Interior Design

Interior Design Service (In Partnership with Zain Interiors)

On many occasions clients have a vision but just need some help bringing it to life, that is when our interior design service comes into fruition.

At Innovative Designs, our Interior Design Service in partnership with Zain Interiors is here to bring your project to life and create your dream luxurious house. From fitted bespoke furniture, to colour schemes to finishes we will completely transform your house making it your own.

Our vision is to provide clients with the highest quality service from concept to completion at the most competitive price. In conjunction with this, it is to create a personal relationship with them so we can get to know exactly what their requirements are in order to deliver nothing but the best for them.

Background on Zain Interiors:

Zain Interiors is a Luxury Interior Design Boutique providing residential clients with both bespoke interior design and joinery services. Zain Interiors work with clients to ensure they achieve timeless elegance in their residential projects. They work with the clients to make sure their designs meet all their needs and we then go that extra mile by providing them with bespoke joinery services as well as high skilled craftsmanship for the installation.

How the Process works?

1.Complimentary Consultation with Zain Interiors:

Book an appointment with Zain Interiors through our Contact Us page, so they can get to know you and find out more about your project and organise a site visit.

2. The Design Process:

Zain Interiors will then start to begin the creative process by creating concepts based on different mood boards such as colour schemes, fitted furniture, flooring, and finishes. This is all inspired by the client with our designer adding their own personal touch.

Our designers are always in touch with all the latest and commercial trends in the interior design industry. Both ID and Zain Interiors regularly attend major international exhibitions such as Maison & Ojbet in Paris and Decorex in Germany, making us one of the leaders of contemporary interior design.

3. Installation & Completion:

Working with our suppliers and contractors we ensure our clients are given the highest quality products and craftsmanship. We manage all of our projects from concept to completion to ensure we are able to deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction. That is how we believe all bespoke and luxurious houses are built.