shaker style fitted kitchen in london
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  • August 9, 2023

Shaker Style Fitted Kitchen in London

Shaker kitchen concepts hold a universal appeal due to their uncluttered aesthetics, enduring elegance, and thoughtfully functional design. Recognisable at first glance for their wooden cabinetry, recessed panelled doors, and understated charm, the timelessness of Shaker kitchens arises from their origins rooted in necessity and a preference for practicality and utility over passing trends.

Shaker kitchens embody versatility, seamlessly adapting to a wide spectrum of home styles. From the sleek interiors of contemporary apartments to the opulence of period residences, the adaptability of Shaker kitchens is unparalleled. Their hallmark lies in the combination of crisp lines, minimalist elegance, and the use of natural materials, creating an environment that resonates with homeowners and offers a soothing refuge of order amidst the chaos of our modern world.

The range of choices extends from the cozy embrace of oak and timber finishes to the captivating charm of painted shades. These options, including wood tones, pristine white, creamy hues, and soothing soft greys, come together to create an atmosphere that is both light and welcoming.

For those seeking a contemporary take on this timeless design, a gloss finish becomes the canvas for innovation. Metallic handles and sleek glossy worktops, such as granite, infuse an air of sophistication that’s second to none. This fusion of classic and modern elements forms a harmonious blend that transforms your kitchen into a statement of refined taste.

To achieve the full effect, the addition of cooking accessories and appliances provides the finishing touches that tie the space together. This is where functionality and aesthetics merge to create a holistic kitchen.

A Timeless Statement:

Capturing the quintessential essence of Shaker style, the authentic Shaker kitchen embodies the core principles of Shaker design. Each component is meticulously crafted, both inside and out, radiating an exquisite blend of simplicity and refinement. Within this space, every element serves a purpose rather than mere ornamentation – whether it’s the prominent glass bottle resting on the counter or the herbs flourishing on the windowsill.

The use of pastel grey cabinetry, adorned with the timeless fielded doors, accentuates the kitchen’s inherent charm, drawing immediate attention to the modern kitchen and the original, wooden floor. It is through these natural elements and the architectural nuances that the space’s character is established, steering away from flashy cabinetry and instead embracing an authentic, understated beauty.

Maximised Storage, Effortless Organization:

Embracing the ethos that every nook and cranny holds untapped potential; this kitchen provides a sanctuary for the meticulous cook. Integrated appliances, such as the Larder Unit, cater to your storage needs with grace and efficiency. The Pull-Out Bins discreetly tuck away waste, while Gas Lift mechanisms gracefully elevate heavy appliances to ergonomic heights, sparing you unnecessary strain. Pocket Doors introduce an air of modern ingenuity, concealing the culinary tapestry within with a touch of finesse.

Personalised Uniqueness and Trendsetting Aesthetics:

Kitchen is the place where your personalised touch marks on everything you prepare and make, and your kitchen reflect your unique style. The Shaker Style Fitted Kitchen understands this sentiment, offering a selection of mechanisms that resonate with your individuality. By blending functionality with elegance, this kitchen becomes an extension of your creativity. Each component, from handles to hinges, can be tailored to your preferences, making your kitchen as distinct and trendy as your cooking.

A Palette of Possibilities:

Colours and finishes are the brushstrokes of your kitchen’s visual narrative. The Shaker Style Fitted Kitchen presents an expansive palette, inviting you to craft your space’s ambiance. From classic tones to modern hues, each colourway is a brushstroke that contributes to the masterpiece. The pastel grey finish, a contemporary touch, wraps your kitchen in a soothing embrace, promising a timeless interior that harmonizes with evolving trends.

A Symphony of Cohesion:

A harmonious kitchen is one where elements seamlessly integrate. Complementing the meticulous craftsmanship, the Shaker Style Fitted Kitchen offers matching worktops and splashbacks. These elements bridge the functional and the aesthetic, providing durable workspaces for your culinary artistry while infusing an extra layer of sophistication.

Pantry Design Possibilities:

The inclusion of pantries and other inventive storage solutions plays a crucial role in maintaining a serene atmosphere within your Shaker kitchen concept. Historically, pantries were integral to Shaker kitchens, functioning as sanctuaries for housing supplies and perishable items. While today’s kitchens are increasingly embracing the concept of pantries, whether in the form of a dedicated room or a pantry cupboard, the reality is that not every Shaker kitchen design can accommodate one. Tall cabinets that extend to the ceiling can serve as modern counterparts to pantries, offering ample storage space to help you achieve the same sense of well-organized tranquillity that defines Shaker kitchen ideas.

Regardless of the approach you take to incorporate pantry elements into your kitchen design, it’s essential to also consider effective pantry organisation strategies. These measures will ensure that your kitchen remains a space of order and harmony, reflecting the very essence of Shaker style.

The Shaker Style Fitted Kitchen in its pastel grey attire is a contemporary triumph that effortlessly marries the timeless with the avant-garde. It breathes life into your culinary haven, creating an enduring ambiance that speaks to both the artistry of cooking and the artistry of design. Embark on a journey of culinary exploration, where flavours meld with aesthetics, and innovation converges with tradition. The Shaker Style Fitted Kitchen beckons, inviting you to create, savour, and thrive in the heart of your home.


Are you interested in fitted kitchen, but unsure of what you’re seeking? Allow us to assist you in making a choice from the multitude of options available.

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  • August 9, 2023

Bespoke Children’s Bedroom Furniture in London

Introducing the Bespoke Children’s Bedroom – a haven of simplicity and elegance crafted to be playful and enhance your child’s space while prioritising functionality and aesthetics. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this customised bedroom setup is tailored to meet the unique requirements of your child’s growing needs. With a seamless blend of bright tones, use of space and practical storage solutions, this room creates a tranquil environment that promotes organisation and comfort.

Design and Aesthetics:

The Bespoke Children’s Bedroom design revolves around the concept of understated sophistication. Often colours form the foundation and the decor themes are based on the children. The clean lines and uncluttered layout create a nice ambiance, while carefully chosen hints of colours of your preference infuse a touch of playfulness and joy into the space.

Customised Storage Solutions:

The heart of the Bespoke Children’s Bedroom lies in its intelligent use of space, designed to accommodate your child’s belongings with style, efficiency, and storage solutions. The tall or full-height storage units maximise vertical space, offering ample room to stow away toys, clothes, and essentials. Hanging rails provide a dedicated area for clothing, ensuring outfits are organised and easily accessible.

Incorporating push functionality, pull-out trays to keep the footwear neatly arranged, pull out drawers were limited to avoid it damaging, every part is meticulously considered, designed and built. The thoughtfully placed shelving units offer a perfect platform to display cherished possessions or decorative elements, fostering a sense of personal identity within the room.

Personalised Configuration:

Every child is unique, and so should their living space be. The Bespoke Children’s Bedroom allows you to personalise the setup according to your child’s requirements. The configuration can be adjusted to accommodate varying storage needs, play areas, study zones, and more. This flexibility ensures that the bedroom evolves seamlessly with your child’s changing interests and growing personality.

Transitional Design:

Growing children need adaptable spaces. The choice of colour palettes and designs are as wide as your imagination, whether your child’s tastes shift from dinosaurs to superheroes or fairy tales to sports, this room serves as a versatile backdrop that can be easily accessorised to reflect their current passions.

Quality Craftsmanship:

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the Bespoke Children’s Bedroom boasts the finest materials and expert craftsmanship. Each component is carefully chosen to ensure longevity and functionality. From sturdy drawer mechanisms to smooth-gliding shoe trays, every detail is engineered to offer a seamless and satisfying user experience.

Bespoke Childrens Bedroom with Innovative Designs:

The Bespoke Children’s Bedroom redefines the concept of a child’s sanctuary by merging elegant aesthetics with ingenious storage solutions. Embrace the beauty of simplicity and empower your child’s organisational skills in a space that grows with them. Let their imagination run free against the backdrop of a well-organised and thoughtfully designed bedroom that reflects their unique personality and fosters an environment of joy, comfort, and inspiration.

For exceptional bespoke children’s bedroom, that seamlessly blends functionality and style, Book a Free Design Visit or contact us today

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  • July 27, 2023

Modern Fitted Lounge Furniture in London

Transform your living space with a Bespoke Lounge Unit in White Shades that not only complements your white interiors but also reflects your personality and style. Embrace the charm of bespoke craftsmanship and indulge in the luxury of tailor-made furniture that redefines elegance and functionality. Make a statement with this timeless masterpiece and create an inviting atmosphere that your family and guests will cherish for years.

Configured & Tailored to Perfection

Built to seamlessly fit into your living room’s dimensions and layout, our bespoke living room lounge unit is custom-made to cater to your specific room and the needs. Whether you require cabinets to display the books and show pieces or just storage space or a combination of both, our designers work closely with you to create a personalised unit that perfectly aligns with your vision and requirements.

To learn more, check out Brilliant Ideas for Compact Living Rooms in Narrow Space

Pure White Elegance

The pristine white shades of this lounge unit in classic style harmonise effortlessly with any interiors especially white-themed interior, adding a sense of seamless cohesion to your living space. The clean lines and smooth surfaces create a contemporary aesthetic, making it a striking attraction that elevates the overall ambiance of your room.

I recommend reading our what is the perfect way to choose the best Living Room Furniture

British Design & Craftsmanship

We take immense pride in our British heritage and continue to uphold the tradition of unparalleled craftsmanship. Each piece of furniture we create is a unique reflection of your preferences, as all our items are meticulously handcrafted to your exact specifications. Our craftsmen build your custom furniture, using only the highest quality materials to ensure a superior end product. With a touch of artistry, your bespoke furniture is lovingly hand made to perfection, making it a flawless fit for your home.

A Promise of Longevity

We stand behind the quality of our work, which is why we offer 10-year guarantee on our bespoke lounge units. This commitment to durability and reliability gives you peace of mind, knowing that your investment is protected for years to come.

Embrace the personalised touch and unparalleled quality of our hand-built, custom furniture that perfectly complements your living space. Revel in the pride of owning a bespoke lounge unit that not only exudes timeless elegance but also embraces your sense of style, making it a cherished centerpiece in your home. Let the impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail enhance your living experience, creating an environment that welcomes warmth, comfort, and sophistication.

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  • July 10, 2023

Opulent Groove Wardrobes in London

Experience the quintessence of luxury and sophistication with our Bespoke Fitted Hinged Wardrobe with Grooved Handles. Meticulously crafted to seamlessly blend with your interiors, doors, wall papers, wooden panelling, this wardrobe is a masterpiece in both form and function.

The exterior design of this wardrobe is tailored to perfection, ensuring a flawless integration with your home’s existing aesthetics. The grooved handles not only provide a visual harmony with the surrounding elements but also offer a convenient and ergonomic grip for effortless access to your belongings.

Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by the exquisite interiors, which can be either Natural Nebraska Oak or another wood of your choice. The premium wood imparts a warm and inviting ambiance, creating a serene environment for organizing your wardrobe essentials. The natural grain patterns and rich texture of the oak add a touch of natural elegance, elevating the overall visual appeal of the wardrobe.

In keeping with the contemporary design trends, this wardrobe features a handle-less system, further enhancing its sleek and refined appearance. The absence of handles not only contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal but also ensures a seamless and uninterrupted flow of the wardrobe’s surfaces. Every detail has been meticulously considered to create a sense of elegance and sophistication that complements your home interiors flawlessly.

Inside, you’ll find a well-thought-out storage solution that maximises space utilisation and convenience. From spacious hanging rails for your coats and jackets to cleverly designed shelves for your accessories and folded items, this wardrobe offers a place for everything. The intelligently designed compartments and drawers provide easy access and efficient organization, making it effortless to maintain a clutter-free space.

Our skilled craftsmen bring together exceptional design, precision engineering, and top-quality materials to create a Bespoke Fitted Hinged Wardrobe that truly embodies your vision of an ideal storage solution. Each wardrobe is meticulously made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit within your space, while the finest materials guarantee durability and longevity.

With our Bespoke Fitted Hinged Wardrobe with Grooved Handles, your home will exude an air of elegance and sophistication. It’s time to elevate your storage solution to a level that matches the exquisite taste and style of your home. Indulge in the beauty of custom craftsmanship and transform your living space into a sanctuary of luxury and organization.

To know more about this wardrobe, give us a call or mail us at or Book a Free Design Visit

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Built In Media Units in London

Creating thoughtful and beautiful Built in Media Units

Living room or lounge is one of the most used and valuable rooms in a home. With large television taking centre stage, it’s important to have furniture that complements the room and enhance your viewing experience. Built in Media Units are ideal for your Home’s interiors, as they maximise the available space. Innovative Designs build spaces to not only reflect the personal style of you but also promote the use of it efficiently. A well-designed media unit enhance the living experience and can transform your room into a clutter-free, organised and relaxing space for everyone to enjoy.

Advantages of Built in Media Units

An entertainment unit will typically be the focal point of the room it’s located in, the appearance of it hence matters. Free standing TV units are not considering your space or entertainment units, with today’s advanced televisions and the game consoles and immersive audio devices, you don’t need a unit which is bulky or small. When you like to have a superior viewing experience, choosing a custom-built model for your home makes the most sense.

Custom made media unit is built to the space and they are not just catering the television and surround audio systems, but to the entire room. The space is effectively used to create ample storage and they are built to support your storage requirements. With variety of styles, open, closed, tier on tier, full length, the designs can match your needs. They effectively keep your lounge clutter-free while displaying the show pieces nicely. Bespoke and fitted media units transform the look of your living room, here let us share some of the designs. Remember each are personalised to our clients taste and needs.

To find the benefits of a built-in media unit, talk to our design team or Book a Free Design Visit.

Albino collection
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Albino Collection in London

The Albino collection features a clean design aesthetic that incorporates straight lines, uncluttered areas, and luxurious design in the living room, bedroom, and kitchen of your house.


We want to create a line of natural-material-based minimalist designs with a modern and contemporary aesthetic. The goal is to balance purely functional and aesthetically pleasing attributes.


This elegant design provides a one-of-a-kind answer to every look and feels in the home. This function distinguishes places, such as a kitchen counter from the living room or bedroom. 


The Albino collection will be the end of your quest if you are looking for a stunning collection of simple yet stunning, furniture for your home with a neat and aesthetic design that fits your budget range.


dining room cabinets
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Dining Room Cabinets

Bespoke Dining Room Cabinets

When you need to set the tone of your dining space and when its limited, bespoke dining cabinets will give you the ideal solution. We all like to have the best and most inviting dining room; from the day to day dining to romantic nights to meet ups and gatherings, dining room is where you come together with your loved ones to relax and create memories in the comfort of your own home.

Why Innovative Designs for Dining Room Cabinets

Innovative Designs works with our clients to ensure that the dream project or their vision of dining room is in place. We are a premium builder of bespoke and high quality dining doom cabinets. Our job starts with a free design visit or free consultation and we guide you through each step, designs to build and installation. Our Studio in London works closely with you to create the best design for your dining room. We use only the finest materials for the Dining Cabinets and Units for your homes. Contact us for more

victoria collections london
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  • August 9, 2022

Victoria Collections in London

Victoria Wardrobe in London

Victoria’s wardrobe is aesthetic with a combination of classic and royalty with timeless luxury. They are specially crafted by experts to maintain the symmetrical structure of the wardrobe. That’s what makes them stand out from all other classic furniture. They are the traditional hinged-door wardrobe for the linear and corner solution of the room.

Innovative designs are bringing the Victorian Collection from the Victorian era to life. All its features are customized with your choices in colour, size, panels, and material for any part of your house.

Victoria Wardrobes for Bedroom Furniture

Victoria Wardrobes and fitted bedroom furniture offers quality storage solutions with its highly customisable wardrobes. Victoria is available in various configurations, colours and finishes, the styling allows for an elegant balance of functionality and design.

Wardrobes are of hinged doors and they are for linear or corner solutions. Victoria Collection is available for bedside tables, dressers and cabinets. Our custom cut measurements enable you to design the bedrooms with space-saving storage solutions for any sized rooms. With complimentary accessories of trouser racks, skirt racks, tie racks, drawers, you can keep everything organized.

Victoria in ivory with classic lines has given the Collection an elegant look, while offering generous storage. 6 doors with four drawers and a divan in between is covering wall to wall while looking gorgeous.

Four drawers provide plenty of storage for your accessories and belongings. Victoria is ideal for its absence of ornamentation, these furniture gives a timeless look that complements any modern and classic decor. The Victoria Collection is a traditional design and produced with a smooth surface, which is easy to clean.

Innovative Design’s Latest Collection Feature Victoria Collection

The collection has an attractive appearance thanks to Victoria in ivory, with classic lines and plenty of storage. A magnificent set of six doors with four drawers and a divan in the middle covers the entire wall. Your accessories and things have plenty of room to be stored in the four drawers.

The Victoria Collection features a smooth surface that is simple to maintain and offers a classic style. Victoria is perfect since it is simple; this furniture has a basic appearance that goes with both modern and traditional settings.

Include Victoria in Your Upcoming Clothing Assortment

Modern and contemporary handcrafted cabinetry frequently features flat doors with hidden hinges and shadow gaps on the doors to create neat, straight lines.

The edge of the door may be micro beveled, which is a popular option, and concealed hinges can be calibrated to exactly match doors. To reflect the existing design of the space, Victorian units have panelled doors with profile moulding.

Modern shelves are frequently constructed without brackets, resulting in floating shelves with simple lines. Shelves can be built to fit directly on battens for a more conventional look, and the outer unit’s perimeter can be created with matching moulding to the cupboard.

KWe can utilize bookcase strips to create adjustable shelves. Sometimes, a laminated pine board is used for broader spans of shelves to lessen the likelihood of bending.

Victoria wardrobe: An example of a fashionable traditional wardrobe style

Your living space will be improved by installing a Victoria wardrobe, and the investment will be for the long run. The value of your property is immediately increased by having an integrated storage option, such as a fitted Victoria wardrobe that is elegant and modern. It is a classy character that will give you the edge in the housing market when it comes to potential purchasers if you’re wanting to sell.

If installed properly, a fitted Victoria wardrobe will add value to your property that can more than offset the cost of installation, making it more than simply a luxury. Additionally, since it enables homeowners to arrange their goods in a tidy and discreet area, prospective purchasers can make the deal.

Build your own personalized Victoria Design

The Victorian style of custom-fitted wardrobes is an excellent choice if you want to add a touch of traditionalism to your bedroom decor without making it seem uptight. The Victorian has a tasteful three-panel design for a touch of vintage grandeur. These wardrobes fit nicely in every area, including bedrooms for adults and kids.

The three-panel mirrored design, when combined with the Victorian Wardrobe Design, will result in an elegant synergy. A reflective surface integrated into your built-in closet may help the room feel more spacious and increase natural light.

Victoria Wardrobe Designers in London , UK

Our expert designers visit your home and will be taking the measurement of your available spaces, prepare drawings and discuss different options, styles, colors, materials and finishings. With decades of experience, we provide personalized bespoke design and fit service.

Furniture of each project is made as per the needs and the design will be made on discussion with you. All the products are made at our London Studio and the installation team works under our Project lead and executes the works as per schedule. We promise and deliver the best bespoke furniture.


We were founded over two decades ago and have seen every design style in furniture from all over the world. We build the required furniture for our customers, keeping their unique choices in mind, based on the latest trends in wood, design, material, and in-demand purchase.

Building the Victoria collection demands someone with significant abilities that exert the actual beauty of the finishing since it is in a class of its own. For each of our customers who adore the minimalist design of the Victoria series, we are collaborating with those artisans to retain this design aesthetic.


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  • August 8, 2022

Giorgio Fitted Bedroom in London

Giorgio Collection in London

The Giorgio Collection is beautiful Italian design furniture for a home that is classy and lavish. As we all know Italian furniture has a charm of its own. The finest shapes, styles, and durability are incomparable to any other furniture design. And now you’re not far away from owning one.

Innovative design is excited to bring this magnificent furniture to your home all across Europe. With our Giorgio Bedroom Collection, you can have Italian design with a customised storage option that consists of a modular system and is designed by our Italian design expert along with configured with multiple components and accessories.

The Style Of Giorgio Fitted Wardrobe Speaks For Itself

Giorgio Collection luxury furniture is created by combining fine materials, attention to detail, and Italian craftsmanship. The Giorgio collection’s main concepts are reflected in the small details: cutting-edge hinges with no visible mechanics, new interior furnishings, and a fluid system made possible by magnetic dampers are just a few of the collection’s many highlights.

The Giorgio Collection offers a vast selection of fitted bedrooms, closets, and cupboards. These handcrafted designs are made from the best hardwoods, leathers, metals, and other materials and rely on brilliant craftsmanship that has been around for centuries and is continuing their traditional work, so you will experience real luxury.

Giorgio Fitted Bedroom Collection in London, UK

giorgio collections london

Giorgio is a sleek, simple and elegant fitted Bedroom, they will go with any size, shape, lighting of the room, it’s one of the best designer style fitted bedrooms you can find..

Giorgio redefines the concept of the bespoke fitted bedroom. Giorgio comes with a customized fitted wardrobe and special closet system, they are designed by our expert designer, an expert in Italian designs. The storage solutions consist of modular systems and they are available in variations and finishes suitable for your room, they are configurable with multiple components and accessories. Giorgio, unlike other bespoke furniture, is identifiable by its unique style, its most important characteristic is its functionality within the design. The basic concept of the Giorgio collection becomes evident in the details: innovative hinges with no visible mechanisms, new interior equipment and a fluid system thanks to the innovative magnetic dampers are just a few of the stars of this vast, multifaceted collection.

There is a wide choice of fitted bedroom, wardrobes and cabinets available in Giorgio Collection.

The Creation Of Additional Giorgio Design

A luxurious bedroom with beautiful furniture is all that one needs. If you have a high-end luxury bedroom at home, you will look forward to sinking into its embrace and allowing the day to start to wash away, regardless of what mood you are in. Check these amazing collection and decide to pick one for yourself:

Infinity – As a brand-new, modern status symbol, the INFINITY collection is finished with priceless textiles, premium nubuck leather, and ceramics. The combination of all these components with the inclusion of works of art creates a posh and elegant ambience. Once more, we wish to astonish and enchant you while showcasing Giorgio Collection’s distinctive and upscale design.

Charisma – The charisma gives a warm atmosphere where the taste includes contemporary and deco hints defined by the fascinating design of furnishings and items, fine materials, and colouration.

The Charisma collection features stunning Black, a rare wood whose colour gives the furniture a unique sense of depth. A premium look and silk-blend velvet are combined with metal and marble, adding a luxurious touch to all the furniture’s handles and new accents that perfectly encapsulate the idea of luxury and elegance.

Oasi – The exceptionally high-quality materials used in Oasi’s design provide optimal and long-lasting performance. The collection is completed with a large selection of specially prepared fabrics and leathers that are created to withstand environmental elements like water, chlorine, salt, light, mildew, and bacteria without sacrificing aesthetics or touch comfort.

By renovating the bedroom to meet the demands of the modern lifestyle, the OASI collection allows you to immerse in true comfort.

Mirage – With its embracing of materials and textures, the Mirage line gives opulent interior spaces a lively personality. Africa’s Black marble, a striking stone with vibrant colour and veins, is another prominent star of the MIRAGE collection. It has been coated and blackened, giving it a deep grey tone.

The traditional balance of the materials is reversed in Mirage, where the marble not only serves as tops and decorations but also serves as the furniture’s backbone. With more than 50 items, Mirage gives a sophisticated overall appearance that also includes priceless sets and furnishings.

What types of styles are available in London?

Giorgio Collection is a class of its own and with Innovative Designs we are reaching their potential to another extension. These gorgeous designs are available in any storage style you desire based on your need.

Fitted Design – Giorgio Collection with custom-made fitted wardrobe with magnetic doors that will complement your interior design and wall colour. Ideal storage and measured space.

Sliding Design – Beautiful sleek sliding doors with world-class Italian furnishings give your bedroom the luxurious feel you’ve always wanted.

Hinged Design – The traditional style with modern design, hinged doors for the classic lover.

Giorgio Collections Providers in London

Innovative Designs bespoke designs are made to the requirements of our customers, they are built in our Wembley studio and the installations are carried out by the professionals. Made in London, all our products comes with long Warranty.

Book a design consultation. Arrange a consultation with one of our expert designers. You can meet us at our showroom or in the comfort of your own

Find a Giorgio Collection Near You

A complete style with a strong personality and stylistic ideas created to satisfy the needs of the UK customer base of cosmopolitans. Innovative Designs is in your city. We offer our services all across Europe. Connect with us and start your wonderful project with us. View our service areas


Based on each household’s particular preferences, we are creating the best possible product. introducing innovative technologies and designs to give clients stylish furnishings and build long-lasting relationships. It takes less than three weeks from planning to implementation. Create the furniture of your dreams with us.

Contact us to know more details

open plan media unit in london
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  • August 8, 2022

Open Plan Bespoke Media Unit

Open plan Bespoke Luxury Media Unit with two tone finishes. A Caramel Oak internal finish complimented with Pearl White externals and integrated warm LED Lighting to add the perfect ambience to your Netflix & Chill. Leave the designing to our experts whilst you flick through your favourite shows.

Flat Screen televisions now have a focal point in our homes, media units are built around it. The aesthetic and functional designs are key to your room for its looks as well as storage. Open Plan bespoke fitted TV units are designed to keep the unsightly cables tidy, creating a focal point with great integrated LED lighting.

Tailormade media units smarten up your home, they make the best use of your available space and lighting. ID’s Open Plan designs feature a clever storage saving design, they make it possible to enjoy your sports and entertainment in your elegant home.

Open Plan Media Unit in London

open plan media unit in uk

Whatever space you have we can design a bespoke media unit that works for your home. Innovative Designs Media Units are made to enhance your rooms appearance, the custom made storage solutions and shelving is specifically made to your requirements.

Whatever your design requirements, Innovative Designs can build the media unit of your dreams. Whether you are after a similar design or a wall to wall multimedia center or just a TV cabinet, our custom-built, bespoke media units can transform your living room and take your viewing experience to the next level.

Bespoke Entertainment Centre Unit in UK

An entertainment media unit is an essential piece of furniture in any home today. In addition to enclosing your TV, modern cabinets come in a variety of styles, from beautiful modern and traditional art to simple. Also, storing other things like books, game consoles, and home décor items can be kept on display with the storage location.

For a first-time buyer, the sheer range of TV stands on the market can be “confusing. Consider your needs before purchasing a media unit. Is it to make sure everything has a place and to conceal the unsightly wires, or is it to add some storage and show it off in your room? You can choose wisely by considering these questions

How Would You Design an Open-Plan Media Space?

We’ve prepared the following questions for your understanding to brainstorm your ideas to develop an ideal media unit for your room and plan the furniture accordingly.

  • How large is your space?
  • What do you need in terms of storage?
  • What kind of designs do you like?
  • Based on the TV level, establish your sitting furniture.
  • What material should you use?
  • Do you want something unique?

Based on these design styles and measurements, the fundamental blueprint of your ideal planned media unit will be ready now. From here, we can go on to other variables that will significantly influence your overall design style.

Subtly Divide An Open Space

The living room unquestionably requires a statement— one appropriate for the home’s owner. While you can always make your television fit in subtly with the rest of your living room, why not use it as a focal point? To draw attention to this area, create a feature wall using paint, wallpaper, decals, or an eye-catching panel.

Install some bespoke shelving or a display cabinet to house the audio-visual equipment. Decorate with decorative objects like displays, books, plants, and paintings to finish the appearance beautifully.

Customized With Colors and Divided Zones

  • If your living room doubles as a study space, you can split your space accordingly. Since these spaces serve different purposes and have different ambiences, the colours you choose will make a difference.
  • The same goes for the bedroom, kitchen, stairs and main door area. If all these spaces are interlinked (which they undoubtedly are), you can have those spaces organised with wardrobes, wallpaper, and colours to keep their aesthetic vibe.
  • All you need to set your media unit design with a wall-mounted TV and integrated warm LED lighting. It would look stunning with the lovely caramel oak interior finish that is complemented by Pearl White exteriors. Decorate the space with your favourite minimalist artwork and modest house plants.
  • A wardrobe can be placed beneath the media unit to store the required accessories for the entertainment unit. The room feels opulent because of this arrangement, which tends to glow the brightest at night.

Your Imagination Will be the Deciding Factor

All of these ideas and nothing will compete with your imagination; a person knows their home better than anyone else and the level of comfort they want to accomplish with it. You should write down your ideas because they will be brought to life.

  • What types of storage do you want?
  • Which theme do you want to select?
  • It is a blend of various spaces with a distinctive atmosphere 
  • have a theme drawn from one of your movies 

Keep these thoughts coming to you since Innovative Designs create products in response to customer suggestions.

We Could Help You Along the Road

We can transform your place into your dreamland using your imagination and our professionalism. Your creativity is essential to us since we create custom furniture to fit each area in each person’s home.

Our high gloss TV units are made using high quality materials. We will help you make the best decisions in terms of materials, fundamentals, quality, and durability. We’ve served thousands of customers and helped them establish their projects; give us a chance to do the same for you.