Bespoke Walk in Wardrobe, Chiswick, London
March 29, 2022 - Chiswick, London

Integrated a master bedroom to create a built-in walk-in wardrobe

In today’s modern world, bespoke wardrobes are in high demand in every home; the convenience of having a wardrobe in the fitted bedroom is unparalleled. In Chiswick, London, we initiated a walk-in closet with a fitted bedroom project. The magnificent built-in wardrobe was put in the bedroom with open space on one side to maximize the storage capacity of the wardrobe.

The dark wood colour of the bedroom floor was perfectly matched to the bespoke walk-in wardrobe we have installed, providing the elegant look of the bedroom and the radiant impact of sunlight on the wood a perfect fit.

Clear brief of the bespoke wardrobe design

It’s significant to have the right wardrobe for your needs since it will be a long term choice. It must include multiple and well-organized storage areas for storing various objects, as well as colors that flow effortlessly from one level to the next, perfectly complementing one another.

With a proper brief and a clear wardrobe bedroom design idea. Finally, our client came across a bespoke wardrobe that goes with the master fitted bedroom. To adapt to their demands and obstacles, different models, colors, and materials.

Additional Features of bespoke wardrobe

Be a little more creative with the space and arrangement, like adding a dresser. A dressing room can be a very unique private area, and the contemporary emphasis on greater life at home has surely added to its appeal. A bespoke wardrobe may transform any box room into multiple designs of wardrobes with additional features like open shelves, mirrors/glass doors, and so on, depending on your own preferences.

Should we invest in a walk-in closet in a fitted bedroom?

Bespoke wardrobes are definitely worth the money. The popularity of bespoke wardrobes has risen substantially in recent years, and they are now a popular fitted bedroom feature in the UK. Getting a bespoke wardrobe is an investment, so make sure you purchase one that will increase the value of your home. One of the greatest options is a bespoke wardrobe and in this project the bespoke walk-in closet.

The value of the extra space is added by the buyer, however it may be sufficient to define a side space for a walk-in wardrobe. It enhances the house’s worth and makes it more presentable. Although the finer details will play a role in establishing the wardrobe’s value in your home, a bespoke wardrobe is a sound long-term investment.

Our client constantly enquired about the impact of converting a fitted bedroom or using an empty box as a walk-in wardrobe in regard to the value of their home. And in response to their statement, our experts say that the value of a home is always increased by having a wardrobe.

Your next fitted wardrobe..

Think of wardrobe, think of Innovative Designs, and your next wardrobe is ready to be built in. If you’re looking for Fitted Wardrobes, Innovative Designs can assist; we have a large selection of fitted wardrobe designs. We’re creative, so let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll see who we can team up with to help you achieve your objectives; we offer a really personalized service. in Chiswick, London, your Dream Wardrobe is in Chiswick, London, your Dream Wardrobe is waiting.

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