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Fitted Kitchen Wardrobe in London

The newest trend in kitchen design is modern, and fitted kitchens are a hallmark of every stylish kitchen you see. Fitted kitchen wardrobes are specially made and come in a variety of designs, wood types, and door options.

If you want to design your kitchen in the most fashionable way possible, you have come to the right place. For the past 20 years, Innovative Designs has specialised in bespoke furniture. You can count on us confidently.

Bespoke Fitted Kitchen Wardrobe in London

Whether you’re searching for a fitted kitchen wardrobe in London, we can provide a variety of designs that are based on your unique requirements and make the most use of the available space in the kitchen.

Custom Made Kitchen Cabinets Showroom in London

Innovative Designs is your one-stop showroom for custom-made furniture for your house, be it the kitchen, living room, bedroom, or home office. Our London studio is the hub of our bespoke collection of fitted kitchen cabinets, providing free visits.

Numerous door styles, colours, and design finishes

We provide various door designs for kitchen cabinets, from traditional doors like shakers to contemporary sliding doors. interior-specific colours, as well as classic, dutch, modern, artistic., designs styles for your kitchen wardrobe.

Benefits of a Bespoke fitted Kitchens

  1. A bespoke fitted kitchen is created specifically for your space.
  2. They can be built in unwanted space.
  3. Provide a storage solution
  4. Budget-friendly

Innovative Kitchen Wardrobe Doors Designs

While careful consideration is given to the design’s intricate details in terms of utility and effectiveness, it is equally necessary to make sure that the outside is as stunning as the inside. Followings are few door designs which will help you in deciding the door for your kitchen :

  1. Shaker style
  2. Raised panel
  3. Inset cabinets
  4. Glass cabinets, etc.

Cost Of Fitted Kitchen in London

Fitted wardrobes in the Budget Range cost between £1000 and £1,200 per linear metre.

Fitted Kitchen Showroom in U.K

Innovative Designs is located in the centre of London, close to all amenities. We provide a home visit regardless of where you are in the UK when you decide to have fitted furniture for your home.  

London’s Fitted Kitchen Case Studies
  • High Gloss kitchen wardrobes  keep the colour and pattern constant, giving them a polished appearance. For your dream kitchen, high gloss kitchen cabinets are ideal. Similarly we have done this recent project in Mayfair of High Gloss kitchen cabinets.
  • Watford is considered the happiest place to live in the East of England. We are approached by a Luxury builder for a Scandinavian style Kitchen and Dining. We retained the Open Plan and provided an island for the kitchen with spacious cabinets opposite. To complement the room, we laid the floor with engineered words from Tradeflooring.

More Case Studies

Our Fitted kitchens collections are custom-made to your specifications. Various designs are possible. Special dimensions are no problem for us. The prices of our collections will surprise you.

We have a wide variety of kitchens ranging from matt, gloss to acrylic finish in Shaker, Luna, In-frame and Handless styles. Not only ensuring durability, high quality and maximum storage capacity of the units. But also integrated and complemented with premium splashbacks and worktops made out of granite, quartz and marble stone. Hence, achieving all types of looks and vibes from traditional, to modern and contemporary. Place your order with Innovative Designs for your kitchen to enjoy making your lifestyle and cooking experience as easy and scrumptious as your meals!

Explore Innovative Designs Bespoke Products & Handicraft Journey.

Our kitchens are manufactured in-house in the heart of London. From placing the order, it takes approximately 3-4 weeks to supply and install your kitchen by our very own skilled craftsmen. Book your free design visit with our consultant now.

Get your dream kitchen with Innovative Designs.


In London, the most in-demand are custom-made kitchen cabinets, as they follow the latest trend and similarly can turn your kitchen into a true work of classic beauty.

The most common colours in London kitchens are white, grey, and black. These are the colours that will last as long as the trend and keep your kitchen refreshed.

You may pick from a variety of materials for your kitchen wardrobe according to your budget, including laminate, PVC, wood veneer, solid wood, and aluminium.

One of the most distinctive features of custom wardrobes is that their size is built to fit the space that is available in your kitchen.

Yes, Bespoke wardrobes are built in any space, be it big, small, in alcoves, or unused or awkward spaces. Small kitchens will have small wardrobes according to your requirements.

Innovative Designs is located in the centre of London, close to all amenities. We have established ourselves over the last 20 years with thousands of happy clients and their desired furniture. 

We are known for providing bespoke and quality furniture and we provide free home visits regardless of where you are in the UK. 

Yes, Innovative Designs provides services throughout the United Kingdom (UK). We are simply a phone call away from getting your dream project underway.

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