Bespoke Bedroom Furniture with Sliding Doors
October 8, 2021 - Surrey

A bespoke bedroom furniture is being made for one of our clients based in Surrey. The bedroom furniture was carefully created with the customer’s needs in mind, as well as the customer’s lifestyle in mind. We build magnificent bespoke bedrooms that may be customized to meet your needs. Our exceptional design service will fit them all into your walk-in wardrobe. Whatever you need, your luxury walk-in closet will be custom-made for you.

Customer’s brief – The customer desired a magnificent bedroom in their home with plenty of storage space and quick access to their essentials. Because the room was too large, they want to cover it in such a manner that it is both pleasant and expansive. They would want to maintain the wardrobe close to the bed but avoid the door to the wardrobe since it takes up more room and gives the impression of a huge wardrobe where they can easily reach their things. A work area that is not too far from the bed so that they do not have to leave their comfy environment.

Thoughtful additions

Storage Solution – Building a wardrobe in such a way that it helps to keep enough storage for clothing and in the room. The customer desired a sliding door wardrobe to save the excess space typically covered by hinged doors. This type is best suited to the room’s requirements and aesthetic. The design was embellished by a backdrop to the bed and paneling, giving the bedroom a luxe look. For the sliding glass doors, we have given a runner design and soft close mechanism so that the doors glide silently with a gentle push.

The wardrobe was designed with the walk-in closet feel in mind. Walk-in closets are ideal if you like your things to be open, without doors, and in disorder. It gives you the most luxurious option for optimizing storage capacity and space. We created a wardrobe design that is near to walk-in closets to maximize space in our customer room while still displaying your distinct style and originality.

Shelf – For a seamless design, our customer picked a shelf created specifically for the area behind the bed. The customer specifically requested this style since they spend most of their time at home and on their bed. Adding a table in the room will cover the space and be further away from the bed. This shelf is a much easier method to store stuff while also adding a traditional aesthetic to the bedroom without taking up more space. The texture of the wood finish complements the shelf, creating a warm tone throughout this traditional bespoke bedroom.

Lightning – The design was chosen to create an ambiance of grandeur in the space. With minimal lights, this is a modest classic aesthetic. To create a feature above the bed, LED lights were incorporated within the display shelf. This allowed our customer to attract attention to his things and add a personal touch to his bedroom. The drawers were built and installed next to the bed light to provide a smooth and friendly workspace, allowing our customer the comfort of working in their bedroom.

Uniquely Design – We present a selection of styles that may be influenced by personal needs. You may create your own unique bedroom any way you like; be creative and use a variety of materials. Innovative Designs provide the highest level of quality.
At Innovative Designs, we’ll make certain that the bedrooms are created to your
specifications, with everything in its proper place.

Innovative touch – Innovative Designs experts first examine the area, including the floor, ceiling, walls, and depth of the opening, during our Free Design Visit, and the basis on your room requirement will propose unique ideas that are suited for your space. Our expert will show you several different designs which suit you best and even made a customized design specially for you in need.

We designed the customized bedroom with the customer’s wants in mind. There are many various styles of customized bedrooms available, and you may tailor them to your preference. You may decorate your wardrobe as you like; be creative and use a range of objects. We install luxury sliding glass doors that give the appearance of walk-in closets and may be adjusted to your needs. They will all be able to fit into your unique bedroom thanks to our exceptional design service. Your luxury walk-in closet will be tailored to your individual needs.

All our products are made to order in our London studio, and we only use the highest quality German boards and fittings. Because of our cutting-edge technology and advanced gear, our products are built to last. Our warranty lasts 10 years and applies to all our products! Discover unique designs, one-of-a-kind items, and a voyage through handcraft. Our talented designers work with slanted or high ceilings, as well as difficult corners. As a result, we create a one-of-a-kind, millimeter-perfect design for you. It simply takes a little creativity.