Made to Measure Curved Wardrobes in Harrow
January 25, 2023 - Harrow, London

Harrow on the Hill is a beautiful part of London. One of our recent works is on a refurbished home at South Hill Ave. Retaining the structure of the building, our customer modernised the interiors with marble floors, white walls, chandeliers, and lighting.

Bedrooms while were spacious, there were plenty of void spaces and curved walls. The challenge on us was to come with designs to fit the structure and match the modern interiors, while ensuring there is plenty of storage to keep their dress and accessories.

Client already had a quote from the leading bespoke manufacturer with heavy discount of 50%.

Our Designers listened to the needs of the client and produced a design matching the shape of the room and utilising the space to its full extend. The small space between the door and the wardrobe was used as dresser table with cabinets and a matching mirror.

The space around was used for wardrobes with curved doors, which extended to a 6 Door Deluxe Wardrobe. Built from white engineered oak, the design combined neat lines with a smooth curved edging, bring a flowing touch to the bedroom.

Handles were accessorised in white and silver matching the rest of the room, while making it easy opening. The 6 Door wardrobe provided plenty of storage space with detached space for hanging long coats and dresses.

When it comes to choosing bespoke wardrobe and furniture for your home, it is necessary to consider a company who offers style and storage efficiency.

Innovative Designs is different from other bespoke wardrobe providers, as our designers look at different aspects and produce design suitable to the client, not same wardrobes, and designs of leading brands.

We provide 10-year Guarantee, Great range of Wood, Colours and Finishes and are ahead of most of the bespoke wardrobe providers in designs. All products designed and installed by Innovative Designs are incredibly durable and are built to long last.

If you like bespoke fitted wardrobes, dressers, living room, kitchen units or any stylish solution, Innovative Designs is the best choice.