Antique Black Reflex Gloss Hinged Wardrobe in Potters Bar
February 27, 2023 -

Potters Bar is a beautiful town in North London with many beautiful homes and parks spread across the town. We got an enquiry from a client who wanted to build custom wardrobes in a passage way to the bathroom.

They wanted to utilise the room’s space by making wardrobes on either sides with hinged door options.

They desired a minimalist approach to the room for it to appear neat and wanted it to solve all their storage needs.

They wanted the units complementing the aesthetics of the home particularly the rooms adjacent to the area.

Our Approach

Our designers taking note of the client’s needs, designed the wardrobes

to suit their layout.

We discussed the trends and styles; classic, modern and contemporary, shown the different materials and colours, finishes and accessories. Client was given a step by step process.

Step 1: We looked at their storage needs and the wardrobe utilisation of different sections. Considering the wardrobes a mirrored reflection from outside, we decided to give the inside separate sections for either side.

Left section was given for dresses and suits and accessories, while right side was given for the rest. Right side wardrobes were given plenty of shelving with  dedicated space adjacent to the bathroom for bath robes.

Step 2: Once the design is decided, we then looked at the inside shelving and accessories like hooks, hangers, lighting in the jewellery section, footwear stands etc. We made changes as per the request of clients and the final product was matching to their requirements.

Step 3:  Final stage is to decide the frame, colour and finish.  Here our client choose a full length, floor to ceiling high gloss custom design wardrobe. The wardrobes were designed to appear in a mirrored reflection on either sides.


The end product is a stunning black, high-gloss wardrobe that takes up

80% of the space in the room—an antique black reflective cabinet with a white reflective floor to give it a rich appearance.