Shaker Style Wardrobe in Gerrards Cross
June 8, 2022 -

In the United Kingdom, shaker style wardrobes are becoming increasingly fashionable. We’d like to tell you about a client who wanted a shaker style wardrobe for their room but ended up getting another order for their kitchen as well in Gerrards Cross, UK. 

Are you also curious about what inspired them to do so? Keep up with us for three minutes, you’ll learn a lot

About Shaker Style wardrobe : They are simple at its best

Shaker style has long been popular because of its timeless appearance and feel, and its design never fails to astonish us. It has the most basic look that lasts the longest, which is the sole reason why shaker style has remained popular in home wardrobe design trends to this day. They are the most popular outfit on the internet and are the first pick of many individuals.

Customer brief : to have something minimalistic for their room

Our customer was based in Gerrards Cross, United Kingdom. They needed a basic wardrobe for their white-walled room, which had a bed and a dressing table, and they wanted to replace their freestanding wardrobe with something that matched the room’s atmosphere.

Our designer had a quick conversation with them about their needs, design sense, and what they were looking for in a replacement wardrobe. In answer to our designer’s confirmation “We’re looking for something timeless, since replacing furniture isn’t something we enjoy doing, and a design style that is both traditional and popular among young people, as this is our teenage daughter’s room. We don’t need a lot of colours, just anything that has a comparable tone to white.”

A Wardrobe That Won Hearts: From Design to Installation in Two Weeks

From design selection to installation, we completed the wardrobe placement in our client’s room in less than two weeks. The second side of the tale is as follows. The same client from Gerrards Cross called us again, this time with a request for kitchen cabinets. But why not earlier, when the wardrobes were still being installed?

They liked the wardrobe and ordered one for their kitchen 

When we installed a shaker style wardrobe in their room, the fitting and design won their hearts. They then went to our Instagram page and saw our kitchen design projects, which were similar to the ideal kitchen design they wanted for their house, and without hesitation, they scheduled our designer visit and we followed the same process for installing their shaker style cabinets in the kitchen.

Customizing Your Shaker-Style Wardrobe

Our designers will help you pick and personalise every piece of your Shaker-style fitted wardrobe, from drawer fronts and wood finishes to clothing racks and shelves. Choose handcrafted oak drawers, add sensor lighting to your storage areas, or create a custom wardrobe exclusively for you.

Blending Shaker Wardrobe Doors with Your Decor

shaker wardrobe doors that blend well with the rest of your decor. Our experienced designers can help you decide whether a lay-on or in-frame design is suitable for your bedroom. 

Tailored Solutions for Unique Design Preferences

The customer was having trouble finding a simple solution for a fitted wardrobe that wasn’t accessible online. They have a concept in their thoughts that they want to put into action. We realise that many of us desire a design style that is comparable to our preferences but is difficult to obtain. With the impossible dilemma of needing to blend the design style with different areas of the house

Crafting Your Ideal Shaker-Style Bedroom

Our furniture professionals and creative craftsmen can help you personalise your Shaker-style bedroom to your liking. From deep oak finishes to white closets, hand-pick wood finishes and colours to create a room that feels like home.

This client requested a classic style to match the appearance and feel of their home, so we chose our Original Craftsmanship cabinetry, which was a fantastic match for their design.

Exploring More Options

We collaborate with you to create your ideal wardrobe. The aim was to design an eye-catching yet welcoming living room fit out that includes a mix of storage and display cabinets while keeping the space’s light, airy feel. We did this by contrasting the client’s white finish on the tops and mantle with a rich wood appearance veneer.

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