Contemporary Bespoke Living Room Furniture
October 27, 2021 - Westminster

Bespoke furniture is a unique way to personalize a space, with items created just for the space. Our recent case study is of bespoke fitted furniture. Fitted living room furniture with custom pigeon cabinets. When it comes to your fitted living room, there are literally hundreds of design options! You may let your imagination go wild when it comes to style, colours, and finishes. Whether you like a rustic look or sleek modern lines, there are plenty of options for you.

Because your new fitted living room will be a permanent presence in your home, it’s important to choose a design that appeals to you. You’ll want your new furniture to fit your present living room idea while also being flexible to future fashions because it’s such a substantial investment.

A customized living room design is more affordable than you would think. A customized design has the advantage of combining costs and personalization, allowing you to stick to your budget while building the storage you need. Sliding Wardrobes Direct specializes in high-quality, trendy, and cost-effective wardrobes.

Customer brief – The customer’s request for this unit was for a big display unit with a minimalistic appearance that would blend in with the house’s unique design and the other furniture in the space. The biggest problem here was that the positioning of the display.

Our conversation with the customer – While selecting the type of wardrobe you want, consider your available space. You’ll need to choose a style when you’ve selected where you want your wardrobe to go. This decision may be made with the help of a wardrobe specialist. The design of your personal fitted living room is important since it is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home.

Our approach

Our designer begins by establishing the general style of the unit, taking care not to make it appear too substantial since this would have made it appear overwhelming in the room. By stretching the base units, the length of the wall, a streamlined base was produced, as well as a comprehensive combination of fitted cupboards and drawers for the customer. Our designer achieved a bright and spacious aesthetic by combining open, custom shelving with open block display spaces that matched the smaller cabinets, with the wooden door contributing to the overall sense of space.

Our designers embarked on the task, first determining how the fitted wardrobes would fit into the space and lowering the depth to the bare minimum. They needed to make sure the furnishings didn’t overrun the space while still accommodating the client’s needs.

Alcoves – Alcoves in a living room will be a perfect storage option, and here is where fitted living room furniture comes in handy twice. You may make storage for whatever you want while the furniture fits the area perfectly, guaranteeing that no storage space is wasted. The customer for this design desired a display area and fitted living storage to fit into their alcove.

Display – To provide the display area flexibility, a small portion of movable custom shelving was added to either side, and the overall effect was an asymmetrical and clean design with a modern, sleek appeal. Once the main design was complete, our designer cleverly merged the fire area into the left-hand side by smartly along with the fitted cabinet and adding shelves to give the illusion of a bigger room when the door was opened and give a guest a modern feel.

Fireplace – Chimney breasts can be improved by adding fitted lounge furniture storage on either side, as well as the fireplace in this client’s case, which blends in with the fitted living room furniture.

A bespoke furniture fireplace from our wooden range, which resembles natural slate, completed the appearance.

The client’s specification wanted the fitted living room furniture to tie in together to produce a tidy, attractive fitted lounge storage and display unit that featured the television while sitting perfectly in the space by contrasting the ivory with a wood effect finish for the tops and the mantle.

The customer was blown away by the final product and was amazed that our designer at Innovative Designs had managed to please all the family members by cleverly incorporating storage, display areas, a workstation, and a fireplace all in one space – especially since it was all so well displayed and gave the impression of a beautiful, streamlined piece of fitted living room furniture.

The combination of wood treatments and colours enhanced the overall appearance and blended in seamlessly with the overall design.

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