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How to Measure a Wardrobe: A Step-by-Step Guide

A well-designed wardrobe is essential for a dwelling space in the house. Whether planning to construct a fitted wardrobe or purchase a built one, understanding the correct measurements is essential to ensure an ideal shape. In this step-by-step manual, we can take you through the method of measuring a wardrobe appropriately. By the end of this guide, you’ll have the confidence to devise and create a wardrobe that suits your requirement and budget.

Tools Needed

Before we dive into the steps, let’s talk about the important tools you will need for the dimension design:

Tape Measure: Tape is essential for properly measuring a wardrobe. It lets you precisely measure lengths, widths, and heights, ensuring you get the proper dimensions for your wardrobe.

Paper and Pencil: Keeping paper and a pencil available is essential for recording your measurements. Sketching an easy ground plan of your wardrobe area and noting the measures will help you visualise the format and make changes as desired.

What Are The 8 Steps Of Measuring A Fitted Wardrobe?

Step 1. Clear The Area Before measuring

Clear the area around the gap where the wardrobe could be positioned. Remove any furniture or obstructions that would preclude your measurements.

Step 2. Measure The Width Using the tape measure

Measure the width of the place where the wardrobe might be established. Action from wall to wall or one stop to the opposite, relying on the wardrobe’s orientation.

Step 3. Measure The Height Next

Degree the peak from the floor to the ceiling or the lintel level of the doorways, depending on your desire for a complete-top wardrobe or one with a fashionable peak.

Step 4. Determine The Depth

Measure the intensity of the space where the wardrobe may be positioned. For hinged wardrobes, a general depth of 24 inches is recommended; however, you could pass for 22 inches if you have limited space. Sliding wardrobes commonly require a depth of 26 inches to deal with the sliding panels.

Step 5. Account For Skirting Board and Obstructions

Take note of any skirting boards, baseboards, or other obstructions affecting the wardrobe’s health. Ensure that your measurements account for these capabilities.

Step 6. Door Design

If your fitted wardrobe has hinged doorways, consider the door swing while measuring the width. This will save you any problems with doors hitting adjacent furnishings or walls. Also, remember the door handles’ depth so they don’t interfere with the wardrobe’s functionality.

Step 7. Measure interior design

Plan a wardrobe design well, If your wardrobe has inner compartments like shelves and drawers, measure their dimensions. Ensure enough space for your room space requirement, such as hanging garments, folded racks, and add-ons.

Step 8. Check for Level

Before finalising your measurements, ensure that the ground and partitions are level. Uneven surfaces can cause problems and misalignments in doorways and drawers.


Following this step-by-step guide, you can maximise your wardrobe space and plan an excellent storage solution that meets your requirements. Remember to maximise functionality by identifying factors like door swings, handles, and internal booths. Whether you build a fitted wardrobe on a budget or purchase a pre-made one, those measurements guide you towards a muddle-free and perfectly organised living area.

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Bespoke Wardrobes for Box Rooms

When your room is small, you need to uncover the space, utilise each and every space. Bespoke wardrobes and furniture are suitable to any layout and lighting of the room. Careful planning can double the space available from conventional wardrobes. On the box rooms, if you have the window, you don’t want them covered by wardrobes. By having Innovative Designs, we can create custom made wardrobe around the Window..

Custom made Wardrobe while enhance your storage facilities it makes your small room a well sized room.

If you would like Innovative Designs to visit you and show how the space can be converted, Book a Free Design Visit or drop us a message. Innovative Designs got the solution to carve a niche design to suit your needs.

Bespoke Luxury Sliding Wardrobes
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Bespoke Luxury Sliding Wardrobes

Get to know all about Bespoke Luxury Sliding Wardrobes Designs


Luxury and Utility

Wardrobes are functional units that are responsible to make our lives easier and better. Normal free-standing wardrobes provide the basic storage facility. However, it takes twice the space and gives half the functionality. Therefore, if one is already living in a good space, premium or otherwise, one cannot afford to waste any space at homes or offices. Bespoke Luxury Sliding Wardrobes provide you with the solution of maximising functionality and storage space from ceiling to floor. Every sliding wardrobe is hand-made to the requirements.

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Top Bespoke Luxury Sliding Wardrobes Designs

Veneer Finish

We provide a lot of variants in the Veneer finish ranging from wood grain doors to simple and clean functional designs with a selection of various glass colours which can come with fitted mirrors of various colours in silver, bronze and grey. This range of wood grain comes in various patterns ranging from Anthracite, Walnut, and Dark Oak etc. and they give an elegant and sophisticated finish to your Space.

Glass Finish

Our range of Glass finish wardrobes is unique and made-to-measure. Frameless glass sliding wardrobes are available in three mirror tones of Silver, Bronze and Grey. With this range of glass finish wardrobes, you can create a beautiful and seamless outlook of your premium space.


We believe in customizing our wardrobes to meet every need of our customers and that is why our customers have a free-hand on the number of shelves and drawers that can be added to their wardrobes as per requirement. Every shelf is custom made to the required space. Every drawer is customised to the depth and volume of space required. Simply put there can never be enough shelves and drawers that you want and we cannot provide.

Bespoke Luxury Sliding Wardrobes Process

Creative Process

Our designers are experienced Design Consultants, they are well-versed in providing the best advice when it comes to wardrobes, aesthetics and utility. We start by fixing your appointment with our creative team that starts with carefully measuring the sizes and dimensions so that every inch of space is accounted for and utilised to the fullest. Then we offer you a wide range of colours and materials that you can pick and choose, mix and match according to your style requirements.

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Luxury Fitted Bedrooms London
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Made to Measure Luxury Fitted Bedrooms

Explore the top Luxury Fitted Bedrooms in London & how it changes the entire outlook of your home…

The warmth of your home

Be it your love for Tardis or clichéd holiday sweaters it is important for you to have home for the things you want in your home. Conventional free-standing furniture is designed to provide only one aspect of utility. Our customers most often complain about the lack of space in their homes and we at Innovative Designs understand this and customise our products in a way that gives you the best of storage space and life experiences.

Why Luxury Fitted Bedrooms in London is the Best Option?

Bedrooms are spaces with most warmth and most memories weaved into the fabrics of our daily lives. Be it pillow fights or prom dresses or Granny’s old Christmas sweater, we need to keep these cherished memories carefully and beautifully. Understanding the importance of one’s life, we at Innovative Designs have mindfully crafted these Bedroom styles that we call, Made to Measure Luxury Fitted Bedroom range that has been designed to keep in mind Luxury and Life.

‘A little bit of opulence and a lot of grandeur,

you may call it splurging

we call it our home.’

Luxury & Life in one- ‘Walk-in-Closet’

How would you like to walk into the world of your dreams, housing the spoils of your life and experiences, you can call it utopia and we will call it your new walk-in closet. Adorned with the most intricately crafted furniture, styled to match your vibe and most importantly space. Our collection features everything from two, three, four and five-door sliding wardrobes with a reflex glass finish and wood effect designs along with a selection of interiors to suit your needs.

‘Dress to Impress’

One of the most important aspects of a bedroom is its dressing table. It is where we prepare and start our day armouring ourselves with the perfect dab of confidence and charm. Therefore, such an important part of your life should always be reflective of positive vibes and healing energy. That is why we keep in mind to make the aesthetics to the maximum and customising your dressing table as per your needs and comfort and giving it the extra charm of extravagance.

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Bespoke Luxury Bedroom Furniture
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Bespoke Luxury Bedroom Furniture Specialist UK [Why Us?]

Looking for Bespoke Luxury Bedroom Furniture in London?


How We Become Luxury Bedroom Furniture Specialist ?

Luxury Services- Perfected through time

Innovative Design’s success in bespoke upholstery and joinery can be seen through our gallery and testimonials from our satisfied customers. Our two pillars to this success are fine quality and workmanship.  Our range of Bespoke Luxury has been created with sheer determination and keeping in mind the utility factor. Similarly, our furniture range created and handcrafted for your bedrooms reverberate the same vibe and story.

Commitment, Creativity & Delivery

The team of Innovative Designs aims at creating a positive butterfly effect of positive ‘furniture and fittings’ brand imagery by our sophisticated pieces of furniture created by highly skilled tradesmen at our London factory. Our core expertise is in upholstery and our factory is staffed with the best Industry professionals. We are on our way to leave our imprints on some of the finest homes and commercial premises in the UK.

Bespoke Luxury Bedroom Furniture Designs from Innovative Designs

We know very clearly that buying bespoke bedroom furniture can become a nightmare and create a lot of unnecessary stress if you are unable to find the perfect fit for your bedroom that resonates with your style and fulfils your requirements. Here comes our truly personal service experience.

We start with a collaborative approach from helping you design the perfect fit for your bedroom, to picking fabrics or materials for creation, to keeping you in the loop throughout the entire manufacturing process of your furniture and on completion, dispatching our team for fast installation and delivery. So that you can start using the bespoke pieces created just for you as soon as possible.

Our Designs and Supervision

We are familiar with the fact that as life gets bigger and more challenging our homes should be a place to unwind and relax in the comfort of our space. ‘That is why we create each of our Bespoke Luxury Bedroom Furniture is personally supervised by our senior consultants as per the directions of the customer keeping mindful of utility and luxury.  Just as we evolve in our day-to-day lives and strive for better living and positive growth our homes and the furniture we keep around us should also be able to resonate these values for the perfect harmony of growth.

Know about our wardrobes?  Do you want to know what type of wardrobe we supply? So below are the wardrobe types we supply in UK

Luxurious Fitted bedrooms

High Gloss Natural Wardrobes

Classic Fitted Bedrooms

Our range of Bespoke Luxury Bedroom Furniture offers you a wide array of service-based furniture creation for the perfect bed, to the dressing table, sliding wardrobes, comfortable chairs and a lot more if you want it for your room we will strive to the fullest to create it.

So, if you are looking for consultants that can help you optimize your storage spaces, uplifting your room and space we advise you to step into your nearest Innovative Designs parlour today and be rest assured because we are known for our customer-centric approach and dedication.

Get to know The Handcrafted Journey of Innovative Designs & Our Bespoke Products.


luxury wardrobes
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Luxury Fitted Furniture in London, UK

We are not referring here to the word “luxury“, which you can only hope for, but what you can obtain, the luxury of creating as per your taste and budget. That’s the luxury we made just for you at Innovative Designs.

Our luxurious wardrobes are made for you based on your home style. Traditional, Classic, Fitted, Walk-in, Sliding with smooth, matte, gloss, finishes with any texture you would want to prefer. It all sounds overwhelming, but once you start imagining, you will begin deciding the features of your luxurious wardrobe.

Made to Measure Luxury Wardrobes in London at Innovative Designs

If I ask you that one thing that resonates with Luxury, you would probably say ‘tailor-made’, because when it comes to luxury living, it should never be one-size that fits all.

Appraise. Gauge. Create. Our team at Innovative Designs is a pioneer in Made-to-Measure luxury wardrobes. Let us first take you to a journey of exploration in the field of Made to Measure luxury wardrobes. When you say a particular era reflects your style it could be Victorian, Regency or even Edwardian and our job is to transcend your preferences into physical form so that you can live in your favorite era inside the comforts of your abode.

We at Innovative Designs believe that your wardrobe is an extension of your persona, it is basically a personification of the YOU in you and one must never compromise with it.

We are the best bespoke creators of wardrobes. We uphold our promise of luxury by using the highest-quality materials for your wardrobes, and we deliver on that promise. We provide based on your space and demand, but we don’t rely on it in any way. We have won our clients’ trust since their first project and have been building their projects along with their new house journey.

A made-to-measure wardrobe company based in London, UK serves customers all over England with every storage solution in their house. Here is a list of wardrobes for storage solutions for your house.

Wardrobe of your Dreams

Wardrobes are often one of the liveliest corners of your home. Your wardrobe has lived your life and your dreams and has your experiences. If you are an accessories’ person or someone with a love for coats with faux or fur, or a collector of stories with t-shirts. We understand that your wardrobes are most precious keepers of your dreams and our process starts with understanding them and your needs and delivering on the promise of Luxury. “Meticulously designed and tailor-made, is our approach, carefully crafting Wardrobes that most resonate with your style, Made-to-measure is our specialty, devotedly working to give you the best of transcendental living of your dreams”

‘Accentuate your style’

Sliding doors, metal hinges, open spaces, glass doors, multiple drawers, seven slanted shoe spaces, spacious upper case, huge crest, three paneled combination or the infamous bags shelves. We are there to make space for your Louboutin collection or your Armani jackets or your beautiful Pashminas, you name it and we will make it for you. Our Wardrobe designers meet with you to better understand your requirements and visit the space that needs the work, measure the requirements and start to carefully create.

‘Ease of Access’

When you choose our wardrobes; we guarantee that our wardrobes will last you for a very long time. We also make sure that our wardrobes are easy to maintain, so that your wardrobe care is minimal and utility is maximum. Our promise of Luxury is held at the helm of using the finest quality materials for your wardrobes and we deliver just the same. Therefore, our partnership with you will help you find the best storehouse for your adventures and we will make sure to give you the extra room required so that your adventures never stop. We understand you and create for you so go ahead drop those reservations and step into your nearest Innovative Designs boutique parlor today and be rest assured because we are known for our customer-centric approach and dedication.

Types of Bespoke Luxury Wardrobe We Provide in the UK

Fitted wardrobes can be installed in any room of your choice with a unique design of their own. Bespoke luxury fitted wardrobes provide the best storage choice while maximising available space. Once you install them, you will never want to switch to any other wardrobe.

Here are a few fitted furniture ideas for you to build in your house.

1. Luxury Fitted Wardrobe in London, UK

Luxury Fitted Wardrobe in London, UK

A luxuriously fitted wardrobe is a great choice for making those rooms come to life. Innovative Designs offers those gorgeous environments to you with an added advantage to help you achieve your desired interior and make everyone fall in love with your fitted wardrobe. Your fitted wardrobe is the foundation of your storage, so choosing the right design and material will have an impact on the entire range of options.

2. Luxury Fitted Bedroom in London, UK

Luxury Fitted Bedroom in London, UK

A bespoke luxury fitted furniture usually functions as a whole fitted unit in a luxury fitted bedroom. A fitted wardrobe blends in with the room design and other fitted furniture in the room.

The beauty of fitted wardrobes is that they are made to measure as per the room design and choice of the owner. Some of these fitted bedroom designs are hinged, while others include sliding doors. Making the room spacious and organised.

3. Luxury Fitted Kitchen in London, UK

Luxury Fitted Kitchen in London, UK

Luxurious fitted wardrobe may now be employed to maximise the free space created by regular remodelling, enabling you to rearrange your kitchen to the fullest extent possible without dealing with any uncomfortable space theft behind or designing the alcoves.

The fitted kitchen has a minimized look, which wins the hearts of everyone and establishes a unique design. The fitted kitchen cabinets should also serve as a reminder that they are not standalone units but rather an essential component of the overall design of your desired kitchen.

4. Luxury Fitted Walk-in Wardrobe in London, UK

Luxury Fitted Walk-in Wardrobe in London, UK

The luxurious walk-in wardrobes are the fitted ones; when you have enough room or extra room for a walk-in wardrobe, you stop compromising on quality. What makes them stand out? Their space and style. They are the ones that suit your preferences and precisely meet your needs with a good finish. The walk-in wardrobe is created by our experienced designers to match the environment. A large family could comprehend the battle to maintain organised and controlled storage. A luxuriously fitted wardrobe with additional ceiling storage is a lifesaver.

5. Luxury Fitted Home Office in London, UK

Luxury Fitted Home Office in London, UK

Innovative Designs provides a magnificent custom home office using complementary hardwoods, paint finishes, or a mix of the two. Our expert designers have years of experience constructing individual home offices which are suited to your particular needs and available space.

Your home office or study can be created by Innovative Designs as a distinct room, a part of the living room or bedroom design, or in an alcove space in your house.

6. Luxury Fitted TV Media Units in London, UK

Luxury Fitted TV Media Units in London, UK

Since the introduction of the first television, entertainment gadgets have become immensely popular due to their aesthetic appeal and user-friendliness. However, we now have the option of choosing how we want to present our taste visually. But despite everything, we’ve never lost our passion for television. 

These days, TV media units is all about the experience. The fitted, handmade TV cabinets will provide storage space and organise the living room or bedroom. We can create a system that integrates seamlessly with our everyday routines and have a fantastic media setup for our entertainment system.


Luxurious fitted furniture is a perfect fit for the storage space in the house. Get in touch with us right away, and one of our designers will help you choose the best-suited furniture for your room. The design will complement your environment while still being functional.

Innovative Design is adapting to the emergence of creative design possibilities. The fitted furniture is tailored to your preferences, room arrangement, and budget. Without a doubt, bespoke interiors are getting more and more popular nowadays. Bespoke fitted furniture will help you manage the style and space according to your home interior.


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fitted wardrobes uk
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Elevate Your Home with Bespoke Luxury Wardrobes in London

If you are looking for perfect partners for your home décor needs who can understand your luxe lifestyle and transcend it into a reflection of your personality into everyday living, you have come to the right place.

We at Innovative Designs are focused on bringing you the best-in-class craftsmanship to compliment your style and bespoke luxury wardrobes needs. We are dedicated to creating the bespoke-fit for your varied functional and utility needs.

Looking For Bespoke Luxury Wardrobes in London?

If you are looking for luxury bespoke luxury wardrobes in London, we are there to help…

Our range of Bespoke Luxury Wardrobes offers a simplified and efficient way for storage and accessibility needs. Bespoke Luxury Wardrobes are our customized made-to-measure range of wardrobes’ that offers to add the right touch of opulence to your grandiose lifestyle.

Just as one size doesn’t fit all, similarly from boot rooms to dressings rooms, to kitchen storage and walk-in closets our bespoke wardrobes are made to measure for all types of rooms with different designs and varied needs, thereby maximising functionality.

‘We work with you on our minds- A collaborative approach’

Our innovators visit your homes’ and get a glimpse into your lifestyles. We call our designers craftsmen because they use these insights to craft a 3D digital sketch which is used to give you a real feel with various combinations.

Moving forward, we sit with you to mix & match various assemblage ideas and tailor-made graphics to finalize the designs that resonate best with your needs and personality. With our consultation insights and your requisites.

we map out your style needs to give you the best of Bespoke Luxury Wardrobe experience.

‘We make craftsmanship meet Utility and Luxury’

We will make your wardrobes out of the best quality materials be it Melamine, MDF board or Veneer 19ml thick, we make this choice based on your functionality needs. Our team at Innovative Design’s follow the thumb rule of ‘functionality and storage’ being the key aspects of a great customer experience.

Hence, our utmost priority is to give you the best of storage capacity possible. Assuredly, not only do the exteriors will be bespoke but also the interiors of your wardrobes will speak volumes of our dedicated efforts to enliven your persona and create enough storage space for all your adventures.

‘Key is in the Detailing- Our Design Process’

Once you have entrusted your faith in us and placed your order for a customized bespoke luxury wardrobe, we take 3-4 weeks to build it to perfection at our North London factory- Yes, it is where the magic happens. Our focus on quality is what makes us produce everything in-house, thereby reducing cost and bringing you the best affordable prices.

Our skilled craftsmen carefully craft every cabinet, drawer and closet space hinged with years of experience and exposure. Our products come with clean designs and transparent costs, we do not hide behind excessive mark-ups and overheads.

‘From our workspace to your homes- The Journey’

The installation of your Bespoke Wardrobe takes 2-3 days under the supervision of your design consultant. Our design consultant will be with you from start to finish.

We begin with you entrusting us in creating and continue the same by cementing this relationship with our client-facing approach. Rest be assured we are always with you for any and every one of your wardrobe needs.

Fit your wardrobe to suit your home décor! We innovate to chase your dreams. Innovative Designs are a key market player in bespoke fitted wardrobes. They are not only proud themselves of their service and quality but also a key part of their work comes from the finest craftsmen who are known as the innovators. They provide a clean, quick fit solution, which is cost-efficient but is also as grand as your home!

Our Wardrobes are completely bespoke and unique using the finest quality materials, accessories (LED Lights, mirrors, handles) and state of arch workmanship. We fit your wardrobes to your demand!

We provide bespoke fitted wardrobes to all types of areas: walk-in wardrobes, hinged or sliding, bedroom, overhead bedside capacity and side tables and any room to match your home design! Our designs are created timelessly to enrich your home style.

At Innovative Designs, we ensure a collaborative and inclusive approach to meet your demands for your fitted wardrobes. We create your mood board using our partners: Egger, Hafele, Blum, XyloCleaf and Hettich to liaise the ideas mutually with 3D designs and sketches to sustain our client satisfactory service.

Innovative Designs are renowned innovators with 25 years’ experience in home installation for your bespoke fitted wardrobes.

We offer a custom made to measure wardrobes strategy engaging in various luxurious and elegant designs and finishes. Our fitted wardrobes come in a range of styles such as traditional doors mounted elegantly with luxe mirrors and grandeur handles or fitted wardrobe using an iconic veneer finish, woodgrain finishes, MDF spray painted with premium handles or handless and contemporary matte to high gloss finish with soft push closures to capture a modern interior.

We can provide a collection of fitted wardrobes from vintage to modern-day, straight-edged to sleek non-edged varnishes.

Bespoke fitted wardrobes can also be used to maximise your vanity space in your walk-in wardrobes by smartly combining the two appears together and allowing privacy of your valuables. While your spouse or daughter has her own makeup studio you can also sophisticatedly have your classy wardrobe design.

A combination of open units and fitted wardrobes helps utilise your ceiling to floor space. Our goal is to ensure that we utilise the storage space by providing cost-efficient and exclusive solutions.

Innovative Designs provide an up to date service by creating your design, then manufacturing which requires 2-3 weeks of production in-house using German machinery in London to then approximately 5 days for installation for your bespoke fitted wardrobe.

But this is not just it… as we Innovative Designs provide a 10-year guarantee of workmanship and product quality. As bespoke as your fitted wardrobe is so is our service throughout the whole process!

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Made to Measure Luxurious Wardrobes At Innovative-Designs

Here at Innovative Designs we love designing our client’s luxurious wardrobes, whether it is sliding, walk-in, or hinged we simply cannot wait to indulge into the design element. At Innovative Designs we pride ourselves in achieving the maximum customer satisfaction. Our ultimate goal is to produce made to measure wardrobes custom made at a reasonable price.

Everything we do at innovative Designs is always made to measure and focuses on attention to detail. The whole process starts by booking an online appointment with one of our highly skilled designers. He will visit your house so that he can take the exact measurements and dimensions of the bespoke fitted unit you desire. Once the measurements have been taken, our designer will then produce a 3D sketch of how this will look. In addition to this, he will give lots of different design ideas so that you can choose your luxury design which will also be accompanied with contrasting images of different unique fitted unit designs. By accomplishing all of these steps during your home visit we can then make sure your fitted unit is made to measure!

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