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Styles that are timeless, classic, and modern all at the same time with 50% Discount.

Bianco is a wonderful example of a beautiful design on a simple background. Bianco Wardrobes are inspired by Japanese style Wardrobes and will enhance your bedroom with their simple yet creative cuts and finishes.

Japanese culture emphasizes simplicity, and the space in every room is equally as essential as the design and contents of the room. Bianco’s collections created in the Japanese style are always minimalistic and sparsely furnished.

Having adequate storage is critical to transforming your bedroom into a clutter-free oasis, and a well-chosen closet is the piece of furniture most likely to allow for more organized living. Most of the individuals regret throwing or giving away items because they didn’t have enough space. It appears that most of us will never have enough clothing space. It’s most likely due to poor clothing preparation on our part. However, planning is only feasible if you have a reasonable estimate of the cost of your wardrobe.

The advantage of having built-in closets in bedrooms is that they frequently include current, yet timeless design elements. Because fitted wardrobes, by definition, must fit into walls and ceilings, their design is constrained.

So, to begin, the first thing to ask yourself is what kind of storage space you mostly want. Clothing hangers, shoe racks, compartments for smaller clothes and accessories, cosmetics or apparel, or a combination?

Once you’ve determined what your wardrobe will be used for, you can consider the functionality it must provide, which will assist drive both the external and internal specifications you require.

  • Natural Materials That Are Lightweight
  • Decluttering
  • There is little or no barriers.
  • Illumination
  • Design that is modular
  • Genkan Meditating in Space Void
  • Paying close attention to detail

If you have chosen the wardrobe style of your choice, an expert will assist you with the design. They begin by measuring the available space for the wardrobe in your room to make a perfect fit for the room.

  • The height and dimensions are important since they will aid in the construction of the appropriate size of the wardrobe to fit in.
  • You should be aware of your design preferences; consider the bedroom, the furniture, the bed, and your own preferences for the external look and door options of the wardrobe.
  • A professional not only assists in selecting the best design style for the wardrobe, but also advises you on the procedure before installing the wardrobe, such as whether it fits well with the bedroom, the durability of the design, comparable taste to your lifestyle, and so on. There are just a few things that a professional recommends you think about before creating a wardrobe for your bedroom.

They employ the newest color trends while maintaining a classic appearance and feel. Understated wood treatments will complement a variety of different décor modifications as the year progresses.

It is precisely because of these constraints that our Bianco wardrobes have a classic yet contemporary appearance. Our Bianco fitted wardrobes and sliding wardrobe doors are designed to not only blend in with but also discreetly compliment, your bedroom décor.

Available Colors

Over 60 Colours


Veneer, Laminate, Mirror, Glass, Leather, Metal


Smooth, Matt, Gloss, Lacquered, Sprayed or Painted


Made to measure, suitable for the room


made to measure suitable for the space


Drawers, Racks, Rails, Shelves


Handles, Mirrors, Lighting

Interior Colours

Oak, Walnut, Pine, White & other colours

Optional Items

Cornice, Plinth, Drawer packs, Cupboards

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