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Buy Classic Fitted Bedroom Furniture from Innovative Designs and transform your bedroom according to your choice…

Fitted Bedroom Furniture comes in a variety of designs, shapes, finishes in the market. One of the designs which stand in good stead, one which is timeless is the Classic Fitted Design. The classic style is traditional handcrafted designs for your furniture. Classic fitted bedroom furniture suits most homes, be it traditional, contemporary or modern house. Let us take some of the elements making it elegant.

One of the distinctive features of classic fitted bedroom furniture is the use of wood, it is solid, and built to last long. They are designed to give a space of their own, the space is maximized by its build, to achieve a classy look. The main types of classic fitted bedroom furniture are Shaker Style & Artisan Style.

Shaker Style: Shaker style dates back three centuries and is often the popular choice for its simplicity, design and functionality, they are identified by its square-framed classic doors. The doors are handcrafted to provide your bedroom with class.

Artisan Style: Artisan or some may say Scandinavian style, is often identified with natural materials like leather, wood and linen. Artisan Style is clean, sleek and smooth to give you clutter-free storage.

Classic Fitted Bedroom in both styles is now available in many shades to suit your aesthetics. At Innovative Designs, the choice for our customers is Oak, Walnut, Ambrosia, Bluebell, Dewberry and Edelweiss. The appearance can be enhanced by adding the accessories, again you are spoilt for choice, from standard round knobs to designed doorknobs, custom made drawers, cabins, jewellery boxes, they are built to the requirements.

The classic style fitted wardrobe is always in demand within London. They are timeless, they fit comfortably to any size and style of the room and are suitable for most homes. With our innovative solutions, space is fully utilized and they are firm favourites among the City dwellers and outsiders.

Wardrobes are inevitable for a home, even for a single bedsit, wardrobes are necessary. Standing Wardrobes are cheap as they are made of cheaper materials and bulk produced with minimum accessories. Bespoke Wardrobes on the other hand are made for the room, and they are built to last long.

When people think of a bespoke wardrobe, often they have an idea of how they look in their room. When you have a design in your mind, it’s impossible to match that with a free-standing wardrobe from the local or online furniture store. Your design may be classic, modern, high gloss or they are to be slim, full length or for a slanted roof, bespoke wardrobe can make that happen. The best of it is, in bespoke your ideas are not only converted into reality, but they are enhanced by the designers who visit you.

The designers will showcase the designs, you can share your thoughts on anything and everything, be it colour, material, accessories, measurement, shape, size, etc. Designers can bring the swatches of colours, while 60 to choose, the popular ones are white, cream, natural wood, shades of grey, blue, black.

Similarly, materials for the frame and doors; veneer, laminate, mirror, glass, leather, metal are the popular ones. The main accessories are the handles, rails and lighting, again, they are available in different shades and shapes and the design of lighting is now available for inside and outside the wardrobe.

What is the benefit of this method of creating bedroom wardrobes? It is crafted and created for you to match your aspirations. Space utilization is fully justified. The materials and colours are true to the taste and preference for you. The result is a custom made and fitted wardrobe solution at an affordable price.

Get to know The Handcrafted Journey of Innovative Designs & Our Bespoke Products.

Classic Fitted bedroom is a timeless design that displays the traditional charm and slim lines and detailing. It is an elegant design that goes with most of the colour scheme of your bedroom. A fitted bedroom gives the advantage of utilising all the space. Interiors are now available with an array of accessories.

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Available Colors

Over 60 Colours


Veneer, Laminate, Mirror, Glass, Leather, Metal and many more


Smooth, Matt, Gloss, Lacquered, Sprayed or Painted and many more


2200 to 2800 suiting the space


470 to 600 mm as required


Drawers, Racks, Rails, Shelves


Handles, Mirrors, Lighting

Interior Colours

Oak, Walnut, Pine, White & other colours

Optional Items

Cornice, Plinth, Drawer packs, Cupboards

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