Custom Vanity Unit with Wardrobe Storage Notting Hill
March 14, 2023 - Notting Hill

Sharing insights of a London client who installed a custom vanity unit with wardrobe storage in their bedroom.

Our London based client, who has a luxury bedroom, requested a closet with additional space and a vanity unit next to the bed complementing the room aesthetics. We listened to the client  requirements, and let us share what they asked and how we executed.

Vanity unit design and storage need: Customer had clear requirements, they wanted something aesthetically pleasing, while remaining true to the rooms ambience. They liked simple while not minimalist designs, the design should be neat and classy and the vanity unit is to be used daily, so it needs to be nice and effective.

The highlights and colours: Customer intended to retain the wardrobe’s dark and high-gloss hues while making the vanity unit storage finished with dark wood.

Managing space with design elements: Finally, to make the most of the area in their bedroom’s corner, which also has a room separated by a sliding door.

Custom Vanity Unit designed, built and installed by professional is the ideal solution for making your room dear to your heart. Lets show how we did that.

We have taken the client’s instructions into account and shown them a few designs that will be appropriate for their particular needs and serve as the most efficient storage solution imaginable.

We have worked with their daily needs to have them store the items they want close to them in their vanity unit and closet.

Using a few brainstorming sessions, signify the benefits of various materials and advise on how to choose based on their environment and long-term benefits.

The Final Product

A well-designed corner bed section that makes the most functional bedroom corner space. The floor-to-ceiling, dark-pitch, the black, high-gloss wardrobe was constructed with reflective surfaces to elongate the area and effectively serve as a mirror. The vanity unit storage is built with dark wood, giving it a beautiful finish, and has natural wood accents near the bed. Additionally, adding two handle less cabinets with shelves and a dressing mirror divides the space between them.

Client Endorsement

“It far exceeded our expectations and was more than excellent. The team at Innovative Designs is incredible and competent; they educated us on every stage and recommended the best material for our furniture. And the vast majority of it was quite unknown to us. The notion of a dressing area is excellent and the ideal solution. We adore our bedroom, and we heartily endorse their service.”