wardrobe is ideal for everything from elegant dresses to leather jackets and jeans. Your wardrobe should be ready to accommodate everything new you come home with from the shopping trip, new trends and outfits to changing seasons. Behind the doors are racks and shelves that help you keep track of your clothes. Furthermore, there are wide and deep drawers that can store socks, accessories and the like.

Innovative Design offers Bespoke Furniture in London where you will find a large selection of custom wardrobes in different sizes and designs. You can choose between space-saving sliding wardrobes or larger wardrobe solutions. Many of our models come with built-in mirrors.

For more information , look into Innovative-Designs.co.uk or contact us to Book For a Free Design Visit..

sliding wardrobe
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Best Sliding Wardrobe Doors for your Dream Home | Innovative-Designs

Innovative Designs are often approached by clients asking what doors they should choose. While they are often determined by the size of the room, space available and the shape, design plays a major part.

At Innovative Designs, one of our recommendations is the Sliding doors. Sliding wardrobe Doors are an elegant solution to your storage needs. They are suitable for most homes and are available in many colours. It’s easy to operate and are less reliant on the hinges.

The range of materials, colours, grades, textures which you can use are plenty. Most of your style requirement can be matched by the choice available. They can be customized to your particular taste, suitable for any lengths. The styles, complimentary or contrasting are for you to choose. They are ideal for rooms with minimal designs as well.

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Classic Wardrobe Furniture
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  • October 9, 2019

Innovative Designs | Your Ultimate Wardrobe Expert In UK

With Innovative Designs in the New Cross, London (United Kingdom) you can make your home look better. Innovative Designs offer bespoke furniture and fitted kitchen at reasonable prices.

Wardrobes To Fall In Love With

The wardrobe can do more than just stow away! It is stylish in the bedroom and available in many designs and sizes: From classic walk-in wardrobes in country style, on, modern sliding door wardrobes in elegant high gloss to trendy fitted wardrobes in warm real wood – the wardrobe selection leaves nothing to be desired.

The practical extra accessories make the whole thing more elegant: shelves, clothes rails, lighting, drawers, and door damper transform your wardrobe into a real storage king.

Wardrobes: Generous &Organized

The dream wardrobe should be first and foremost: generous. The range of wardrobe types at Innovative Designs offers optimal storage solutions for every room size. Whether fitted wardrobes or walk-in closet – a sophisticated interior ensures that the clothes can be stowed clearly. So it works in the future with the quick outfit choice!

Find The Wardrobe That Suits You!

When it comes to the wardrobe, it’s all about the maximum storage space. At Innovative Designs, you will find a large selection of Walk-in wardrobes and sliding wardrobes doors that offer plenty of space. You can become an interior designer yourself with a planning cabinet. Great additional equipment is available for each model.


Innovative Designs Wardrobes Convince

  1. Wide range of sliding doors – walk-in wardrobes – and corner cabinets
  2. Planning, delivery, and installation by experienced professionals
  3. Practical equipment options such as lighting or shop inserts
  4. Selection of trendy materials
  5. High-quality wardrobes for every budget

Which Wardrobe Type Are You?

Whether a single bedroom closet or a complete wardrobe system: At Innovative Designs, you will find the right wardrobe design for every fitted bespoke furniture size.

Do you need help with the planning? Our experts are always at your side with advice.

To Know More, Visit Our Website: https://staging.innovative-designs.co.uk/