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Dark wood Wardrobes

Dark wood Wardrobes are one of the bestselling variants among our wardrobe ranges. It is because dark wood is aesthetically pleasing and has a sense of opulence and grandeur at the same time. It is affordable and feels luxe at the same time. It has a high USP with its low upkeep and maintenance cost. Dark wood resonates with old Victorian luxury and style. Being pocket friendly is just an added benefit of Dark Wood wardrobes.

Be it a bespoke luxury wardrobe or Made-to-Measure modern wardrobes, dark wood is best suited for all types’ shapes and sizes. It comes in a lot of textures and patterns in self-design. Dark wood and its aesthetic feel is one that gives the touch of your home of warmth and a feeling of age-old wisdom.

Dark wood wardrobes are offered in variants of single wardrobe to add that touch of opulence to your space, 3 door dark wood wardrobes for all your utility and storage needs and the same can be customized according to need and utility requirements. Dark wood wardrobes can also be customized with mirrors and shelves as per customer’s preference.

Fitted Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture in London

dark wood wardrobe for bedroom in UK

A bedroom isn’t complete without a stylish bedroom wardrobe to store clothing, shoes, and personal items. Stand-alone wardrobes were once the standard, but there are now so many various types and designs to select from in bedroom wardrobes in U.K

To make you feel at ease, a bedroom should be well-organized and well-decorated. So, a wardrobe will help you simply arrange storage, especially if it is positioned in the bedroom. Although a wardrobe is meant to store clothing, a large cabinet with additional storage may also be used to store other objects.

You must have noticed that a wooden wardrobe has an elegance and flair that other wardrobes just do not have, no matter how hard they try? However, royal opulence isn’t the only advantage of wooden wardrobe designs. A good bedroom wardrobe design meets all the needs, from neat and wide compartments to long-lasting durability.

4 Benefits of Planning a Wardrobe for Bedroom in U.K?

Easy maintenance – If you take good care of your wood, you will never have to bother about upkeep other than the odd dusting. You will always have to worry about rust if you are not always attentive with other materials, such as iron furnishings.

Wooden furniture is not only long-lasting, but also easy to maintain. Cleaning wood is often as simple as regularly dusting it. Wood, unlike many of the less costly materials used to make furniture today, lasts for years with minimal maintenance.

The type of dark wood you choose will impact how long these parts will endure. True hardwoods, such as walnut, white oak, and cherry, retain their lustre indefinitely. Despite frequent use, well-crafted hardwood furniture may last for decades.

Softwood furniture, while not as long-lasting as hardwoods, acquires character with time. Furniture scuffs and markings serve as a source of information.

Sustainability – Regardless of the type, wood is by far the most durable material available. This sort of endurance ensures that the hardwood furniture retains the value of your purchase.

If you ever want to sell a piece, the market for wood furniture has only grown over time. If the artwork is properly cared for, its value will continue to grow in the following years.

We can assist to reduce carbon emissions by investing in this type of sustainable wood.  Wood is also a lot easier to recycle and reuse than plastic.

Space saving – Having a separate bed cabinet may result in increased expenditures. Clothing may be stored in a solid wood fitted wardrobe with doors. A fitted wardrobe is a piece of built-in furniture designed specifically for your bedroom.

Therefore, you may always add more compartments to store. The best thing about having solid wood wardrobes in your home is that they can accommodate practically all your storage requirements. Consequently, you might not need to build any more shelves.

Customization – Finishing, coloring, and other specialist finishing choices for dark wood furniture may provide a level of individuality while also boosting longevity. Coloring your wood furniture can help you get the color you’ve always desired for it. Coloring dark wood may also help you match a piece of furniture to the color scheme of the space you wish to put it in.

Streaks are an excellent technique to change the color of dark wood without destroying its original grain or character. Unlike other types of furniture, where the paint will inevitably cover up the original feel of the piece. A catalyzed varnish finish is good in keeping the wood from warping.

Many of us will either move into a new home or opt to upgrade our present home, and furniture will frequently be a major decision. There has never been a greater variety of furniture types available, but with so many options, how can you choose what is best for you and your home?

Innovative Designs provide best bedroom furniture in London and in the U.K. Connect with us to understand your style better and what will be the best piece of furniture for your bedroom.

Magnificent Type of Dark Wood Wardrobe for Homes in UK

Cherry – Cherry wood is well-known for having a very straight and regular grain. Its characteristic shade ranges from reddish brown to dark red, with a straight grain and moderate radiating. Cherry, like other dark wood furniture, becomes more appealing with age. Cherry is the best dark wood for making long-lasting furniture that can be passed down through generations.

The wood polishes well and has a nice shiny finish. If properly cared for, cherry, which is well-known for its use in antique furniture, may last for decades. Craftspeople see it as precious timber. Cherry dark wood furniture is typically an investment for the long run.

Mahogany – Mahogany has a classic aesthetic and adds warmth to any space. The dark wood species has a clear, linear grain that is visually pleasing. The large size of the trees, mahogany is made in massive boards. As a result, it is suitable for usage as focus point furniture. Mahogany is a strong hardwood that is typically used for high-end, intricate furniture. Any mahogany dark wood furniture will last for years if properly cared for.

Walnut – This wood is ideal for investment pieces as well as furniture that will be passed down through generations. Walnut is a durable, long-lasting wood for furniture. It carves well and holds its shape for a long time. As a result, it is suitable for ornamental furniture requiring a high level of expertise.

The grain of walnut is typically straight, although there are rare ripples closer to the roots. Walnut is the best dark wood for elaborate furniture with a lot of detail.

Bamboo – Bamboo is an excellent choice for environmentally conscious families and modern decor. Bamboo is well-known for its environmental friendliness and magnificent blond colour. The plant is grass, not hardwood. As a result, bamboo grows at a rapid rate. It grows about 10 times faster than hardwoods. Bamboo is also anti-inflammatory and anti-contraction.

Bamboo grows on every continent except Europe and Antarctica. Although it is naturally a gentle blonde, its color fluctuates from exceedingly light to a warm medium tone. Bamboo furniture may be constructed in several styles, although it is most typically found in modern interior design.

Dark Wood Kitchen Cabinet Designers in U.K

dark wood wardrobe for kitchen in U.K

Your kitchen wardrobes are a crucial part in achieving the desired look. The color you choose will be at the top of your list of priorities since it will eventually transfer the warmth, feel, and overall impression that you are seeking to convey. The tone should also act as a reminder that wardrobes do not exist in isolation, but rather as an integral part of your new kitchen’s overall design.

This is an important thing to consider while redesigning your kitchen since you want to make it the most appealing and comfortable place in your home. Dark kitchen wardrobe in deep, rich colors has dominated the kitchen trend for the previous decade, with tones ranging from medium reddish brown.

Homeowners’ acceptance of extending kitchens into multimedia spaces has grown into a phenomenon, with elegance in the kitchen playing a significant part.

It’s crucial to keep an eye on the color distribution in large kitchens since the number of black wardrobes may often be overwhelming. Because each room is unique, you should consult a designer and examine the kitchen layout from several perspectives to find the right mix of dark and bright elements.

There are stains in every kitchen, but some are more obvious than others. A dark kitchen is a fantastic choice if you expect your wardrobes to be prone to frequent spills and knocks.

Marks and stains won’t show up as fast on a dark surface as they will on a bright one. Apply many coats of paint to your wardrobes so that any scratches in the topcoat are covered by the dark undersurfaces.

Dark wardrobes provide a room’s formality, richness, and depth, and there are numerous options to help you get it all. Dark kitchen wardrobes may be stunning and add warmth to any house when correctly constructed, but they do need more design skill. Make sure the design and color are consistent for the best overall impression.

One or more dark pieces might be used as an accent if you don’t want all your wardrobes to be dark. Despite their luxurious appearance, dark kitchen wardrobes reveal more dust and stains, necessitating more frequent light washing and dusting.

Dark Wood Living Room Furniture Providers in U.K

dark wood wardrobe for living room in U.K

The living room is, in a sense, the distinguishing feature of any apartment. If the flat is tiny, residents must balance the beauty and usefulness of the living room interior.

After all, you needed a place to hang your clothing, and there wasn’t enough space in the corridor. Cupboards are storage cabinets that are often built of dark wood. They are incredibly useful at home because without them, the house would be in shambles.

Generally used for indoor reasons, it is critical to select the greatest cupboards when planning the interiors of your home. The storage capacity of a cabinet can ranges from tiny to quite enormous.

The advantages of having dark wooden wardrobes in your living room are immeasurable. Most significantly, a wardrobe constructed of dark wood offers a distinct combination of aesthetic appeal and great structural integrity that is unrivalled by other materials.

No space in the house does not benefit from the warmth, richness, comfort, and delicacy of wooden furniture.

Consequently, today’s fitted living room wardrobe will be the most optimal and popular storage system option. Because the living room contains a variety of commodities, such as bedding, clothing, books, and a variety of other personal possessions, their inappropriate organization may harm the image of the room’s interior and create a sense of congestion. The living room is where the entire family congregates, where the hosts invite visitors, and where most of the time, save for sleep, is spent.

Dark wooden wardrobes, as part of nature-inspired interior design, may alter the atmosphere of a room or a whole house, providing a cozy and welcome vibe sensation. It’s also not a fashion statement wardrobe furniture, it has a timeless character that cannot be duplicated.

Maintaining a clutter-free living room might be difficult in some situations, especially if you have a lot of stuff hovering around. Things may quickly pile up, especially if you don’t have a decent system in place to organize your belongings at home.

Clothing items, in instance, are sometimes dispersed throughout many rooms, making it difficult to keep track of them and locate what you want. Furthermore, stuff scattered around the house might take up a lot of space, making your living room and other rooms appear smaller and less welcoming.

Dark Wood Wardrobes Sets and Available Colors

Dark wood wardrobes are offered in Mahogony, Chocobolo, Wenge, Ebony and Walnut. These colours provide a rich texture and feel to the furniture. One of the most popular choices is Mahogany Walk-In Wardrobes, it has a dark reddish-brown colour and it also darkens with age.

Ebony like its name suggests is very rare and very dark black colour wood that has fine-grained markers to help make it smooth and look polished. Ebony is hard and heavy wood, which makes it a very durable option for long-term investment.

So if you are looking to find some of the best offerings in the range of Dark Wood Wardrobes, do make it point to visit your nearest Innovative Design parlour and with our partners, we will help you find the best Dark wood Wardrobes to use as a storehouse for all your adventures. So with our customer-centric approach is rest assured of quality promise because we are known for our dedication and delivery on promises.

Get to know The Handcrafted Journey of Innovative Designs & Our Bespoke Products

Bespoke Dark Wood Walk in Closet in UK

dark wood walk in closet u.k

Walk In Wardrobes are designed, handcrafted and fitted with precision.

All our products are custom made to ensure you have the furnishing and fittings you require for the Walk In is perfect. What is more, our products are designed to fit in with the style of your property, whether traditional or contemporary. Our aim is to create the walk in wardrobe and accessories that will not only blend in with your surroundings but also enhance your room and the surroundings.

Have a look at our Walk In Wardobe storage solutions.

The modular type of wall with a corner cabinet is a great option for many premises, particularly those with limited space. The base is attached to the supports by castors or stationery. The variant on wheels is simpler to transport, but it is not as stable. The simplicity and dependability of hinged sectors fastened to the wall with brackets is handy, but not particularly useful with frequent furniture removal.

Connect with us to learn more about Dark wood wardrobe in the living room.



No matter how much clothing or space you have, having some well-designed clothes storage in a bedroom is vital. When it comes to choosing your wardrobe, the first place to start is with a complete inventory of everything you wish to put in it. Hang similar things together, such as tops over pants and shirts next to coats. Here we list the different types of dark wood wardrobe designs to help you decide the best for your home in U.K.

Dark Wood Victorian Luxury Wardrobe – Most of the Victorian-style fitted wardrobes feature paneling that is incorporated into the mainframe, creating an exquisite three-dimensional look. Although serrated glass or mirror doors on the wardrobe are a common addition, most paneling is impartial and in the same color and design as the enclosing wardrobe.

Traditional Victorian style meets contemporary and light color combinations in some of our favorite Fitted wardrobes. Regardless of how your Victorian style fitted wardrobes are finished, you can rest confident that the highest quality and best finishing will be attained.

Dark woods were traditionally employed in Victorian closets, and they still look just as well now in current dark finishes as they did a century ago. If dark finishes, such as greys or Victorian greens, aren’t your style, Victorian design may still be achieved in lighter, more contemporary painted finishes.

Dark Wood Shaker Style Wardrobe – Shaker fitted wardrobe type is seen in most UK homes. It has existed for quite some time. In this form of shaker wardrobe, the shutter or door is connected to the closet using robust hinges, earning it the name shaker hinged door wardrobe. The major advantage of this shaker wardrobe is that its shutters can swing open completely at a 90-degree angle, allowing you to see everything within. When the shutters are provided with hooks, you may hang sling bags, ties, scarves, and belts on the back of the shutters. Depending on your preferences, you may also include pockets, hangers, racks, and a chest of drawers in this shaker fitted wardrobe.

Dark Wood Hinged Wardrobe –Wood is a long-lasting material that may be used to create trendy bedroom hinged wardrobes. This material is now associated with elegance, sleekness, and sophistication. Wooden-hinged wardrobes can be used alone or in combination with other materials such as metal, gold accents, and even tinted glass. Consider if your area can endure the majesty of wood once you’ve finished it. Choose from a variety of color tones, such as chestnut, grey, and black, as well as a variety of designs, such as little wardrobes or floor-to-ceiling wardrobes.

Dark Wood Sliding Wardrobe – In modern houses, sliding door wardrobes provide a streamlined, space-saving storage option. They have several benefits and may be used in a space of any design or size. Before deciding on a door style for your closet, consider the benefits and drawbacks of the various possibilities. You must choose one based on the amount of space available, how it will be used, and how convenient it will be.

Everything you need to know about sliding door wardrobes is right here. We’ve also included the most popular sliding door wardrobe ideas for you to employ right now in your home design.

Dark Wood Walk in Wardrobe – If you like exotic closets, a walk-in cabinet in your home would be ideal; if you have the room, you may create a fancy opulent walk-in fitted wardrobe. However, if you have less space, don’t be dissatisfied. Innovative Designs’ designers may assist you with a walk-in fitted wardrobe gallery.

An effective walk-in closet requires the utilization of a variety of storage types. To make outfit planning easier, most clothing, shoes, and accessories such as handbags may be stored out in the open. Our amazing bespoken units were precisely built by experts and skilled artisans. They’ve been collected and designed in a range of styles, such as traditional, modern, in-style, classic, customized, and so on.

Dark Wood Customized Wardrobe – When we’re talking about customizable modern wardrobe designs, let’s first define the distinction between personalized closets and those available from the Innovative Designs catalogue. Our suppliers create custom wardrobes on-site (at your residence). In contrast, you may choose from a variety of modular wardrobe designs in our catalogue that arrive in predetermined proportions and are simply constructed in your bedroom.

Certain circumstances, however, may demand the purchase of a tailored wardrobe. But we have more reasons for you that why you should consider a personalized wardrobe  in U.K.

Chestnut – chestnut is an excellent choice for both investment items and furniture that will be passed down through the generations. chestnut is a long-lasting and sturdy wood for furniture. It carves beautifully and retains its form for an extended period. As a result, it’s ideal for ornate furniture that necessitates a high level of skill.

chestnut grain is usually straight, however there are a few ripples closer to the roots. Chestnut is the ideal dark wood for ornate and detailed furniture.

Walnut – This wood has long been popular in homes, but it is increasingly finding its way into kitchens as well. They’re a hardy, durable wood that won’t go out of style anytime soon. The elegance and warmth of dark walnut kitchen wardrobes create a rich and luxurious ambiance. They provide a welcoming, warm, and personal atmosphere.

Cherry – Cherry-colored tones, like rich shades of red, are elegant, lovely, and even romantic to some. Because of their elegance, cherry-colored wardrobes are quite popular and may be seen in many high-end residences. For individuals who like the elegance and richness of something more traditional, cherry-colored kitchen wardrobes are another popular option.

  • They’re more relaxing. If you want to give your kitchen a sense of coziness and comfort, go with darker wardrobes. Dark greys and blacks might help to create a more enjoyable environment.
  • They exude a sense of opulence. Dark finishes offer a room a sense of richness, depth, and formality, so if that’s the mood you’re aiming for, opt for darker wardrobes.
  • Dark wardrobe provides an instant boost of class. Dark colors provide a serious, cultivated vibe that can elevate a place to new heights.
  • In an open-plan layout, using color to delineate sections is a smart idea. By painting your kitchen wardrobes a dark color, you may make it appear more anchored in its position.
  • They have an edgy vibe about them. Dark wardrobes may give intrigue to an otherwise dull kitchen. They have a distinctive appearance and may even create a vibrant and entertaining atmosphere in the region.
  • Dark wardrobes give dreary kitchens a sense of lively vibrancy. Our dark wood, espresso, and cinder collections instantly enhance any kitchen with their rich tones. Dark greys work well in industrial loft-style kitchens, while dark browns give traditional kitchens depth.
  • Lighter worktops and flooring will create eye-catching contrast to your kitchen, preventing rich colors from overwhelming it. To give a trendy look to your kitchen, finish your dark wood wardrobes with striking hardware in gold, steel, or pewter.
  • They’re perfect for kitchens with a lot of square footage. In large kitchens, lighter wardrobes may make the area feel sterile. Dark wardrobes, especially when contrasted with light walls and carpets, may serve to warm up a room.
  • They offer a wide range of design possibilities. Lighter wardrobes are more subtle and bring attention to your accessories, whilst darker wardrobes take centre stage and allow you to mix and match your accessories. To put it another way, dark wardrobes allow you to try out more different ideas.
  • If you want your kitchen to appear classy, black, and grey are the best colors to choose. wardrobe in dark brown and red goes very well with brown floors.
  • The most important consideration is which color will blend in with the rest of your kitchen and add to the overall look you want to achieve. While dark colors in general have a calming effect, each dark hue in the kitchen has its own impact and feel.

Check to see if the space has adequate natural light. Darker colors can make a room look smaller, but this can be countered by letting in lots of natural light. You should have enough lighting in your kitchen at night to keep it looking bright.

Choose bright colors for the rest of the space if you go with dark wardrobe. Black and white is a popular color combination, especially in more lavish kitchens. To balance off the darker colors, lighter colors should be employed. Excessive darkness may be depressing and uncomfortable. White is a timeless color that complements practically any darker tone.

Our final and maybe most important piece of kitchen wardrobe color advice is to choose colors that you enjoy. Regardless of what’s fashionable or historically popular, you’ll be staring at your wardrobes every day. Consequently, choosing colors that are specific to you and make you feel at peace is perfect.

  • Having dark wooden wardrobe furniture is the ideal approach to do this, thanks to its diverse color palette as well as the unique patterns of grains and fibers. Dark wooden furniture may instantly add warmth to otherwise cold situations.
  • If you live in a high-density apartment complex, you might wish to foster a sense of nature in your living room.
  • Look and feel of a dark wooden wardrobe lends dignity and appeal to any area, with a richer deeper finish.
  • Dark Wood, unlike many other materials, looks nice in almost any type of room. Dark wooden wardrobe furniture may be included into any design plan, whether modern or rustic, and various species will mix elegantly within the confines of a single room or house.
  • Damaged hardwood furniture can generally be entirely repaired or restored with the correct equipment and abilities due to its long-lasting strength and beauty.
  • The tree grows quickly, and there are no negative environmental effects to be concerned about.
  • You may hide a TV, or other equipment behind the sliding doors, keeping the living area elegant and immaculate.
  • Condensing a room by putting a compartment in a whole wall and splitting a room into functional zones using a cabinet as a divider.
  • The living room compartment is designed in such a way that it occupies the full area from the floor to the ceiling, with no gaps, preventing dust gathering.

Perhaps you’re concerned that your dark furnishings will make your rooms appear smaller and darker. They can, but they don’t have to, if you approach your décor with care, taking into account the entire room. The main advantage of dark hardwood furniture, however, is its long-lasting appearance and appeal. Genuine dark hardwood’s texture and tones provide warmth and character to any environment. When faced with a piece of high-quality dark wooden furniture that has deep scratches or other visible damage, they will immediately examine how to restore it to its former glory. Not only that, but they’ll be prepared to get started.

Today, the walls in which wardrobes are created are constructed. As a result, the room’s essential design is developed, and the utility of the living area is boosted. This is not an easy chore for many people – optimizing the area of the living room. The built-in case, which is linked in a single consistent composition with other components, is the first type of furniture for a drawing room. Change is already ineffective. A cabinet on the wall of a modular character plays a different role. Modules may be relocated at their leisure, resulting in many forms of interiors. This allows you to change up the look of your home’s interior.

Living room furniture is designed to be both spacious and compact. The customer may be confident about the quality and durability of furniture that will endure for a long time by choosing the appropriate kits from the best manufacturers. Aesthetics, utility, spaciousness, and the availability of many pieces and modules are all advantages of living room cabinet furniture. All of this enables you to use walls, with or without cabinets, to store clothing and other goods for their intended purpose. The proportions of the wall, whether with or without a built-in cabinet, are dictated by the space’s size and overall aesthetic.

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