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Do you know why people prefer Classic Fitted Wardrobes in London?


There will be many trendy & innovative designs of wardrobes coming up in the market. However, there is one option that will stay forever in everyone’s list of designs and that is the classic style. The classic fitted wardrobe is always a timeless design and comparatively simpler design and style. A classic fitted wardrobe has a set of designs that suits any room. It comes with a minimum of two or three cabins, shelving, railing and drawers mostly set beneath the cabin doors.
his style of wardrobe comes mostly without a mirror fitted on it. A person who wishes to have a separate dressing table also likes to have a classic fitted wardrobe. This style of wardrobe mostly comes in wooden material with matching door knobs and border designs. Another aspect of a classic fitted wardrobe is that it will look like a part of the wall itself.Here we are introducing the types, designs of classic fitted wardrobes by Innovative Designs
Among the many varieties of classic fitted wardrobes, one main variant is the design with inner cabinets attached to the wardrobe. There are also other things added to the interior like drawers, shelves, racks, rails. The height of the wardrobe can be designed according to the dimension of the wall of your room. The colours of interiors can be chosen from oak, pine, walnut, white etc.There are over 60 colours in which Innovative designs design wardrobes for you and they all come from our bespoke range supplied by Egger. The colours include the neutral shades of white, black, grey etc.

The textures available are MFC, MDF, Veneer, Laminate, Mirror, Glass, Leather, Metal and much more.

The finishing styles available are gloss, lacquered, matte, painted, smooth and sprayed etc. There are also optional items that can be set in the wardrobe like cornice, plinth, drawer packs and cupboards.

A classic fitted wardrobe is a timeless piece of furniture whereas a modern fitted wardrobe suits more of a contemporary style of rooms. The most common material used to create a classic fitted wardrobe is wood whereas there are different materials to design a modern fitted wardrobe. A classic wardrobe looks more simple, traditional and elegant whereas a modern wardrobe looks sleeker and trendy.

One aspect of a classic wardrobe is the doorknobs used whereas, in a modern fitted wardrobe, doorknobs are replaced with metal handles or no handles at all. Most classic wardrobes have no mirror at all whereas in a modern wardrobe a mirror of any size and shape can be fitted.

Bespoke classic fitted wardrobes are becoming the talk of the town nowadays. The prime reason for it is the various designs in which the wardrobes come in. The bespoke classic fitted wardrobe is built purely matching the client’s demands and satisfaction with little suggestions added to it. The colours used to create these wardrobes are timeless and compliments any furnishings and colours in the room.

The main colours used are oak, walnut, shades of white, shades of grey etc. There are also three main styles called the Victorian style, the Edwardian style and the Tudor style. As classic fitted wardrobes can be done in a single built or shapes the client prefers, bespoke wardrobes are being the hot favourite.

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Classic Design Wardrobes

Classic Design Wardrobes are timeless, clean, fresh and smart. The range comes in different colours and can be built to the requirements. Accessories like a handle, inner cabinets are available in different designs.

For elegant Bedrooms, classic style is a good choice.

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Available Colors

Over 60 Colours


Veneer, Laminate, Mirror, Glass, Leather, Metal and many more


Smooth, Matt, Gloss, Lacquered, Sprayed or Painted and many more


Height suiting your space


470 to 600 mm as required


Drawers, Racks, Rails, Shelves


Handles, Mirrors, Lighting

Interior Colours

Oak, Walnut, Pine, White & other colours

Optional Items

Cornice, Plinth, Drawer packs, Cupboards

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